The Colors You Choose In This Personality Test Reveals How Many Past Lives You Have Lived

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The Colors You Choose In This Personality Test Reveals How Many Past Lives You Have Lived

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, many people believe we have all lived a past life. In fact, there have been instances where people and even children remember memories, sensations, or feelings of a mystical and mysterious nature; it's like those things belong to someone else.

But how do you know if you've lived a past life? It has a lot to do with the people you meet.

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There are certain moments in our lives where we find people whom we have never met before, and yet we have a very strong connection to them, as if they were a long lost friend of ours. We get a strong sense of deja vu, feeling like we’re repeating the past, and like we've known this person all our life.

This kind of connection exists only with people that you've met in a previous lifetime, which makes sense as to why you both get along so well with one another. It's more than just memories — it's a connection that can often not be explained.

There are a lot of strange coincidences in life, so who is to say that you have not lived some of these coincidences before? Though there are ways to remember who you used to be, including past life regression or memory therapy, there are also tests that can indicate your past life.

So, if you've ever wondered about your past life or lives, this color personality test can reveal the truth to you.

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All you have to do is take the personality test below, identify which colors you see, and wait for the results.


It is important to recognize when you have found someone that shares the same kind of energy as you do. To meet someone who is so similar to you is someone worth keeping around.

The reason why you should continue seeing these people will only put you in shock and awe as to how much more you both have in common — more than you might actually realize.

It is strange to think about our past life or lives. We could have been anyone and did anything. It’s even more strange to think about how our current life might overlap with our past lives.

Certain experiences, people, and conversations feel like they’ve appeared before, possibly hinting at a past life we once had.

Also, did you know that people's preferences for certain colors are actually indicators of how many past lives they've lived? Our mind connects colors to experiences, items, people, and things we love! How interesting is that?

Our experiences from our past lives help determine how we feel about certain colors, giving a slight nod to how many past lives we may have actually lived. 

So, take the color personality test and find out for yourself just how many cosmic cycles you may have under your belt. How many past lives have you lived?

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