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5 Practical Zodiac Signs That Always Get The Job Done — And On Time

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Who are the most practical zodiac signs in all of astrology, and why should we care? Practical people make the world go round! Seriously, if it weren't for them, everything would be even more chaotic than it already is. 

When you’re a practical person, you tend to see life as a succession of tasks that must be performed and challenges that must be met each day. They tend to stay focused on what they’re supposed to do instead of getting overwhelmed and stuck. They take their horoscope with a grain of salt, because nothing can stop them from finishing what they set out to do.

Practical people believe in doing rather than arguing about it or trying to pass it off onto someone else. They take responsibility for their actions and they are conscientious. They also tend to be realists.

They are planners and like to follow schedules carefully. When you’re practical, you’re pragmatic, rational, and reasonable. You don’t get angry or hurt at the smallest provocation. You may be reserved, but that doesn't mean that you’re cold or aloof. Practical doesn't mean emotionless.

If you have a practical person in your life or you’re a practical person, be grateful. If there weren't any practical people nothing would ever get done.

1. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorns are extremely practical. They'd rather get in there and get their hands dirty than talk in theories and suppositions. They make plans that coincide with their objectives and values.

Capricorns tend to get all the facts before they make a decision. They are known for their patience because a practical person knows that everything of worth takes time, and if you do something right the first time you won't waste time redoing it. 

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2. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgos are always there when you need them, and they know just what to do to solve your problem, which makes them not only practical but reliable as well. Virgos don't believe in living in a fantasy world, they think it's far better to be present in the here and now.

They are steady and will listen to reason. You can always count on Virgo to have done their homework so they know the answer to any problem and can solve whatever mystery has other people stumped.

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3. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries may not seem super-practical, but in many ways they are. An Aries needs to have their life in place — a secure job, a comfortable home, and money in the bank before they do something adventurous. Aries are aware when they don't have the abilities or talent to do something, so instead of making the situation worse (by trying to do it themselves) they hire the right people to get the job done.

On the surface, they may not appear to be the most organized people on the planet, but they know how to find their stuff. 

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4. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

The way Taurus thinks is extremely practical, and they are comforted by practical things. They're dependable, determined, and they can figure out the simplest and most effective method to get things done.

They don't act without thought, which makes them prudent and careful. Taurus are grounded and aren't easily fooled by things that appear to be too good to be true. You want a Taurus to have your back because they are solid and trustworthy.

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5. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

On the surface, Geminis may seem flighty, but they can be very practical. They're able to see the big picture and plan things out for the long-term. For the Gemini parent, they will be very practical especially when it comes to their children and they don't punish randomly.

If they need to teach their child a lesson, it isn't arbitrary, it's well thought out. Geminis need a plan to follow every day to keep them on track and accountable.

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