The #1 Type Of Vacation EVERY Woman Needs To Stay Happy And Sane!

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Vacation That Increases Health AND Happiness

Most travelers go on long-awaited exotic vacations, determined to do nothing and (hopefully) just unplug from it all. 

But doing nothing — especially for a highly dynamic, intelligent person — usually only feels like relief for a day or two at most. Then boredom sets in. And suddenly, there you are: Sitting on a beach in Hawaii, mindlessly surfing ... the internet, NOT the ocean waves (or worse, checking work email). So much for recharging your proverbial batteries.

In this increasingly fast-paced, instant-gratification world, most people admit to even answering emails and texting while on the toilet! (Don’t grimace, you know you’ve done it.)

My point with work chiming in our pocket 24/7, how do we REALLY take a break in a way that restores life balance?

How can we tackle all that's on our plate while also increasing happiness and staying physically and emotionally well? Clearly traditional vacations no longer work. 

According to Huffington Post, "Gone are the days when millennial travelers book the cheapest fight to the beach to drink themselves into oblivion during their week of freedom." Instead, they yearn for "travel opportunities that render their experience as exploratory instead of favoring the typical tourist track."

In other words, people crave travel experiences that help them reconnect to self, not just veg out and escape from the world.

So, what's the #1 type of vacation that helps you actually achieve that? ... A travel wellness retreat. 

Here are two ways wellness retreat programs support greater life balance for you (and possibly even save your life):

1. They perfectly balance "doing" with "doing nothing." 

The ideal day at these locations offers time to strengthen your inner core for a short time (via mediation, yoga, and other activities) and then the rest of your day is spent relaxing, playing, having great sex or doing anything else you feel inspired to experience. Investing in a quality expert-led program can teach you valuable skills while also providing everyday tools you can take back home to help you continue to improve your health, long after your retreat ends. 

A quality wellness retreat program can teach you to identify patterns of emotional or mental blocks and numbing out that most of us remain imprisoned in. This allows you to shift your focus and energy so that you can truly feel better at a deeper level. And that's even better than a good massage. 

2. They help you take charge of your own health and wellness.

When you establish and maintain body-mind awareness, you claim more of your power to keep yourself well. These retreats teach you how to do this in a fun way that can last long after your vacation.

"Getting away" this way, instead of a binge-watching shows on Netflix for week or hiding out at a hotel living off room service and the minibar, lets you end your time away feeling refreshed, instead of exhausted and more disconnected from yourself.

The goal of vacation is to rest and restore, isn't it? 

Learning how to understand your energy (and how to effectively recharge it) is crucial to leading a truly happy and healthy life

Travel expert Mia Kyricos says, "The numbers show us the wellness industry is the quickest-growing industry globally. Our guests want to have the same access to healthy lifestyles on the road as they do at home.”

As an intuitive lifestyle expert, I've created and lead world class group holistic wellness retreats internationally for almost 10 years now. I've seen countless empowered transformations from participants during my own body-mind wellness events.

Many who attend are actively healing from cancer, illness, recent divorce or other major life transitions. I suspect that more people will wise up and get actively preventative about their own wellness.

Seeking the right travel wellness program is a personal choice, but it's truly priceless when you reconnect back to yourself again.

No matter if you're seeking a simple new yoga experience or a week-long body-mind intensive, know that, as you invest in your self care and wellness, that you're on track for greater authentic life success.

Intuitive Energy Practitioner & Intuitive Lifestyle Expert Cathleen Miller works with clients internationally and also creates and leads world class body-mind wellness retreats for top Condé Nast resorts. Contact her for a free consultation, or see upcoming 2016 Wellness Retreat opportunities at