Your One Card Tarot Reading For The Week Of March 22 - 28, 2021

Make it a great week.

One Card Tarot Reading For The Week Of March 22, 2021

Your one card tarot reading is here with a forecast for all zodiac signs during the week of March 22-28, 2021.

Welcome to the Tarot of the Week, according to your zodiac sign.

What we're looking at this week seems to sway more towards the practical, and less to the fantastical - or romantic.

While love is in the air for some, it's not the topic of the week for most; finance is, and that could parlay into new jobs and exciting opportunities.


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Keeping in mind that we're now into the season of Aries, we need to understand that our emotions will be amped up, even confused.


Everything we do during this season will be passionate - even our mistakes.

This is one of the reasons it's so important for us to make the right decisions - which means thinking things through before acting on them.

Anticipate the need to move on, to change things up - and expect an opportunity to knock heavily this week.

Will you be a participant in your own life or a mere observer? The decision is yours.

And now, your week, according to the Tarot cards.

Here is your zodiac sign's one card tarot reading for the week of March 22, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19): King of Cups

Your week starts off with a bang and ends with a bigger bang, and all of it is good. In love, you rule - you'll be walking on sunshine this week when it comes to romance, and everything you'll be experiencing will make you feel confident and hopeful.


This week will give you a taste of the future. You'll be in a celebratory mood, and you'll probably spend a little more money than you have, but that's OK because the mood is just too good, and it's igniting your sense of generosity.

The truth is, you love giving gifts; you love watching people's faces as they receive whatever you have to give. It's your season, Aries, and every day this week is going to feel like it's your birthday - and that might be true for some of you!

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Eight of Pentacles

Before you do anything this week, Taurus, you want to make sure your home life is secure and that you haven't left any bills unpaid. The week has the potential for greatness, and you'll definitely be able to experience the positive side of the week - the only warning that comes with this card is the heads-up on taking care of the home front.

Don't leave the house without telling your loved ones that you love them, and if you plan on traveling, make sure everything you leave behind - albeit temporary - is safe and secure.


If you make the mistake of not paying a bill, you will see what happens - this card heads you off at the pass, telling you that you can avoid cut-offs and shutdowns if you treat your bills responsibly. Do this, and your week will be smooth and silky.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Page of Cups, reversed

New love may have you in a state, this week, Gemini. You haven't felt the pangs of a crush in so long, and it is during this week that you're up for renewal on that idea.

It may not be a serious thing, but you will definitely be putting in way too much attention towards a person who you think may like you - do they?

That's to be seen, however, that's also not going to stop you. Something in you was waiting to be ignited, and now that you're on fire, it feels both good and crazy.


Do you like this crazy feeling? A little - but you also recognize that it may just be an impulsive thing - yet, it's something you want to run with.

You like the feeling of having a mad crush - perhaps waiting to see if it will pan out isn't the point; maybe it's really all about the moment - so enjoy it while you have it.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Seven of Pentacles, reversed

This could be a week where opportunity presents itself in a subtle way; one that could be passed by quite easily if you're eyes aren't open to it.

You will find yourself feeling creative this week, Cancer, yet your creative efforts may end up giving you a creation you hadn't planned a meal that went wrong or a note sent to someone that mistakenly said the wrong thing.


Be careful with your texting this's the little things, the things we all take advantage of that need a once over - be aware, stay keen.

Be careful not to spill things either, as this card suggests clumsiness and mistake-making. You might burn your food, or spill it while you are serving it.

Leo (July 23 - August 22): Two of Pentacles

You'll be presented with one clear choice this week, and you will have to make a decision. The decision will be easy, but it will be up to you alone to make it happen.

There's a good chance it will be financial; you may be at a place where you have to let go of something that is eating up your resources. It's a good week for you to think of this choice as both inevitable, and a good thing to put your mind to.


There will also be a sense of fairness that accompanies your decision-making this week, and whatever you choose, will end up seeming like a fair trade or a good deal. You will be feeling smart and able this week, Leo. Trust your instincts as they are rock-steady.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Two of Cups

You are a fool for love and you know it - which also means that you do not want to hear anyone else's opinion on what you do, how you do it, or why. You are all about "mind your own business" this week.

You are content to do things your way, despite the raucous criticisms you'll endure, as people in your life will regale you with their version of what's best for you.

You're stubborn this week, you really don't want to know what others think, but there's a warning here: you may be a fool for love, but you're still a fool - that means you're making foolish decisions.


And what you call "love" may not be about a person; it could be the love for food or overindulgence. Do us all a favor: Do what you need to do and get it out of your system.

Libra (September 23 - October 22): Four of Pentacles

Things have been going rather well for you lately, which means, in your Libra way, it's time to find fault with something...anything. You'll be spending much of this week looking for things to go wrong, and honestly, those around you may become ticked off by your behavior.

You tend to be nitpicky with others; this bothers you, that offends you - you simply won't stop when it comes to ripping into other people.

But your attitude is an equal opportunity ruiner, as you shine the same light on your own self, finding fault in everything you do - and taking time to feel sorry for yourself while you're there.


The upside is that you will snap out of it by week's end, which will feel like a breath of fresh air for everyone around you.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Ten of Pentacles

Making money and spending happily is what this week is all about for you, Scorpio. This is a BIG money week for you. You'll see a few dreams come true, and it's all due to some plan you made a while back - perhaps that was a materialistic plan and it saved you some money.

If you're going to redo something in the home, this is the week to start up that process, and if you've had your eye on that new outfit, or some fashion-oriented purchase that was once before way too dear - now's the time to grab and go.

You can afford to buy that special gift for yourself this week - and you may not have this opportunity again for a while, so strike while the iron is hot and get that hot item that you've been ogling for awhile. The time is now.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Six of Swords

Fresh starts and no looking back. That's your week's theme, Sag - it's all about knowing exactly what you did that messed everything up, kissing its memory goodbye, and moving on to new horizons and better, more awesome conquests.

Enough is enough, and you've finally come to your senses. It's time to say goodbye to many of the things that have slowed you down; now, you're conscious of what those things are, and you're intelligent enough to know that if it isn't serving you, it's hurting you.

So take that big brain and use it in a positive manner; go boldly into that dark night - or that bright doesn't matter. What matters is that you walk away from the past and accept that the unknown may be filled with promise and delight. No more fear.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Queen of Cups, reversed

OK, you tried. You did your best, and it didn't work out the way you thought it would. That's OK, you're still a good person and you still have a good head on your shoulders.

What you might be experiencing is what happens when you give advice to a loved one, and that advice backfires in both of your faces, leaving you to look like a kind-hearted fool. You tried, and it did not work, and this is the week you try to save face.

At this rate, there's nothing to worry about. Your plan may have failed, but you are still very much loved and respected, so in a way, it's almost as if you've let people know that you're not perfect after all - something they might have believed at one point. It's all OK.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Two of Swords, reversed

You're going to find that making a decision this week is going to end up giving you something you didn't want. This card implies timing and choices - meaning, you were supposed to do something by a certain time and you may not have, so now, this week, you're suffering the consequences of that inability to move fast.


You don't like making hasty decisions, yet sometimes you really don't have a choice. The lesson is all about trusting your gut instincts and acting on them. What may have happened in the recent past is that you didn't trust yourself and ended up not liking your circumstance because of it, yet here you are, having to make the same decision, once again.

The card says: Don't blow it! Trust that everything is OK and that the universe has got your back. Be fearless, Aquarius!

Pisces (February 19 - March 10): Six of Cups

You won't find much to complain about this week, Pisces, as all looks very good for you... in love, and along the lines of what you love to do. Your creative juices will be flowing, and you may end up getting involved with a creative project that includes several other people.

The card implies food and fun, parties, and a good time - you can expect to see some of that this week, too. Friendships will seem even more important to you this week - and there will be the sharing of secrets as well.


You will learn more about a friend during the week than you've known before, and much of it will please you. The general feel of the week is secure, safe, friendly, loving, and social.

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