Your One Card Tarot Reading For The Week March 29 - April 4, 2021

Feel the energy!

One Card Tarot Reading For The Week Of March 29-April 4, 2021

Your one card tarot reading for the week is here with a forecast for all zodiac signs starting March 29-April 4, 2021.

Welcome to the Tarot reading of the week, and what a mixed bag of mystical meanings we have here.

It looks like the week is going to bring a lot of deep thought, as many of us will be working on whether or not we should move forward, or take a pause to think things out.

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We're also looking at this idea of freedom - will we be doing things like...partying again? Will we actually be getting together with friends again, after this long dark night of the soul called Covid-19?


One thing that seems a theme: money. Some are very worried about it, and some are way too lazy when it comes to making more of it. It's about finding inspiration where there is none and making wonderful things happen when the only thing we can rely upon in our imagination.

Here is your zodiac sign's one card tarot reading for the week of March 29, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19): Five of Pentacles, reversed

We're looking at the loss of something important to you - purely materialistic. There could be a financial setback coming this week, and it's there to make you take notice.

You may have been lax in your approach to money, and it will be during this week where you are given a new perspective, mainly one that says, "Hey, you need to work harder, sorry..." This card symbolizes adversity in the material world, and can also suggest laziness and neglect on your part.

If you've ever heard of poverty consciousness - this card is its ambassador, and what is meant by this is that you tend to see yourself as very poor and unable to afford the simple things in life, all the while, what you're really doing is manifesting poverty - because you can't stop affirming it with your thoughts.


So, it's time to stop the catch-22 of the Law of Attraction and start working on the solution, which in this case is...working harder, staying with the work, honoring the work, and showing gratitude for what you have. This should help you to right the wrong of poverty consciousness.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Eight of Pentacles

This is a very good card to receive as it brings with it inspiration and hope. You may be getting a new job this week, as this will be a week when you are noticed for your abilities and put to work for them. You have proven to others that you can tackle the job you set out for - you are dedicated and determined to do a good job.

You've created somewhat of a reputation for yourself and it appears that this week is one that makes others take notice of your skills and abilities. It's also a great week for you in education, so if you are in class or just taking courses to improve your skillset, you're a basic sponge for learning, as your focus is intense right now.

Your energy levels will be up, and you'll feel well-rested and ready to take on the world. You may be required to have patience - a thing you tend to have very little of, but a little patience goes a long way, and success is exactly where you're headed this week.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Three of Swords

Not always everyone's favorite card, whether it's upright or reversed, as it is associated with heartbreak and sorrow. Upright, this card holds an emotional wallop; in your case, it will come on as a mood.

That mood may take you from melancholy all the way to outright depressed. Your mood hinges on hurt - you've been hurt, and you are feeling it utterly.

What's good about this card is that it's not a hopeless pain or a mood that can't be dealt with; it's a reminder card that with pain and sorrow comes freedom and release - you just have to work to get to that place.

The negativity of the card is all about how bad it is - AND, how that 'badness' will pass, as all things do. It's a card that reminds you of impermanence, a wake-up call to tell you that you need to snap out of it and that wallowing in sorrow will not suit you after a while. Much luck to you this week, Gemini.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Two of Swords

This card is about choice - and facing that choice, dealing with it, no matter what fear may come up. You are not sure as to which way to go on any certain subject; you need to move, you need to make that decision, but it's so very hard as you don't really know what your options are.

There's a sense here that you are about to dive blindly into something you don't know about...but you have to dive, and the intensity of the moment is on - this week.

What's good is that your choices are both good ones, your endgame can only bring you joy and happiness - but that darned decision-making, that's what's about to drive you bonkers.

If you don't choose, you lose - and that is the truth, so the game is afoot. Now, this could very well be about your partnership, be it romantic, friendly, or even business. It's a card that acknowledges that you are sitting on the fence, and it's telling you - it's time to choose.


Leo (July 23 - August 22): Knight of Pentacles, reversed

This week is going to witness you feeling frustrated and bored - as if you could ever really be bored. And yet, you can and you are, and it really bugs the hell out of you.

You may find yourself being really nit-picky this week, finding the only fault in everyone and everything around you. That's the unchecked boredom you're going through.

Suddenly, you can only see what's wrong with people - and unfortunately, you have no qualms about letting them know what you think of them. Where honesty is usually an admirable quality, you may take a blunt approach to communication and end up hurting a whole bunch of feelings.

You will feel bad about this, too, but you won't be able to help a way, you're a brat, and you're acting like a child. You're bored, so you throw a stone at someone - just to see what happens.


Maybe it will give you something to do. This card implores you to stop, to take a breath, and to know that something better and newer is coming 'round the bend.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Page of Pentacles, reversed

If you had the intention of getting somewhere this week, but that aside - because this card is a foreshadowing of a very lazy week for you.

You simply cannot get up the energy to do half of the things you've been speaking about, and not only do you not like seeing yourself fail - once again - you tend to pretend it's exactly as you want it to be.

Meaning - you will choose to see yourself as fine and dandy while knowing in your heart that you're really messing things up. You are not able to concentrate on anything if it makes you think, and you resent the idea of having to do more than the most minimal amount of labor. You talk a good game, but it's less than a game now - it's nothing, not even a dream worth sharing.


This card is your wake-up call and it's telling you to focus, to not let go so easily - to stay the course and not give up. Giving up is noticed most of all by you, and you hate the idea of failing yourself - yet you always do. So...change, Virgo. Change!

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Libra (September 23 - October 22): Ten of Cups, reversed

You may come to experience the end of a relationship this week, or at least the beginnings of an end. This realization will no doubt depress you; you will be feeling out of it, not part of the 'scene' you love so much...yet what you love about it all is now starting to look like trash to you.

You don't just ease out of things, Libra, you work the entire scenario into a horror show so that you can justify your need to bolt as fast as you can. You do have a flair for the dramatic, and you intend to let everyone around stew in your annoying mood.


The Ten of Cups upright is a great card, symbolic of love, bliss, partnership, and harmony, and yet your card is reversed, which topples the entire dynamic.

You'll be feeling separate from things - disconnected, confused. The confusion will disturb you even further and you'll be asking yourself questions like, "How did it get this bad - what did I do?" Good question. What did you do, Libra, and how can you get back to square one?

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Six of Pentacles

Expect a very good week ahead, especially in terms of money and investments. You'll be feeling generous, and your efforts will be met with gratitude and surprise.

This card is representative of the charity, donations, sharing the wealth - receiving gifts - let's just say it's a good financial week and it will have you completely feeling the spirit of love and sharing.


This isn't to say that you'll be receiving a windfall or inheritance, rather, it's about feeling personally wealthy - and that's not restricted to actual money. It's an emotional, loving time for you, and it's got you reaching out to old friends and new ones.

If you've been down, you'll be able to rely upon a good friend to help you up and out again - you'll be restored emotionally and it will add to your feeling of security and safeness.

Harmony is the keyword here, and if there was ever a time where you can finally feel free of debt or money issues, it's this week. I'd say take advantage of the secure feelings - you never know how long it will last!

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Three of Cups

Here's good news: You're about to finally reconnect with old friends or relatives - and it's all going to feel just swell. Intend for collaborations and watch things gravitate your way.


It's a time for celebration, and being alone or lonely is absolutely not a part of this. It's a week that has a theme: uplifting.

You'll feel a sense of freshness and excitement - perhaps you are someone who recently got their covid vaccine and it's given you that extra sense of relief; not invincibility because you are wise and still paying attention to the guidelines, but there will be a very free feeling to your week, and we all know how you Sagittarius' love your independence and freedom.

If you've shied away from social engagements - this is the time to reintroduce yourself into people's lives again. No one has forgotten you, but it might be a nice thing to get back into the swing of things social. Cheers to you and your friends, and enjoy the good times while they last.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): The Sun, reversed

Generally, and in your case, this card, when reversed is about trying very hard to get used to something that just isn't working.


You want something to work - and it's always worked before, but now, for some reason, all your ideas and schemes are falling short of your expectations and it's really starting to irk you.

There's a note of false hope here, of optimism gone sour. It's only a phase, Capricorn, but this week is the one where you'll be feeling it the most.

In the past, you've been cocky, arrogant...and when that kind of attitude works for you, which it always does, it shocks you when it doesn't - and this is the week where your personal magic power falls short of the mark. Can you trust anyone around you? Yes, but you won't be able to see that.

This week is a vacation from confidence, and it may require more stamina and patience than it has in the past. You, of all people can stand up to adversity - and you will.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Nine of Cups

There's a very good chance that you'll be attending a social event that will have you partying and having way too much fun, this week, Aquarius.

Sounds like a good time is part of your destiny, and not only that - it's all going to revolve around what you love best, whatever that is.

Meaning - if you love the arts, then you'll be involved in the arts. If it's fine dining, then be prepared to indulge in some of the best-tasting food you've had in a long time. What a nice thought!

If you are partnered, expect sexual relations and surprisingly romantic overtures at that. It's also a card that represents wishes granted. Do you have something in mind, some wish you'd just love to come true?


Perhaps this would be a good week for you to concentrate on that wish, make it into an affirmation, and thus a manifestation. All things good are possible this week. Enjoy it all - you will.

Pisces (February 19 - March 10): The Hierophant, reversed

You are a free bird, Pisces - you know what you want and you are firmly rooted in what you believe in. No one tells you what to do, and it will be during this week in particular, where you'll fly high your freak flag. The Hierophant is a teacher, and this card, reversed, is the better version of the card - it's about challenge and victory.

The kind of victory that is achieved when one believes in themselves and does what their heart tells one to do. That's what you'll be doing this week, Pisces; what you want to do. You are not a follower - it's just not your vibe. You're a natural leader, and even if the only person you lead is your very own self, then so be it.

You are the ruler of your world and so far, you're doing a great job of finding yourself exactly what you need. You may feel like starting a dangerous conversation this week, or you may end up making a new friend. Whatever you do, this week, it will be original, independent of other people's thoughts and opinions, and completely satisfying!


Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.