Easy Tarot Spreads For Love & Guidance

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Easy Tarot Spreads For Love & Guidance

Are you looking for advice but need an easy tarot spread for love and guidance?

We have been taking advantage of the wonders of Tarot for years and years.

Cartomancy, also known as reading cards for prediction purposes or divining, has always been there for us when we need insight.

We are people who identify with imagery - we can see meaning in it.

We love numbers and symbols, and we hunger for meaning - we seek it out, and if we are practiced and astute, we can find it.

The Tarot is a card deck that holds much information in the form of symbolism, and divination is the art of discovering that information and applying it to meet our own needs.

And what are our needs, when it comes to fortune-telling?

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We are usually fairly predictable on this matter: we want to know about love, family, home, finance - we want to find out more about our health, happiness...we are curious about death, our children, our marriages.

We want to know if someone is cheating on us, and we want to know if tomorrow is going to be a good day.

We may ask an experienced reader to read the cards for us, or we may want to learn the art and do it ourselves.

But is it easy? Must we have some sort of divine power to unearth such mysterious information?

How can we use the Tarot in a way that we could consider 'easy'?

There are easy spreads to learn - but the interpretation of a card is up to you.

Let's take a look at how to lay down cards for an easy Tarot spread.

Oh, if you're wondering what a spread is, it's a few cards, mainly three cards, pulled from a Tarot deck and laid out before you, for interpretation.

Here are some helpful spreads for the most commonly asked questions.

We will be going over the 3 card spreads and some other popular Tarot spreads.

Shuffle the deck.

Pick three cards, and lay them down in order, before you, as they are, straight up or reversed.

Easy tarot spreads for love and guidance:

There is a 3 tarot card spread you can use for general guidance.

You layout three cards from left to right, face-down, and then read each for a specific area of your life.

1. Three card tarot spread for guidance:

The first card:

Your first card the past is about what you've recently been through, what's made you the you that you are today.

This is an important step in coming to understand why you've found yourself where you are right now and gives insight as to what moves you should or shouldn't make again.

Your past reveals the process by which you have come to this very moment in time.

You are the sum result of your past actions.

The second card:

Your second card, the present is where you are, right now, how you feel, how you react, what's on your mind this very minute.

Are you upset, happy? Are you frustrated, enthusiastic? This card reveals what's going on right now.

The third card:

Your third card, the future is where your actions will be taking you, if you play your cards right, so to speak.

It's also there to give you warnings about what you should be aware of.

This final card is where you are heading, and if this displeases you, then you have a heads up as to not create that negative reality.

2. Three card tarot spread for love and relationships:

The same 3-tarot card spread layout can be used to gain insight into your love life.


The first card in the spread is about your past relationships and how they've affected you.

This is a real and true insight into what you've done wrong and how you can improve your love situation by knowing and owning your own behavior.

The past is what you have to both learn from and let go of.


This is where your mind is at, right now, in love.

If you are all consumed by your paramour, then this card will reflect that.

There's a certain vulnerability to the present, as it shows you without knowledge of the future; you may be head over heels in love, and blind to anything other than your ideal of love.


This is where your love is leading, and it gives all the insight you'll need in order to push onwards.

You are the one in control of this relationship, and it is you who will write the script for your own happiness if you so choose to be happy in love.

The card picked for the future is a heads up: do you want to be in this state, or do you not?

3. Three card tarot spread for health:

You can also do a 3-tarot card spread to gain insight into your health.


This first card goes over what you've already lived through and gives insight as to why you're in whatever state of health you are in now.

Were your choices poorly made?

Are you suffering now because you were abusive towards your own body?

This card touches on self-love and self-esteem, as well as health and well-being.


This second card is all about choice.

You are at the crossroads when you interpret the middle card in this spread.

If you are ill, then you must do what you need to do to get healthy again.

If you are terminally ill, then you must come to terms with how you are going to live out your life.

This card is your now moment, which can lead anywhere.


The Tarot never shows the death of a human being, but can imply that the future of one who asks about health is up to you.

If health is something that means something to you, then your future will be as healthy as your fate allows.

However, if you choose ill health - because we are responsible for everything that happens to us - then you will reap the rewards of that poor thinking.

4. Three card tarot spread for decision making:


When you are about to make a hefty decision, it's always good to check in with the past to see what previous decisions you've made that were successful.

The past shows us where our thinking went wrong or right.

The card you draw here is specific - analyze it and apply it to your own past.


You have a decision to make. Where are you on this now?

This card will show you your hesitancy or eagerness, and it will reflect back to you your own nervousness.

The card itself will represent a part of you that needs work on, today.


This card will show you where you are going in terms of the decision you're about to make.

You will see regret - or success.

Assuming the decision is actually made, this card will bolster the idea of why you made it, and where it is about to take you.

5. Three card tarot spread for self-awareness:


We want to be at peace. In order to find that place in our hearts where peace and stillness exist, we must investigate our past behavior.

This card lets you know what held you back, and how you lost out due to this or that.

This is the card of mistakes made that have the potential to unlock all the goodness we have inside us.


This covers your present feeling about yourself and your life.

You are now at the precipice of change, in fact, you want it.

This card will give you insight as to what you are really feeling right now - what distracts you, or what inspires you.


This card will show you where your efforts are taking you.

If you wanted to change, then the card itself will reveal what the change will look like in the future.

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6. Three card tarot card spread for family:


Most families come with history.

This card will boldly point out that history and make you aware of where you came from, and why you are the way you are right now.


This card will bring to light your present situation, and what you can do or focus on right now to better it.

The present is where you add the ingredients to a pot that has already been simmering for years.

What can you do now to create a future with your family that is reasonable and healthy?


This card determines the outcome of your past actions towards your family.

If there are difficulties, this card will show you how those problems work themselves out.

You will see very clearly, depending on what card you pull here.

7. Three card tarot spread for finance:


This card shows you where you've been, in terms of money and finance. If you are in debt, it will show here.

If you are ambitious and hungry, that too will show here.

Your past spending habits or investments will be revealed - a lesson to learn from.


 This is where your mind is now. If you are worried, this card will specify what you are worried about.

If you need money, this card will show you what that need looks like. If you want to win the lottery, this card will show you how to focus your mind on being a winner.


 This is the result card of a lifetime of past and present actions.

Were those actions the right ones to take at the time you made them?

The future, in finance, is up to the realistic moves you make today, and depending on what card you throw, our future could be sink or swim.

8. Three card tarot spread for jobs, career, employment:


Here you will see what you've been involved in over the past years.

Good jobs, bad jobs - specific attitudes that made that job bearable or unbearable.

Here's where you went wrong, or where you decided to follow your passion.

The past holds the key to the future.


Are you unhappy at your current job? This card will show you what you are feeling.

Here you have a representation of your emotional outtake on what you do to make money?

You will ask yourself if you are happy if you feel purpose.

The present card shows you that if you need to make a move, then you must act on it now.


Here's the outcome of your efforts, which means you either put in an effort to maneuver yourself into the best work situation - or you remained in a rut, applying no effort at all.

This is a cold, cruel card that says - if you want something done, don't wait for others to do it for you.

Do it yourself. Save your own life if you want a future free from pain.

Standard easy tarot spread ask similar questions and cover more ground.

Any of these spreads can be used for any of the commonly asked questions.

Shuffle, pick your cards, lay them out before you.

9. The Five Card Spread

1. Distant Past

2. Past

3. Present

4. Future

5. Far Future

10. The Seven Card Spread

1. Distant Past

2. The Immediate Past

3. Present Difficult Influences

4. You as You are Now

5. Present Positive Influences

6. Recommended Action

7. The Ultimate Result

11. The Twelve Card Spread

1. The previous year

2. Lesson learned in the past year

3. What you look forward to

4. What inspires you

5. What holds you back

6. Love and emotion, this year

7. Career, work, and money

8. Health and well-being

9. Your spiritual life and self-awareness

10. What you need to focus on

11. Your Most Important New Lesson

12. Where you are headed, your future

12. The Celtic Cross Spread

1. The Present

2. The Challenge

3. The Past

4. The Future

5. Above (what's on your mind)

6. Below (what you just came off of)

7. Advice

8. External Influences

9. Hopes And/Or Fears

10. Outcome

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.