How To Make A Scorpio Man Miss You

Make him put that stinger away.

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So you want to know how to make a Scorpio man miss you? It's not as easy as you may think.

Born between October 23 - November 21, Scorpios are one of the toughest signs of the zodiac.

They are very self-assured and have strong convictions.

Once a Scorpio man has made up his mind, it is very difficult to sway him because Scorpio is a fixed sign.

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Endings do not scare Scorpio men because they are just a means for new beginnings.

If a Scorpio man decides to terminate a relationship, he’ll probably stick to that resolution.

Nonetheless, Scorpios are still water signs and therefore very in touch with their emotions.

Although making a Scorpio man miss you could be quite difficult, it is not impossible.

Here's how to make a Scorpio man miss you:

1. Find common ground.

Break the ice with art.

Scorpios are very creative, and art is a wonderful gateway into seeing the deeper parts of the soul that are difficult to express with words.

Sharing your own creativity with the Scorpio man will let him see into those deeper parts of yourself and connect to them.


Your art will remind the Scorpio man of the deep feelings and beauty that initially drew him to you.

At first, the Scorpio man may not want to even open the door for you to possibly reenter his life.

However, a visual piece of art he can observe from a distance may do the trick.

Allowing him to see how you feel before there is a discussion between you two.

This will draw the Scorpio man in and allow him to be more receptive to what you have to say. ;

2. Make him curious.

Evoke a Scorpio man's curiosity to make him miss you. Scorpios love mystery.

Scorpios are naturally very curious. In order to get Scorpio men out of their stubborn mindsets, you must make them curious about you.


Make him think about what could be if they let you back into their lives.

You need to show them that you’ve changed from the version of yourself that caused the relationship to end in the first place.

Scorpio men would not go back to a situation they deem unhealthy or toxic.

So show him that things won’t be the same, because you are not the same.

Make him curious about how things will work out from this point forward.

Do not make empty promises though!

Scorpio men will be outraged if they are fooled, and then it would be quite impossible to regain their trust after two transgressions. ;

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3. Ask a question.

Scorpio men like to dig deep into unanswered questions.

Requesting a mature conversation about what went wrong in your relationship will be appealing to the Scorpio man.

In the discussion, the two of you can figure out what went so wrong.

In the midst of that perhaps you can find solutions to those problems other than just splitting up.

This would also be a chance for you to bare your soul.

Water sign Scorpios can be very empathetic and would appreciate your vulnerability.

Expressing your deeper emotions can also make the Scorpio man remember why they loved you in the beginning.

Just be truthful and speak from the heart.

the Scorpio man will be able to sense your sincerity and be more receptive to what you have to say.


4. Say something deep.

Do some soul searching and only use “I” statements.

Scorpios are introspective people.

By looking inward yourself, you can find new insights and deeper meaning to your feelings.


Expressing this self-evolution to the Scorpio man, he will be able to relate to your efforts towards self-growth.

It will open a door for a new beginning for the two of you—because Scorpios don’t go backward, they only look forwards.

When you talk about your introspection and feelings, only use “I” statements.

Scorpio men don’t want to feel blamed for feeling the way that they do, and “I” statements remove that blame.

Accepting responsibility for your action.

Own your part of the faults that led to your relationship’s demise will make the Scorpio man more willing to take ownership of his part of the faults as well.

Even though growth may need to happen in order for the two of you to get back together, you are still fundamentally the same people.


The Scorpio man will remember why he loved you once and think about how he can love you again.

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Colleen Fogarty is a writer who covers self-care, astrology, and relationship topics.