What To Do When A Cancer Ignores You

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What To Do When A Cancer Ignores You

When a Cancer is mad at you and doesn’t want to deal with any excuses or acceptances for behavior that hurt them, they will ignore you.

It takes a lot to make a Cancer ignore you and if you’ve hurt them well enough, you will realize because they don't want any part of you, a person who lost their trust, in their lives anymore.

Cancer's complex personality is mostly filled with emotion and feelings, which is why they take everything seriously because they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

What should you do when a Cancer is ignoring you?

When you’re being ignored by a Cancer you should know why, and most likely it’s because you hurt their core and your trust with them.

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A Cancer's trust is so important, they don’t take it lightly when that trust is broken and they are betrayed by you.

There might not be much you can do if that’s the case.

However, if you are dealing with a simple argument, there might be some things you can do to win a Cancer back from the silent treatment.

Water signs, in general, are likely to ghost you if they aren’t getting along with you or you’ve done something to piss them off or upset them.

When this happens the worst thing you can do is keep texting constantly and trying to get in touch.

If they aren’t answering you it means they want space from you and you have to give them time and space to process their emotions.

Sometimes a Cancer can be drastic and dramatic when pushed overboard with anger and frustration, they might say something they regret.

If you truly care about the friendship or the relationship then learn from these steps for when a Cancer ignores you.

Most importantly, think about what you did to hurt them. How is this situation is emotionally draining to you?

Most likely, the drama is the main reason why they are upset and ghosting you.

Water signs, in general, are likely to ghost you if they aren’t getting along with you or you’ve done something to piss us off or upset us.

When this happens the worst thing you can do is keep texting constantly and trying to get in touch.

If a Cancer isn't answering you it means we want space from you and you have to give us time and space to process our emotions. 

Here's what to do when a Cancer ignores you, per astrology:

1. Give a Cancer space

Cancers need time to step away from things that are holding a big emotional toll on them.

They don’t take emotions and feelings lightly so if you or others put them in a situation where they are mentally checked out, then you have to give them space.

Cancer zodiac signs literally cannot think when they are stressed from emotion and feeling, especially when pressured or hurt by someone else.

2. Self reflect

Ask yourself honestly and truly why a Cancer is mad at you.

Did you see signs and you just ignored them?

Were you hurtful to them in any way that you deserve being cut off?

Ask yourself these deep questions to understand why your Cancer is ignoring you because there’s always a reason.

Cancer does not ignore a person for no reason.

There’s always going to be a reason, and if they are at fault for a situation, they will apologize.

But, they expect that the other person will do the same if it's their fault.

3. Be genuine and authentic

Once you have given a Cancer their space, reflect on why you were in the wrong, and think about their emotions.

Once you've done that, you can try to talk to them again.

In your response to them, you have to be genuine and authentic in your words because they know and can spot a liar and disingenuity.

If you know exactly what you did for them to ignore you, then apologize with authenticity, and put your heart on your sleeve like how they would.

4. Love them even more

This might sound like a simple step but it means the world to a Cancer that you are willing to put as much love and care into the relationship even more.

This way, a Cancer zodiac sign will realize that you actually appreciate the relationship if you are willing to do that.

Show them more affection physically and verbally.

They will feel so much better about your relationship with them if you do that, especially if you might have hurt their feelings or said something that made them believe you didn't care.

5. Ask them what they want

This tip is often overlooked because sometimes a Cancer is passive-aggressive and they don't tell you what's wrong, so you actually should try and ask.

If it's something they want from you which is probably more love and affection then try to be open and honest with them as much as you can.

They most likely are ignoring you because they feel like their love and attention for you is being taken for granted.

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6. Get in their way

I would only recommend this if you didn't really piss a Cancer off, but if they are sad or upset.

Meet them in person and say that you aren't going anywhere until you both can solve your feelings.

Cancer zodiac signs might be annoyed at first but make the effort.

Physically take time out of your day to help mend the relationship; that matters to them.

7. Challenge them

If it's been too long at this point that a Cancer has been ignoring you, and you're ready to move on, then you might just need to.

If you aren't ready to do that just yet, and still see potential to have a better relationship in the future with them, give them some space. Hang out with new people and give them time to miss you.

Sometimes making a Cancer a little jealous by lighting a fire underneath them, will remind them that maybe they do still want to be friends or continue the relationship.

8. Understand their feelings

This is important because sometimes their ignoring of you doesn't have to do with you at all.

Sometimes a Cancer is going through something that's got them sad and down about things.

It's not always about the other person when a Cancer ignores you, they just need time alone with themselves.

The least you can do is let them know you are there for them if they want to talk.

9. If you aren’t reaching out to them you have to wait for them to reach out to you

This is the last step you would want to take if you genuinely want to keep your relationship with a Cancer.

Cancer's don’t like having to reach out to you after you’ve given them space because they want you to realize your mistakes and apologize.

If you never do, you might risk losing the relationship with a Cancer because if you wait for them it turns into a waiting game, you will know when they’re going to reach out if they ever even do.

10. Rebuild the trust

If you are let back in, nine times out of ten your trust isn’t fully restored with a Cancer zodiac sign

You need to re-build that and you need to realize when to pick your battles with a Cancer who is ignoring you.

You better know they are emotional and if you disrespect them and break a bond of loyalty, it’s hard to rebuild.

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