How Does Past Life Regression Work & How It Heals Your Root Chakra

Let's go back, back to the beginning.

What Is Past Life Regression & The Root Chakra Bree Bigalow via @unsplash

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? When studying emotional or spiritual blocks you may stumble up information on clearing your chakra energy and finding out what your soul brought from another time into this life.

You could have been anyone, even the Queen of England in the 20th century or Harry Houdini.

The possibilities are endless but the key to finding out is by taking a past life regression test, which can help you to see your blocked energy.


What is past life regression?

A past life regression test is a test made up of a series of questions that reveal your past identity and what you went through in your past life.

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Regression literally means to go back and this test can help you do that. It is like the 23andMe test but instead of finding out your ancestry, you find out who you used to be.

It helps you examine your past to learn about your life experiences and see how it impacts you in the present.

What are the benefits of a past life regression test?

There are many benefits to trying past life regression. It helps you examine your past to learn about your experiences and see how it impacts you in the present.


The test helps you identify where you have blocked energy or what's going on with your chakras. It can also help you to deal with specific issues like loss of direction, phobias, mental pain, depression, addictions, and more.

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For example, if you are currently afraid of water and want to know why and if it is related to your past, you can take the test to get those answers. Maybe you passed away in your last life because you drowned and that is what causes you to have a fear of water, now.

Having access to this information could help you to finally face your fear, or at least have a better understanding of it, so it doesn’t get carried with you into future lives.


What is a root chakra?

Chakras are energy that your body. There are even and the root chakra is also called the first. The root chakra is where your past life experiences are held energetically. It relates to things you need to feel balanced and secure in this life.

Past life regression also helps you become more consciously aware of your root chakra and how to heal it.

It also helps you to gain the confidence you need to locate the skills and talents you have in this life so you can lead a rewarding life.

It tells you what overarching lesson you are meant to learn and what goal your soul is set out to accomplish. It also helps you understand the intricacies of the relationships you have in your life and how to grow from your relationships.


Where can I take a past life regression test?

You can take a past life regression test for free on

The test asks you questions like:

“What do you find hard to tolerate in other people?”

“What is your favorite color?”, and “What health issues have you chronically experienced?”

After answering the eight specific questions, you receive the results which tell you what your most important past life lesson is.

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For example, my lesson is being grounded based on the answers I gave. It then goes on to say how it impacts me now and how I will feel once I learn this lesson.


Since my lesson is being grounded, the test results say “ might be feeling unsafe, insecure, or unstable in your life right now as a result of your present or past life experiences."

However, once you learn how to be more grounded, you will feel more centered, stable, and secure.” Not only does it provide all that information but it also provides tips to put into practice to help you feel more connected with your soul.

For example, some tips the test gave me were to “dance,” “connect with the energy of the earth,” “walk with bare feet on a patch of grass,” and many more extremely insightful tips.


If you are eager to learn about your past life so you can move towards a better future, I loved taking the free past life regression test, even though I wasn't ever the Queen of England.

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