How To Tell If Your Past Lives Are Impacting Your Present Life

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What is past life therapy and how does it help you heal your present life? Have you ever questioned if, perhaps, a past life story impacts you now?

Years ago, I found myself in a situation that involved two gunshot victims. One person lived, while the other died. I think about this often. Not because of the horror of it, but because it carries a much deeper meaning to me.

Sitting in the dark, next to the woman who had been shot, I felt connected to long ago in an unidentifiable place.

Hours later, it hit me: I wondered if a karmic debt had been paid. I believe the whole crazy shooting incident satisfied many karmic debts and lessons, not just mine.

It's also interesting that, for as long as I can remember, I have had a very strong dislike of guns. I can’t be around them.

Even as a very young child, I was aware that guns were associated with something that didn’t feel good.

Was this awareness from a past life, or did I just feel the pain connected with guns?

This brings up the question: How much of our life is connected to the past?

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Our present life experiences are indelibly linked to our past lives.

We carry the imprints of past lives into our current life.

Thankfully, it's possible to break painful cycles and initiate healing. This applies to not just this life, but all lives we have lived in the past.

Before I share how to heal past life wounds, I need to lay the foundation of my beliefs. In this very moment, we have access to all lives experienced by our soul.

We choose where we put our attention and what life we want to experience now. This is exactly why there is so much healing power available now.

The beauty of understanding the potential of our awareness is this: We can send prayers to all lives and heal the old story. The wounds and pain of this life — and all other lives — can be eternally changed.

You may wonder how to recognize your important past life stories.

Here are 4 ways to identify your relationships that limit your potential.

1. Akashic records.

This is a great place to start if you're looking for deep answers.

An Akashic reader can access your soul’s history and discover information from the time your soul began. Past lives, present situations, and possibilities are just part of this information.

Connecting to everything that your soul has experienced can shine a light on why you seek out certain experiences, people, or unique life situations. 

Many of our desires are deeper than just this life.

2. Evolutionary astrology.

This is based on the understanding that each person’s birth chart is a map of the soul’s potential growth. Evolutionary astrology examines each birth chart for indicators of major life lessons.

We can discover how each life is supported universally and where the potential for growth is.

Our life lessons may show up as blocks to our human potential. More importantly, overcoming blocks is the path of evolution and enlightenment.

3. Psychic readings.

This can easily reveal the blocks or fear manifested in repeated behaviors or health issues. These readings are also very helpful in examining the energetic makeup of relationships.

They can provide information on shared past lives with current friends, family, and loves.

Psychic readings can help you create a life that allows healing to occur.

4. Repeated patterns.

These can be huge red flags in determining areas of personal growth potential or even what you have successfully overcome.

Be honest with yourself. Do you have the same lessons or relationship dynamics recurring over and over?

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If you want to heal your old story and your present one, here's how past life therapy can help.

1. Prayers.

Praying is a powerful way to change life circumstances in the present and even the past.

It's possible to help current and past relationships heal when you pray for healing in all directions with all beings.

2. Acceptance and forgiveness.

This allows you to observe your life experiences, instead of reacting. You can see the gifts you've received. What you're able to release will be highlighted.

Letting go of old habits, thought patterns, and beliefs also opens you up to new possibilities.

3. Meditation.

This is a lovely way to connect to all that is. A meditation practice opens the heart and frees the mind, allowing healing to begin without even recognizing the past trauma or pain.

For me, personally, meditation has brought huge healing shifts and removed old beliefs. My old view on life is no longer available to me.

You can break destructive cycles, past and present.

A couple of days ago, I met a lovely woman. When I looked into her eyes, I was immediately aware of the many painful lives she has lived. In fact, she had experienced one painful life lesson many times over.

I could feel her heart energy and soul asking for the release of the pain she chooses over and over. I shared with her that I could feel pain from her past lives where she had been abused and, in other lives, where she was the abuser.

She has experienced all she needs to understand the grief and pain of abuse. Yet, she stays in the cycle.

The beautiful part of this story is that she's able to break the cycle now. As soon as she's aware of the painful pattern, she can send love to those who are part of her lesson.

She is able to send love to the parts of her that experience pain now. She can touch other lives and heal all wounds, which she can do with prayer, visualization, and meditation.

This amazing soul has the power to heal herself now by identifying her karma and choices.

Surrendering to the awareness of your soul frees you to discover all the textures of love that are truly available to you. The rest will slip away and no longer be part of your memory.

Your thoughts and vocabulary will only hold room for things that are part of your loving energetic makeup.

It's possible to clear away all that does not fit in the realm of your most beautiful and pure mind. Imagine gently releasing and blowing away fear, shame, control, and all lower vibrational energies.

They are released to break apart, heal, and find their way into the highest of realms.

The truest, most loving part of you is observing the flow of universal energies. This part of you is always safe, loved, and aware of your highest potential.

When you tire of the chaos, you can let go and return home.

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Polly Wirum is an intuitive, life coach, and writer. She helps people connect to the energy of peace via intuitive reading, life coaching, or live channeling sessions. For more information, visit her website.

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