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Strong Women Never Settle For Less (Even When They're Lonely)

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never settle for less

Being single can be a freeing, incredible experience full of adventure, self-discovery... and sometimes crushing moments of total loneliness. 

No matter how many songs of independence you listen to or how many self-help books you read, there is no escaping the inevitable why-does-it-seem-like-everyone-has-someone-but-me moments. They're just a speed bump on your road to love, and it's best to treat them as such. 

However, these times can be depressing and overwhelming if we let them become larger than they really are. If you're not careful and don't know the tools for how to deal with loneliness, you can fall into this mindset that you're lonely because something is wrong with you, and end up making some really terrible decisions when it comes to love, when you should never settle for less in the first place.

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If you feel like no one in the entire world is paying any attention to you, than any attention you get you're going to put on a pedestal. Your insecurity will overwhelm your judgment, leaving you to think that creepy guy on Tinder who messaged you "Sup boo" a few weeks ago was actually kind of cute and maybe you should message him back...

Well, consider this your friendly snap-out-of-it slap. GIRL. STOP. NO. Don't let a moment of loneliness let you forget your value and why you're not just getting into a relationship to say you have a relationship. 

I know being single can have some serious negatives and your bed is cold and you just want to cuddle with someone. It's all normal and needing others is just a part of being human. But that doesn't mean you should let just any ol' guy fill that role. 

Wait for the person who deserves that kind of love from you. And while you're waiting, go cuddle with your cat or your best friend. Surround yourself with all your favorite platonic relationships, and remind yourself that these sad feelings will soon pass. 

Any guy you could potentially fall in love with should still have to work for a special place in your life. Being your partner is something earned, not given.  And don't you dare forget that. 

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