3 Zodiac Signs Who Choose Singleness Over Love During Vertex In Sagittarius Starting October 5, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Choose Singleness Over Love During Vertex In Sagittarius Starting October 5, 2021

Choosing to be single is as justified a choice as is preferring not to be a parent - we are the boss of our lives, we are the authors of our destiny, and if we so choose to be and stay single, then so be it.

And for three zodiac signs who choose singleness during the Vertex in Sagittarius transit starting October 5, 2021, it's a tough decision to make but necessary.

There is so much pressure on all of us to become something we may not necessarily be - from the moment we can think on our own, there's someone telling us we have to eventually couple off with someone and start a family, etc.

Some fall in line with this thinking, while others choose the road less traveled - but Gemini, Sagittairus and Aquarius zodiac signs— they choose to stay single.

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If there is any transit or sign of the zodiac that rules over this kind of choice, it would be Sagittarius - in any zodiac sign, in any aspect.

Vertex in Sagittarius is the transit that starts on October 5, 2021, and with it comes that drive towards independence.

There is something special about the person who says to no to social expectations, and we will find out who those people are very shortly, as they, too, welcome into their lives the right to choose - even if that choice means they say no to being in a relationship.

The Vertex in Sagittarius doesn't say NO to love, it simply steers us in the position of saying yes to our own independent thinking.

Some folks do not fear being single, in fact, they relish it; it is where they find joy and release. Not everyone is cut out for partnership. To each their own, right?

Which signs of the Zodiac will choose singleness over love during Vertex in Sagittarius?

Zodiac Signs Who Choose Singleness Over Love During Vertex In Sagittarius Starting October 5, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Coupling off with someone has never been your goal, though you've played the game and gone the route of living up to the expectations of others when it comes to being in a relationship.

The truth is, you've been waiting around for the right moment to finally stand your ground on the one thing you truly believe in: sticking to yourself, and staying alone.

This doesn't mean you are anti-social or even fearful of romantic ties - it just means that your natural state is one where you feel better alone. You don't like the pressure, nor do you enjoy having to be someone's relied upon mate - you are way too independent for this.

During Vertex in Sagittarius, you will find yourself dreaming of personal independence, and should it come up, you will choose to be single. If you are in a relationship, nothing will change, but you will know, in your heart, that the life 'couple's life' is seriously not for you.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Nobody knows better than you how glorious it is to be a single person. You enjoy how flustered people get when they try to explain how everyone should be in the perfect soul mate relationship, because 'that's how it's supposed to be...'

You laughed at that lie a long time ago, because as a Sagittarius, you believe only in your own personal truth, and that means you do as you wish, even if your opinion is the least popular one around.

The Vertex in Sagittarius only secures that feeling for you, and in your case, it's practically a celebration of freedom; one that you will never relinquish. You refuse to go along the path that is trodden by the masses; you always do it 'your way.'

Can you love another person and be content within a relationship? Yes, of course you can...but will you? No, you will not, because being alone is where the glory is for you.

You have completely accepted this lifestyle, and if others can't grok with it, then let them eat cake - because you are who you are and you have no intentions of ever being someone or something you're not.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

The Vertex point is also known as the Destiny point, in astrology, and when the Vertex is in Sagittarius, then if you are someone who is already prone to independence and original thinking, you will go into overdrive during this transit.

Similar to the sign of Sagittarius, you, too, are driven by independence. You will do what is most convenient for you in terms of relationship, however which means if you need help in your life, you have no qualms about coupling up with someone who can provide that assistance - in money and companionship.

However, during the Vertex in Sagittarius, you'll feel about ready to move on. You are a cool customer, as they say, Aquarius, and if you feel it's time to move on - meaning away from your present relationship - then that's exactly what you'll do, no questions asked.

If, right now, you are posed with the question as to whether or not you'd like to be single - you will choose 'single'. You do not need a partner, Aquarius - and you know this deep in your gut.

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