One Card Tarot Reading For When You Want To Breakup

One Card Tarot Reading For When You Want To Breakup

This breakup one tarot card reading is for everyone who has been hyper-focusing on the expiration date of their relationship, based on their zodiac sign.

Should you break up?

Maybe, maybe your relations can be saved.

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Oftentimes when people first flock to tarot it’s because they are wondering their destiny with a loved one; are they a match made in heaven or does fate have a different outcome in store?

Here's what the tarot has to say about your relationship and whether or not it's time to pull the plug and move on.

One card tarot reading for Aries — Queen of Swords

for you I pulled the Queen of Swords. Before taking any further action, I would advise your most trusted advisor outside of your relationship; a family member, a therapist.

Typically this card speaks to an elder in your community circle, someone with sharp wit and unafraid to get to the truth of what you’re feeling and thinking.

Relinquish a little of your worries into them; don’t be afraid to tell them everything that is worrying you in this relationship.

They will be able to provide you with an interpretation of what your subconscious is thinking.

If you are wondering if it’s time to break up, I would encourage you to talk it out in a space where you can freely think and articulate all that you’re feeling.

One card tarot reading for Taurus — Nine of Wands

Taurus, little things have been piling on in this relationship that is just completely weighing you down now.

Why are you allowing yourself to succumb under the pressures that someone else is imposing on you?

I pulled the Nine of Wands for you, revealing that it has been one thing after another for you.

You are strong, and because of this, you must know you have the strength to leave this relationship.

You don’t need to keep being wounded in battle time and time again.

You’re in a stalemate and the only way to get out is to take a knee and bow out before things get worse.

One card tarot reading for Gemini — The Sun

Gemini, love has been a comfort for you, and to be frank you’re likely not used to this much acceptance from the people in your life.

This might make you wonder if you should hit the eject button (which is just the self-destruct button in disguise) and leave this relationship before they can hurt you. The outlook is good in your current relationship.

If you’re still feeling doubt try building a more stable foundation that will help you create a deepened sense of security with your partner.

It’s not time to break up, it’s time to start working on some fundamentals you may have missed in the initial meeting and beginnings of your relationship.

One card tarot reading for Cancer — King of Cups

Cancer, for you I pulled the King of Cups, denoting that your partner is loyal to you. I don’t predict a foreseeable breakup.

I see a long-lasting union with this relationship.

This card is a positive omen, especially if you’re hoping to settle down with your partner.

Rarely does the King of Cups not lead to marriage.

This relationship shall be victorious, unlike other relationships you’ve been in before because this partner takes you seriously.

If you’re having doubts could it be that you’re not feeling as committed they are?

If this is the case, that would be the only reason I would advise you to lean toward a breakup.

One card tarot reading for Leo — Nine of Cups

Leo, if you’re feeling like you’re not getting enough from your partner, the Nine of Cups is here to tell you that soon things will be changing for you.

This is one of the best cards that can be pulled in a relationship or love reading; this a wondrous match that should be leading to happiness.

Are you allowing yourself to explore this happiness or are you still beating yourself up over mistakes you may have made in the relationship in the past?

Leos can hold themselves to a ridiculously high standard.

If you’re worried about the relationship ask your partner to have an open and honest conversation with you.

Be prepared for feedback and recognizing someone can love you endlessly while acknowledging you’re not perfect.

One card tarot reading for Virgo — Ten of Swords

Virgo, you may be realizing that you’ve been looking to fill up your time and hoping that love will grow in the meantime.

It’s time to recognize that the spark just isn’t there like it used to be.

Being with your partner means sacrificing part of yourself to appease your partner and to fill up their time. This is no way for either of you to be living.

You’re both afraid of being alone so you’ve been sacrificing what you need to fill the void; this isn’t loving.

Virgo, if you’ve been looking for a sign that it’s okay to leave this relationship, this is it.

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One card tarot reading for Libra — The High Priestess

Libra, it doesn’t have to be forever, but this relationship needs to be put on pause.

This relationship can be salvaged but a truce must be drawn and space should be provided.

It can be worrisome to know you will be spending time apart from your partner, but if this relationship is meant to last the absence will only make the heart grow fonder for each other.

This will strengthen the relationship if it is meant to be and release you from pain over time if it wasn’t. You must let go, if just for a moment.

One card tarot reading for Scorpio — The Lovers

Scorpio, your partner is growing to be more comfortable around you.

They might want to start showing you off to more people that are important to them; after all who can ignore your Scorpio charm?

If you aren’t feeling committed or comfortable in this relationship now is the time to jump ship.

You don’t want your partner to become even more invested in you when you don’t reciprocate those deep feelings of excitement.

This could be the end of the road for you.

However, if this partner is everything you’ve dreamed of, which is more likely the case.

Then be confident going forward that your partner recognizes your greatness and be comfortable enough to let them share your wonders with their community too!

One card tarot reading for Sagittarius — The Tower

Sagittarius, you and your partner are just not communicating effectively or seeing eye to eye.

This isn’t because the relationship is doomed, more so that you just aren’t spending the time together you should be.

You both might be too wrapped up in other commitments that it’s hard to focus on the relationship.

If you and your partner can refocus and shift attention to your relationship more this card can denote marriage; however, if you are too wrapped up in other entanglements then it’s best to forgo this relationship.

Re-evaluate what you need at this moment and listen to your partner when they address what they expect as well.

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One card tarot reading for Capricorn — Ace of Pentacles

Capricorn, I pulled the Ace of Pentacles for you (as if being a Capricorn and getting a pentacles card is any surprise).

This card can mean many things based on how your relationship is already going. This can denote greatness or disaster.

Sometimes in a relationship reading this card can represent great foundations.

If you’re looking at your relationship at this very moment then I would say this is a favorable card for you.

However, if you’re starting to think long term, this could be denoting the end of your relationship as you might be fixating on whether or not your partner is going to change.

You might be stuck in the same rut, expecting different outcomes from the same effort.

While this can predict engagement, it doesn’t guarantee that it will lead to marriage or forever unions.

One card tarot reading for Aquarius — The World

Aquarius, your future with your partner is perhaps the most uncertain destiny of them all.

This card can be infuriating when you are seeking answers.

This card denotes that the state of your relationship is very dependent on the next few major choices you make. You will be presented shortly with a lot of different options; your partner may not fit into that.

There is no other force in the universe interfering with your relationship at this point. It is solely on you.

The card isn’t delivering a direct answer because you haven’t made up your mind about the tough decisions lying ahead. You must proceed knowing you take ownership of your actions.

One card tarot reading for Pisces — The Devil

Pisces, for you I pulled The Devil card.

This can be an intimidating card to pull in a relationship reading as it suggests this relationship isn’t the healthiest and can be an abusive power struggle at times. However, this isn’t always the case when we see this card.

The Devil appears to warn that someone in the relationship may be struggling mentally or with addiction and may need support.

If you can’t provide the support your partner needs, or if you are suffering from a mental illness and are not getting support from your partner, it may be best to turn to couple’s therapy or individual counseling.

You or your partner may be struggling too much to focus entirely on the romantic aspects of the relationship and to be fair, that isn’t always the most important part of a long-term relationship.

This relationship can last if you both have the energy for it.

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