The Type Of Creative Mind You Have, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You're creative, even if you don't know it yet.

What Kind Of Creative Mind Do You Have, Based On Your Zodiac Sign. getty

Everyone has a creative mind or is capable of thinking creatively, even if they’re unsure about how to access it or don’t think of themselves as such. No one is limited to just one way of thinking creatively, and it’s important to understand that you’re creative and have an idea of the kind of creativity you may have.

It’s not a far stretch to look at the correlation between creativity, astrology and the zodiac signs. Our zodiac signs have much to do with our personalities, and that includes our type of creativity.


You may think of yourself as someone who is more interested in science or mechanics than making art. However, creativity is more than creating art; it’s problem-solving, seeing things from alternative points of view, and having the ability to think outside the box.

What jumpstarts your creativity? Is it making a plan, taking a walk in nature, or listening to music? Some people are inspired by the visual and others by touch. If you haven’t before, maybe it’s time for you to embrace your creative side and start living a life filled with imagination, originality, and inventiveness.


ARIES: Body Focused Mind

Aries do their best creative thinking when they're moving. Any kind of physical activity such as running, playing a sport, hiking, or even intimacy helps to inspire them.

Aries think much better when they're on the move rather than when they're sitting at a desk. Being physical helps to activate and inspire them, and some of their best ideas come while their bodies are being physically challenged.

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TAURUS: Patient Mind

Taurus do their best thinking when they're not rushed or under any kind of pressure. If they can take their time thinking, they're able to come up with the best solutions to problems or creative ideas.


It helps that they can be extremely focused and patient. They know that in time they'll be awarded with out-of-box thinking, and that you can't rush great art.

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GEMINI: Verbal Mind

Geminis get their best ideas when they're able to talk about things out loud. It doesn't even need to be to another person, though that works too. Anything involving language helps Gemini collect their thoughts and go past the obvious and the mundane.

Using words, Geminis are able to reframe problems, come up with new approaches, and ultimately come up with clever solutions.


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CANCER: Intuitive Mind

Cancers are excellent at tapping into their creativity, and maybe this comes from being comfortable with their own creativity. Cancers trust their gut instincts and know when to listen to the voice in their head and when to disregard it.

They are sensitive to the stimuli around them and are able to be inspired by things and people. Sometimes a Cancer individual just seems to know the answer without any further investigation.

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LEO: Associative Mind

Leos are another creative sign and are able to think of things in broader terms than most people. Leos don't go from A to B; they go from A to D back to C and then to Z.


Their creativity has many different levels and influences. Leos know to be receptive to whatever stimuli is around them. They have a deep well of knowledge and are open to solutions from unexpected sources. Their moments of inspiration can come at any time, from anywhere.

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VIRGO: Organized Mind

Creativity and intelligence are closely related, and that's never more apparent than with a Virgo. Virgos are analytical yet creative. They organize and reorganize their thoughts until they come up with new ways of solving a problem or creating something entirely new.

While they are comfortable with organization and structure, they're not limited by them and are still able to be creative and open to new ideas.


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LIBRA: Logical Mind

Libras use reality as a springboard for the imagination. While they are grounded in what's real and logical, they're not confined by it. It's kind of like having to know the rules before you can break them.

While extremely social, Libras tend to need some alone time where they can go inward to discover their creativity. Much of what they imagine is based on what they've experienced and their own insights.

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SCORPIO: Focused Mind

When a Scorpio gets the start of an idea, they will obsess over it until a satisfactory conclusion is found. They're not above tearing something down and putting it back together again to figure out its inner workings.


They tend to focus on one project or problem at a time and will keep at it long after other people would have given up. Scorpios are passionate about their projects and it's extremely difficult to distract them when they're concentrating on something.

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Sagittarius do best when they have other people to bounce their ideas off of and excel in the collaborative process. It's not that Sagittarius can't be creative on their own, they just enjoy the process more when they're with other people.

Conversations are inspiring to them, as are getting other people's ideas, thoughts, and hearing about their failures and triumphs. Sagittarius tend to look for people who have different skillsets than theirs so both complement the others.


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CAPRICORN: Familiar Mind

It doesn't matter how old or young a Capricorn is; they've had a vast number of life experiences. Their creativity is often based on these experiences and the lessons they've learned.

They're driven to solve whatever personal problems they have as quickly as possible, and tend not to procrastinate. Capricorns are able to see what's essential to their own growth, and instead of limiting their imagination, it frees it.


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AQUARIUS: Integrating Mind

Aquarians are known for being inventive and creative. They tend to become inspired by the theories and inventions of others, and instead of copying or repeating what others have done before, they extrapolate and envision something new.

Where the previous inventor or creative thinker stopped, Aquarius builds on it and goes a few steps further. These individuals stay abreast on current trends, ideas, and devices.

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PISCES: Visual Mind

If there was a contest for the most artistically gifted zodiac sign, Pisces would win. They're inspired by the things they see, and that includes the things they see in their mind's eye.


Pisces don't necessarily stay within the physical world for their inspiration; they visualize and picture new worlds and ways of being. Pisces have their own very distinct ways of seeing, and it's that ability that makes them truly unique in their creativity.

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