Your Weekly Love Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs, March 22-28, 2021

Your Weekly Love Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs, March 22-28, 2021

Your weekly love horoscope for March 22-28, 2021 brings new energy to your zodiac sign's love life and relationships.

While last week was busy with numerous transits all seemingly meant to test us and shake us loose from anything that was still holding us back from moving forward this week has a very different energetic feel.

What does your weekly love horoscope have in store for your zodiac sign?

The main theme for the week ahead is Sun conjunct Venus in Aries, this transit will be exact all week and will even be the only element affecting us for a few days.

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This is the balance of the Sun, which represents our external self with Venus, represents our external self with Venus the planet of love, beauty and pleasure.

Together this is all about taking an action of love, especially in Aries, and as a fire sign, tends to be passionate and moves forward regardless of obstacles.

We’re also entering into a brand, new astrological year which means we are feeling a sense of renewal and inspiration as we are more easily able to let go of the burdens and ghosts from our past.

One of the lessons during this time of year is that while our past was important because it made us who we are, it doesn’t actually get to define who we become. Yet to honor this, we have to make peace with every step that has brought us to this current moment.

Peace doesn’t always mean we like it, or that we’re even proud of all we’ve done or experienced, but it does mean that we can accept it as only necessary to learn what we need to become the souls that we are.

Coming off the Equinox and the start of Aries season will have us wanting to move forward in more ways than one. There’s a clearing both physically and emotionally as we move away from the endings and get one step closer to our new beginning.

But this week also shows us that even once we choose, we’ll still be tested. We still have to consciously choose the new no matter how uncomfortable or unknown it is not because we have everything figured out but because we know that to grow to our next level, we need to be willing to leave the previous one.

The other theme this week which will be influencing our thoughts and decisions is the importance that love holds with each of us. So often we are asked “What is our why?”, “What is our reason?” for doing what we do, for overcoming difficulties, even for living the life that we are.

Whether we are always aware of it or not, our reason why always comes down to love, and knowing this, will become our superpower as we create and navigate this new chapter of our life.

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What to expect this week in astrology:

Monday, March 22, 2021

Sun conjunct Venus in Aries, Prime time for expressing love and enjoying time with our partners, Will also be highly passionate and motivated to make changes or pursue our deepest desires.

This transit will be exact all week, so it’s truly a feeling of being propelled forward by the flames of love and stepping into action.

Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus, Exciting and dynamic conversations related to love, fantasies, and stable future plans are the subject of dialogue in relationships.

Mars in Gemini Trine Saturn in Aquarius, Feeling strong and ready to do the impossible, Forward movement, Trusting ourselves deeply, Following through.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Mercury in Pisces square Mars in Gemini, Feeling rushed to make a decision or take action, overly questioning ourselves, Feeling doubt, and being too in our heads to see things clearly.

This will differ drastically from the energy of yesterday, so if you made a big jump in the love department on Monday but then start regretting it Tuesday, just wait it out. This is a test to see if you go back to what’s comfortable or keep going towards the unknown, don’t give up now.

Mars in Gemini Trine Saturn in Aquarius still is exact today so this should temper some of the doubtful thoughts or second-guessing we may be doing today.

Pluto in Capricorn quintile Chiron in Aries Retrograde, A perfect time for healing, to learning and seeing how we can do better, looking at the reason for the choices and decisions we’re making, this transit rewires our brains so that we can better receive and accept the amazing.

Wednesday, March 25- Friday, March 27, 2021

Sun conjunct Venus in Aries, This will be the only planetary activity from the 25th until we experience our Full Moon in Libra on the 28th.

These few days will be full of love, full of healing, growing, and even some definitive action forward. Passions will be high, and nothing will stop us from following our hearts.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sun conjunct Venus in Aries, Still in effect but felt more strongly with the full moon energies.

Full Moon in Libra, Events that began around the New Moon on October 16th will be coming to fruition, growth, awareness, and sudden ah-ha moments will surround love, relationships, and balance.

There are many planetary aspects to this moon including those with Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus even creating “The Finger of God” alignment signifying that the great burdens and difficulties you are having to work through now are only preparing you for the abundance and joy that is to come. There will be strong elements of fate with this lunar event.

Love horoscopes for March 22-28, 2021, by zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You’ve been craving change and forward motion for so long, don’t start complaining this week when life suddenly answers your prayers. This week could move quickly and in some unexpected ways for you.

You’ve been learning that your relationship isn’t just the place you come home to but a compass that can affect the entire direction of your life.

So, when we change our relationship, so does our life. Be prepared for the start of some big changes this week and remember this is what you’ve wanted.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

You may just get the truth this week about what area of our life most needs to change and unfortunately, you may find it’s your relationship.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a break-up (even though it can!) but it’s more of a renegotiating of boundaries or even dreams.

You might have thought that you were in a causal relationship but you both have found your forever love, or maybe it’s a case of best friends suddenly realizing you’re actually so much more.

Whatever the case, be prepared for that unexpected reality check which can lead to the start of a whole new reality.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

During the course of the next few days, you will be having to balance the overwhelming desire to move forward with feeling as if you’re unable to.

There’s a bit of a push and pull in your world this week which stems from you likely wanting to move in a direction that may not be meant for you-or more quickly than you’re supposed to.

Sometimes you don’t always want to learn the lesson of divine timing, but the one lesson you definitely don’t need anymore is what happens when we force something to happen that we shouldn't have.

Instead of seeing it as resistance to new relationships or previous ones progressing, look for the benefit in the pause.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

It may take you longer than most to know what needs to change but once you do there's no going back.

Usually, you’re incredibly thoughtful about the steps to take to make those happen, especially in terms of your home environment, and this time is no exception.

Don’t give in to the pressures of others this week just because of how they are feeling. Trust your own process and unravel your feelings and the changes you want to make in your own time.

Whether that comes down to a slow process or it happens all at once, it’s exactly what's meant to happen.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Don’t blink this week because you might just miss it. This is the feeling for you as you soak into the amazing busyness that comes from just being so in the moment you don’t have time to think outside of it.

You’ve come a long way this year in healing and approaching life differently, but something that you’re still learning about balance is that it doesn’t always mean the same thing each day.

Sometimes balance means enjoying time or romance with our loved one so deeply we forget about everything else. Don’t worry, you’ll get to what you miss this week-but you won’t mind that you did.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

As you heal and learn more about yourself you also reevaluate what it means to have balance in your life.

This is especially true in your romantic relationships as you can often operate on an all or nothing basis, struggling to find that space of having another in your life but still feeling like yourself.

This week reveals a new space of balance for you and that in-between where you can start making new choices based on everything you’ve learned about yourself in the past six months.

Balance does mean something new to you, and now this week you can see how new love feels too.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The week ahead could be a very full one that makes you unsure whether to cry at what’s ending or smile at what’s just beginning.

While you are focused very much on your future and the new chapter in love, specifically in more serious romantic relationships, it seems there is still going to be a vibe of sadness this week as you reflect and even release fragments of your past.

There is going to be a celebration of sorts as you realize that feeling you’ve been inching towards is one of peace with not just where you’re going, but where you’re coming from. Remember it’s okay to celebrate and mourn within the same week, it doesn’t make either less genuine.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

You might just be your own worst enemy this week as we start to get fired up for new chapters and actions, especially in love.

There’s a sense that even you might be wondering how much more time do you need to actually figure out what you’re meant to and learn the lessons that mean you get to advance to the next level.

While others may be wondering this, especially those that you’ve begun new conversations of love with, it’s mainly yourself that doesn’t understand what the hold-up is.

Truthfully, you’ll likely realize it’s been you all along, and so the only thing you’ve ever needed to do in order to move ahead simply decided to and then make sure every choice in your life aligns with that.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

There’s a double-sided theme this week that as much as you can’t wait to move ahead into your next chapter you also want to take your time.

For you though, the lesson is seeing that it doesn’t have to be one way or the other but allowing yourself to see how to find the balance in this new beginning.

Small steps add up to big destinations and as much as you want to jump three spaces and pass go, it’s also enough to just take a single step forward.

Newness is created when we make space for it to occur, this is the week to allow just that otherwise we end up not moving at all and it’s hard to grow when we feel stuck in place.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Everything that scares you is part of what is calling you forward into a bright and new life. It’s going to ask you to do all the hard things, facing not just the fears others trigger within you but also those you hold within yourself.

More than anything you know that you can talk yourself into believing whatever it is you want to, or whatever enables you to stay on course.

But this week it’s time to see things as they are and make a plan not to just stay the course at any cost, but to live outside of the box that you’ve gotten too comfortable within.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Even though you have no problem walking your own path, this week will bring a renewed sense of spirit about why that is so important for you to do.

It’s easy for you to lose yourself, especially in the opinions and doubts of others, so recognizing when something is yours to carry versus another's a big part of you living authentically.

There will be a renewed sense of vitality and energy this week as you feel more confident walking that path of individuality in your personal life.

Whether this means you allow yourself to love who you love, or you don’t mind breaking away from the ideals of others, this is a week when you remember how good it feels to walk your own path.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

There’s a peace to observe what comes in with the tide that is part of growth for you. Instead of always thinking you have to swim after love or partners, sometimes it’s about simply seeing what the tide brings to you that matters most.

You’ve perfected the art of allowing and receiving in recent months, even if it felt like it was going to kill you. But you’ve done it.

You can operate from a different space now and not worry about backtracking because that old you is gone now, and as much as you may not know for sure what that means the one thing for certain is that you’re entering completely uncharted territory.

This week brings a balance of action, which for you and the place of receiving you’re in, might simply just come down to saying “yes”.

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