10 Choices To Make Today To Be Your Best Self & Achieve Your Goals

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You know you're meant for great things but can you be at your best, achieve success, and make it to your goals even in difficult times?

It's easy to get overwhelmed, sidetracked, or hijacked when things aren't going your way — never mind being in the middle of a pandemic.

The goals and dreams you have for yourself seem insignificant and out of reach when you're under a stay-at-home order, worried about meeting financial commitments, staying healthy, and socially isolated.

Feeling down on your situation can make you get down on yourself. But, momentary lapses in confidence can come and go as you stumble on inevitable obstacles.

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You don't have to give up and ditch your planner for a bowl of Doritos and Netflix. On the contrary, if you're your best self, you can manifest anything.

Despite living through a crisis, you can feel good about yourself, rise to the occasion that's calling you, and reach your potential.

While there's a lot out of your control, there also a lot within your influence.

Being your best often means choosing to be your best.

In order to be your best self and make it to your goals, here are 10 choices you need to make in your daily life.

1. Maintain focus.

Keep your eyes on the prize — your dreams, goals, and aspirations — and the task at hand.

When you lose your concentration and experience a drop in motivation, you won't accomplish the thing you most desire.

It's OK to regroup or revisit your priorities but whatever you set out to do or pivot towards needs to remain in sight.

If you haven't created a vision for this year, it's time to do that. Clearly defining success is pivotal. What does being your best self mean to you? Crystalize this first.

2. Center yourself.

Stay grounded either by meditating, deep breathing, or firmly planting your feet on the earth during a mindful walk.

If these activities feel awkward at first, that's OK. You'll get more comfortable over time and they work wonders.

Mindfulness practices help you hone your intuition, make better decisions, and manage stress. Incorporate them into your day, and little annoyances and more significant crises will trigger you less.

The more you center yourself, the more responsive you'll be and the more alive you'll feel. This positive energy will propel you toward your goals.

3. Let go of the past.

One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to forgive others and yourself for past mistakes. Rid yourself of old hurts, things that no longer matter, and expectations of perfection.

When you drop the rope, you can be free to experience the present and all the future has to offer to you.

You can be your highest, unencumbered self.

4. Take care of yourself.

You can't possibly operate at your peak when you run yourself ragged. Treat yourself as good (or better) as you treat your partner, best friend, child, or pet.

To be your best, you need to invest in yourself. That means getting adequate sleep and nutrition, and giving yourself loving kindness, too!

5. Lean into your strengths.

Learn about your personality type and uncover your gifts. Sure, stretch yourself into new dimensions, but don't pressure yourself to do what doesn't come naturally.

You'll get further in life by tapping into your superpowers!

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6. Be authentic.

Be who you are. Be humble and be proud. Being someone else or living up to an ideal is a losing battle.

Don't bother with approval, or quantifying likes or shares, either. You have a unique style, ambitions, and ways of being.

And quite simply, when you're you, you shine!

7. Reach higher.

Shoot for the stars! Never lose hope for and trust in brighter days.

Believe you have what it takes to do well in life — no matter how you define success.

8. Persist to get what you want.

Getting what you want means taking chances. Often, it means you fail now and again.

No matter the odds, always hang in and keep moving forward — one step at a time. Momentum is the key to believing in yourself and the realization of your goals.

9. Get support.

There is never any shame in reaching out. Everyone can benefit from help now and then and this pandemic has pushed people over the edge of what they can reasonably manage themselves.

Whether you need someone to listen, give you advice, or distract your kids while you give yourself 10 minutes to regroup, be resourceful and get connected.

There are many new online and free programs to boost your well-being. Enlist a friend in your self-improvement journey or hire a coach — everyone deserves one.

10. Live with purpose.

If you feel out of alignment or confused about what to do with your life, it's worth taking the time to uncover your purpose with an experienced facilitator.

Once you know your reason for being, let it be your North Star, guiding your every move.

When you approach each day with intention, you create a life you love — no matter the obstacles in your path.

What's more, when you carry out a mission to serve a greater good, you'll finally be the person you're meant to become.

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Lisa Petsinis is a certified life and career transformation coach who works with women to get unstuck and find their passion and purpose to live a fulfilling life. Contact Lisa on her website and jumpstart the changes you want, starting today.

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