What Makes Scorpio Annoying?

Scorpio = Sassy

What Makes Scorpio Annoying? Vadim Sadovski/Shutterstock.com

No one likes an annoying person, and if someone is a Scorpio, you may find certain things that they say and do slightly unattractive.

Scorpios are known for their charismatic and passionate personalities but even they can push your buttons.

What makes Scorpio annoying?

Scorpios have been called a variety of undesirable things — controlling, stubborn, and intimidating.

Some people would say Scorpio zodiac signs are overly secretive.


Others blame a Scorpio's astrology for their possessive nature.

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These personality traits go beyond annoying, and when you meet different people who are Scorpios and they act similarly, you start to wonder.


Is every Scorpio like that?

To a degree, yes, there is a connection to astrology and what makes Scorpio annoying.

Scorpio is ruled by two malefic planets — Mars and Pluto.

Mars relates to warrior tendencies, and Pluto isn't too friendly either.

Scorpio season starts on October 23rd and ends on November 22nd, making them a water sign that rules the house of taboos, secrets, and shared resources.

Water signs are known for an intense level of passion and bold personality traits, that when expressed strongly often come across as annoying.

And, Scorpio takes these personality traits to a new level, in part due to their astrology.

So, if you wonder what makes Scorpio annoying, you don't have to go too far.


Here's what makes Scorpio annoying to many zodiac signs, according to astrology:

1. They are secretive.

Scorpios have all the tea to spill but they seldom do.

They are always hiding unnecessary secrets that can make friends and partners feel like they’re up to no good.

If you have nothing to hide, why keep secrets?

This is annoying and makes people reluctant to trust them wholeheartedly.

They will keep even small details such as where they're going or who they're hanging out with incredibly vague.

This puts stress on romantic relationships because their partner will always feel like they are pulling information out of their Scorpio love.

They may even start to feel as though their constantly nagging the Scorpio, or worse, begin to suspect that the Scorpio is cheating.


2. Scorpios are intense.

Scorpios have a short fuse.

Scorpios are known for their intense passion for everything they do.

This can be an admirable trait, but it also comes with some annoying consequences.

Their passion can quickly turn to anger and become explosive.

This is annoying for those close to a Scorpio because they never know when they’ll snap.

Unfortunately, being around someone with an explosive temper can make people feel like they are always walking on eggshells.

Instead of letting this ruin your relationship with a Scorpio, try to talk to them and see if they're even aware of it.

The first step to fixing a problem is to acknowledge it's there in the first place.


3. Scorpios are sensitive.

Scorpios tend to take everything personally and get offended rather easily.

This can be incredibly annoying if you are just trying to joke around with Scorpio.

They don’t hide these feelings and will get upset over nothing.

Similar to their temper, this is another annoying trait that can make people close to them feel like they are always scared to say or do the wrong thing.

A healthy conversation about how sensitive is too sensitive, as well as a discussion about their boundaries, will help immensely.

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4. They're obsessive.

Scorpio likes to have everything their way and can be obsessive.


They will pay extreme attention to detail and are sticklers about how things are done in any given scenario.

This can be conflicting for people who like to lead or be spontaneous.

This can also cause them to come off as a bit bossy and overly dominating.

In romantic relationships, this often leads to the Scorpio being too possessive over their partner.

It's best to get ahead of this before it becomes a bigger issue and causes an unhealthy relationship.

5. They’re intimidating.

Scorpios are super smart, and they love to help others when they don’t understand something.

However, their idea of helping can be annoying and make some people feel bad about themselves.


Their help can feel condescending or like they are talking down on you.

Try to remember they do mean well even if it doesn’t come across that way.

If this continues to be a problem, tell them!

Chances are they don't realize they are making you feel uncomfortable.

6. They hold grudges.

Scorpios don’t forgive or forget.

They are notorious for holding grudges over even the smallest arguments.

Not only will they stay angry, but they also love to get revenge.

This can be annoying because no one likes a spiteful friend.


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7. They’re overly independent.

Independence is a great trait to have but the Scorpio takes it a bit too far.

Scorpios don’t like to rely on anyone but themselves and this can cause serious problems with romantic partners.

A Scorpios partner will likely never feel needed and become annoyed in thinking that the relationship is one-sided.

Soften up Scorpio!

8. They’re invasive.

Getting help solving your personal issues is always welcome but the Scorpio tends to do so without empathy.

Rather than listen to your concerns with understanding they immediately go into problem-solving mode.

This can be irritating if you are just looking for a shoulder to cry on.


If they start to do this, kindly but firmly, stop them.

Explain to them that for now, you'd just like to vent and seek understanding.

9. They come across as crass.

Scorpios are fluent in sarcasm and use it frequently.

This can make for some fun laughs, but it can also get old … fast.

Joking around once in a while is fine but constantly being sarcastic can become draining for those around the Scorpio.

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