3 Zodiac Signs Whose Luck In Love Improves During The Sun Trine Moon Starting September 26, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Luck In Love Improves During The Sun Trine Moon Starting September 26, 2021

Three zodiac signs whose luck in love improves starting September 26, 2021 will see that there's an astrological reason why this happens.

If there were a logical reason as to why one's luck would improve during Sun Trine Moon, it would be because this transit brings out in us the ability to use our past to correct both our present and future state.

A trine is a transit that keeps us in touch with true balance, as the Sun and Moon, when dynamically placed, are in synch - causing us to be in synch, as well, with our emotions.

This is also an event that works with the Moon and our will, meaning, if we set our intentions, we can easily manifest them - if those intentions are within means.

With the Sun in Libra, we are in the headspace where love is what we want, then we can, along with the well-balanced influence of Sun Trine Moon, manifest love in our lives...or at least bring on some well-needed good luck.

What this transit does for those who want love in their lives is that it preps the person to receive it.

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Luck in love is more about being prepared for it, as opposed to it just dropping in our laps.

Sun Trine Moon works like an eye-opening vitamin that allows us to not only bring love into our lives but to bring the 'right' person to us.

Which sign will experience luck in love during Sun Trine Moon, starting September 26, 2021?

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Your luck is about to change, as they say, Gemini, and by this, we mean that you are now able to accept another person into your precious and personal space.

This is no joke; you have not always wanted to 'share your toys' and that has ended up with you playing all by yourself. You recognized that as a lonely way to go, but you held tight to your own and didn't let anyone else in.

Sun Trine Moon gives you that last nudge, which allows you to open to the desire of meeting someone halfway. While compromise is not your forte, you do wish for a long-lasting partnership, and you are now ready to compromise.

That knee-jerk reaction to compromise seems to be lessening, as you realize that's the only way to deal with other people - especially if you are to receive their love.

It's something you've wanted for a long time, but you never realized it was in you to do the changing of that situation. Now, you are ready. Luck is on your side...cosmic luck.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

What has been needed in your pursuit of love is your own self-confidence. You can now look back in retrospect and see that the only reason you were never able to keep anyone by your side is that you were filled with doubt, and that doubt was directed at your own self.

Nobody wants to take on a relationship with someone who is continuously doubting themselves; it's not cute, and usually ends up being a project for the other person.

Relationships work enough, and you realize now, thanks to Sun Trine Moon, that it's unfair to bring a host of neuroses to the table for someone else to fix.

You've done the work on your self and you've finally come to a place where you can present an honest view of who you are, one that isn't all baggage and little to no substance.

You have evolved, Cancer, and you are now ready to attract to yourself the best person - the one meant for you.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

The balance is quite obvious now - you have worked hard to create a kind and warm household, and you stick to the standard of speaking the truth and being honest with your partner.

You know what works and what doesn't and you've done what's necessary in order to keep the peace in all of your amorous doings.

You may have felt a touch of mediocrity come into your partnership, and that is something you do not want. Routine has a tendency to do that to couples, and yet, depending on how you perceive this, it could either be seen as a positive or a negative.

Sun Trine Moon allows you an insight: this is a positive. Mediocrity is just a word, and if things take a turn for the average - it's YOUR average, not anyone else's, and we all know that 'average' for Leo is a state that soars above anyone else.

Your luck comes in the form of understanding that life isn't a nonstop theatrical production; it needs balance, boring days, understanding, and the ability to see whatever you experience as positive.

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