21 Ways To Build Self-Esteem & Uplift Your Confidence

Be kind to yourself every day.

21 Ways To Build Self-Esteem & Confidence getty

As you wander through your life, you may come up against many relationships, both professional and personal, that have an important impact on you.

The way you process other people’s behavior towards you makes you who you are today. This affects how you build your self-esteem, as well as how you build your self-confidence and self-worth.

These interactions are an important part of how you view yourself.


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Have you ever had someone put you down, bully you, or strip you of your self-worth? They may have been a past partner, friend, parent, guardian, boss, or coworker.

People who have a low opinion of themselves will often be the first to put others down. Although you cannot control other people’s behavior toward you, you can control how you respond to them.

This is the most resourceful way to maintain a sense of personal power. In order to build up our self-esteem, the best starting point is to work on the most important relationship of all — the relationship you have with "self."


Here's a list of 21 self esteem-boosting tips you can introduce into your day. If you can implement at least three to five of these daily, you'll begin to feel a shift in your mood and build your confidence over time.

People will start to treat you differently. You're capable of having a balanced sense of self-esteem, but it must start with changing a few things first!

Here are 21 ways to build your self-esteem and uplift your confidence:

1. Accept that everything in your life is a learning experience.

We are all on a learning journey on Earth. 

2. Focus on your strengths.

What do people like about you?

3. Celebrate what you do well.

What has been successful for you so far, in work or relationships?


4. Trust your decisions.

Avoid relying on decisions from other people. What is good for them is not necessarily right for you.

5. Give compliments.

Compliments make you feel good, and the other person feels good, too!

6. Say nice things to yourself in your mind or in the mirror.

Learn to let go of negative self-talk.

7. Surround yourself with positive people.

Seek out people who influence you in a positive way.

8. Be authentic.

Speak your truth and avoid the need to constantly please other people.

9. Share your opinions.

Speak up about what is important to you and people will notice and respect you.

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10. Push yourself out of your comfort zone

Do this on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

11. Do things that are mildly uncomfortable.

Be a little brave. Because the more you seek out the uncomfortable, the more confident you will become.

12. Smile at other people to lift their mood.

You never know how much of a positive impact a smile might have on someone.

13. Respect your body in health and well-being.

What could you do less or more of to respect yourself more?

14. Pay attention to how you feel.

What emotions are you feeling? Tune into your feelings, as they are subconscious messages.

15. Focus more on yourself, instead of others.

What one thing could you do to put yourself first, daily or weekly?


16. Be open to self-love.

No one can fulfill you in the same way as your own self-love and self-acceptance.

17. Get thoughts off your chest.


Speak out about how you feel, whether to a good friend, therapist, or coach.

18. Repeat daily affirmations.

Choose affirmations such as, “I’m worthy,” “I'm always doing the best I know how,” or, “I accept myself for who I am.”

19. Stand up for yourself.

Always stay true to your values.

20. Forgive. 

Let go of burdens, because they will only hinder your success.

21. Believe yourself to be equal to everyone else!

You're just as good as everyone else. 

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Caroline Rushforth is a certified NLP coach and life coach with over 10 years' experience helping women who are overwhelmed with worry, negative thoughts, and low self-esteem. She offers a free 30-minute consultation via Zoom or Skype. Send her an email for more information about how she can help you.