3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their Soulmate During The Moon Trine Neptune Starting October 8, 2021

A reality that we manifest.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their Soulmate During The Moon Trine Neptune Starting October 8, 2021 Kamonkanok/Shutterstock.com

The good news coming in on October 8, 2021 is that there are three zodiac signs who find their soulmate during the Moon trine Neptune transit.

One of the best transits we can work with is Moon Trine Neptune, as it tends to bring out the best in us - and when we are at our best, we are magnetic; we attract to us only the best, in return.

And so it is with the search for the elusive soul mate - is this a reality that we can manifest into our own lives? It most certainly is, and for these three signs, the chance of actually finding one's soulmate is very real.


Those signs would be Gemini, Cancer and Libra, and for these folks, the bringing of the soulmate is like an answer to a long-ago asked question.

Love is possible, deep, profound romantic friendship is possible - a soul mate connection made upon this day is possible.

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During Moon trine Neptune starting October 8, 2021, your zodiac sign find your soulmate in someone you already know.

They could even be the person you are with at present - but something opens up that door even further so that you can see it in an obvious way. You may also find a soulmate in a friend, as Moon Trine Neptune favors all kinds of love.


Zodiac Signs Who Find Their Soulmate During The Moon Trine Neptune Starting October 8, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Whether you are in a relationship or not, you have always had that yearning to be with someone who you would consider to be special - someone who earns the right to be called 'soulmate.' You know this person right now, as they are presently in your life.

Here's where things change up - Moon Trine Neptune acts like a flashlight in your world. Where you once saw your mate in a certain kind of light, suddenly, you can now perceive them differently - and better.

Maybe you tried their patience one too many times and they stuck with you - and now you've come to realize how incredible that person really is.

And, if you aren't with a mate, then you can expect to view a friend of yours in a different light, as well, during this transit. What this cosmic bit is going to give you is a new way of looking at an old situation; this is the kind of day that can change your life, if you let it.


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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

What has stood in your way for what seems like 'ever' is your lack of forgiveness - and because of this, you've created a life for yourself where there's very little tolerance for other people.

Perhaps you were hurt or put in a position where you simply couldn't trust any longer - and over the years, you put up some sturdy walls that prevented you from experiencing love and kindness.

October 8, 2021 has the ability to change all that, as your walls seems to be dissolving. Perhaps you've done enough work on that wall and now it all seems sort of 'in the way.' That's exactly what's happened: you've been so self-protective that you haven't allowed yourself any vibrance or life.


Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces is about to detonate your walls of self-protection - and at the end of the tunnel, you will find your soulmate, who may take the form of a best friend.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Let's face it, all you've ever really wanted was that one person who could love you - and accept you as you are. I guess that's what we all desire, and yet, during this transit, Moon Trine Neptune, you may be able to manifest that right into your life - the way you wish for it to be.

You don't ask for much, just to be accepted. You're not looking for money or support - you just want to share what you have, and you've always wanted that one person to do it with. That person already exists in your life and yet you never let them in.


You know who it is, and you suspect that they are, indeed, your soulmate. So, Libra, what this transits brings you is choice - you can admit to the love you already feel in your heart for this person, or you can keep them at arm's length. It's up to you, but you might want to strike while the iron is hot. Have courage and take that chance, Libra. 

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