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30 Best Bouquets & Flower Arrangements To Send For A Beautiful Valentine's Day Surprise

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30 Best Bouquets & Flower Arrangements To Send For A Beautiful Valentine's Day Surprise

Flowers have long been considered the most romantic Valentine's Day gifts, but are also a great choice year-round. The reason? Flowers are a great way to celebrate romantic love!

While red roses symbolize a love that's passionate, yellow roses symbolize passion and joy, daisies are dependable and classic, and lilies symbolize class and sophistication. As each flower has a pretty intense meaning in its own right, finding the perfect Valentine's Day flowers means doing your research.

Flower arrangements mean different things for couples, which is why they serve as one of the best gift ideas this time of year.

Many will choose a classic like red long-stemmed roses, but this choice for Valentine's Day flowers isn’t the only one. You really can't go wrong with any flower, especially if it’s a flower you know your sweetheart will love.

Other options may include tulips, lilies, orchids, violets, daisies, sunflowers, and more. But the options are truly endless.

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1. Roseshire X Queen Of Hearts

For the queen of your heart, choose up to 4 dozen of these beautiful roses. Every delivery is hand assembled, from the hand-sealed wax on the card, to every rose being hand-manicured and placed into its own individual water vial. Send this special gift to ensure an experience filled with magic!

(Roseshire, $125)

2. Eternally Yours

Looking for a gift that’s going to last a bit longer? Winston has a gourmet gift box called Eternally Yours, that includes an elongated case of 12 real, yet preserved red roses that maintain their appearance for up to a year! It's finished with a decadent box of signature chocolates from luxury chocolatier L.A. Burdick and arranged in a Winston Flowers crate.

(Winston Flowers, $275)

3. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

This symbolic birthday flower kit grows and changes every day, just like the lucky person who plants it. Seeds, a glass bottle to grow them in, soil-less growing medium, instructions, and info about what your flower symbolizes are all included. Once the garden has finished blooming, wash the grow bottle and use as a vase. Plus, the cork lid doubles as a coaster for the bottle.

(Uncommon Goods, $34)

4. Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden

For the woman with a green thumb, this kit will let her grow her very own garden, right from the comfort of home. All you need is the mason jar kit, a little water, and a sunny spot to grow perfect pansies, zinnias, chamomile or English daisies without soil. The best part? They're completely edible.

(Uncommon Goods, $20)

5. Blooming Tea

Tea drinkers will be delighted with these bud-like packets that "bloom" slowly when steeped. Three captivating varieties include peach green tea, jasmine green tea, and chrysanthemum green tea, all of which are hand-sewn in China to create artful "flowers" that yield a delicious pot or several cups of tea.

(Uncommon Goods, $21)

6. Glass Flower Garden Centerpiece

Want to give a gift of flowers but not have them wilt or die? Scott Johnson's handmade glass centerpiece brings floral loveliness to the table. They have a spectacular radiance when the sun passes through their translucent petals. The piece resembles a window box when placed near (but not in!) a window.

(Uncommon Goods, $200-$400)

7. Classic Long-Stemmed Red Roses

It is traditional, romantic and perfect for Valentines' Day! Because sometimes, the best thing you can do is go with a classic. These long-stemmed roses are cut, shipped, and packed within days, so when they arrive at your beloved's door, they will remain bold and beautiful for at least 7 days.

(Pro Flowers, $59.99)

8. Sunflower Bouquet

Uniquely beautiful, this very contemporary arrangement is sure to be unlike anything she’s received before. This bouquet includes six bright sunflowers delivered in a modern vase, and is the perfect floral arrangement to spread joy.

(Send Flowers, $38+)

9. Pink Mini Orchids

Representing both emotion and elegance, this special, miniature double stem phalaenopsis comes in pinks and purples. This gift includes one miniature double stem phalaenopsis orchid, which blooms between 8-12 weeks. Plus, it's in an exclusively designed lilac origami planter.

(Pro Flowers, $28)

10. GlobalRose 50 Pink Roses

This gift boasts two huge gorgeous bouquets of 25 stems. Captivating and mesmerizing, this symbol of love is sure to make a statement. And with fresh flowers, it makes such a beautiful gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

11. Yamuda Artificial Silk Flowers

Made of silk, this bouquet of flowers is reminiscent of love, romance, and the essence of forever. The best part is that these flowers will never wilt or die, so she can display them for years to come.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

12. Lesing Silk Artificial Roses

For more artificial flowers, this bouquet includes roses, greenery plants, and a ceramic vase. How adorable are these?

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

13. Benchmark Bouquets 'Life is Good' Orange Flowers

Life is Good is committed to spreading the power of optimism, which is why 10 percent of your purchase supports the Life is Good Kids Foundation, helping kids heal from the devastating impacts of early childhood trauma. This beautiful flower bouquet ships directly from farms in the flowers’ bud stage to ensure a long life, and the blooms will open in 2 or 3 days. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

14. Grillo’s Pickle Bouquet

Okay, so maybe it's not your traditional flower arrangement, but who says a bouquet has to be flowers! Grillo’s kits come with everything to make their lover the perfect unique bouquet this year: wooden skewers, floral foam, floral tissue paper, cellophane bags, ribbon, artificial floral filler, an empty Grillo’s container for the perfect vase, a card, and how-to-make instructions.

(Grillo's Pickles, $25)

15. White Lily Valentine Bouquet

This is a very unique and rich choice for your love. These flowers are different from your usual roses, along with looking expensive. This white flower delivery is made with traditional white lilies, white alstroemeria, and white waxflower.

(Send Flowers, $33.99)

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16. Country Roadside Bouquet

Protea and waxflower are gathered in a galvanized vase, making for a bouquet that is both elegant and rustic, and full of country charm. Choose from three arrangements, depending on how many flowers you desire.

(Bloom Nation, $68)

17. Cora Bouquet

Fly to the moon with this unique arrangement. The flower arranger, Cora, is best known for that sweetheart with impeccable style. And now, you can give your sweetheart that same style with these beautiful flowers.

(Bloom Nation, $90)

18. Forbidden Love

This powerful trio of heather, black calla lilies, and red roses are set within an opaque black ceramic rectangle to create a striking and modern design. How's that for unique?

(Bloom Nation, $225)

19. Harmonious Relationship

This is a wonderful gift for those seeking to establish, reconnect, and reconcile any relationship. Or, for celebrating the strong one you already have. Just like the premium Ecuadorean red roses, cymbidium orchids, and succulents used in the "Harmonious Relationship," it symbolizes coexistence in harmony.

(Bloom Nation, $120)

20. Molly Hatch Succulents in a Book

The pages of this book feature eight pop-up succulents and cacti, along with text describing the characteristics of these plants. Simply take the jacket off, pop up the plants, and transform the book into a container garden that looks beautiful when displayed with live plants.

(Target, $16.99)

21. Molly Hatch Happy Day: Bouquet in a Book

Happy Day features bright, cheery flowers with uplifting sentiments. Each spread features a flower that “flips up” from the page, a brief description of the flower’s meaning, and its special message for the recipient. When all of the blossoms are popped up, the book can be displayed on a desk just like a vase of flowers.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

22. 'I Love You' Conversation Roses

This arrangement includes one dozen classic red roses, half of them embossed with “I Love You,” and the other half with an interlocking heart design. They're picked fresh on premier farms around the world, cared for every step of the way, and shipped fresh.

(1800 Flowers, $64.99+)

23. 'Be Mine' Pink and Gold Roses

Two dozen premium pink blooms are dusted at the tips in dazzling gold, creating a unique expression of your affection for someone who’s truly one-of-a-kind. This bouquet of 24 pink roses has gold-airbrushed petal tips.

(1800 Flowers, $74.99+)

24. 'Wine Is My Valentine' Roses & Candy Bears

This gift pairs lovely red roses and soft pink alstroemeria with white stock, sprinkled in some greenery, with added Sugarfina’s Rosé grown-up gummy bears. Elevate that not-so-top-shelf bottle of the pink stuff with these bears made with real rosé from Provence and, of course, eco-friendly blooms. 

(Bouqs, $79)

25. 'Magnetic' Assortment

This inviting mix of bright sunflowers, soft roses, and intriguing spider mums creates a refreshing look you can't get away from. And why would you want to? With 14 mixed stems, this beautiful arrangement is sure to make a statement.

(Bouqs, $54-$84)

26. SanRan Handmade Roses with Heart Design 

This gift comes in a transparent glass dome with a wooden base, with gypsophila decor underneath the rose, an immortal rose with grade A embedded in it. The crystal heart design on top of the dome stands for purity and is a sign of good faith.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

27. U UQUI Rose Bear

At one foot tall, the Teddy Rose Bear is made of artificial flowers as the basic element to form a bear-shaped design. It's both romantic and lovely, and will last for years to come.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

28. Violetta Floral Arrangement

Hues of crimson, violet, and verdant green burst forth to create one of the most eye-catching arrangements of the year. Thoughtfully displayed in a petite dark stained hand crafted wood box, give your love this beautiful and vibrant assortment.

(Olive & Cocoa, $108)

29. Jolie Le Coeur Floral Arrangement

Intricately gathered in the shape of a heart, velvet red, dusty pink, and fuchsia blooms burst with tranquil beauty. The flowers are surrounded by vibrant green moss and arranged in a dark-stained hand-crafted wood box.

(Olive & Cocoa, $138)

30. Floral of the Month Club

Enjoy an expertly arranged Olive & Cocoa floral design regularly delivered at a special value. A unique subscription service, the Floral of the Month Club features arrangements created with each season's most beautiful fresh cut blooms. It's a perfect idea for a gift that lasts way beyond Valentine's Day.

(Olive & Cocoa, $74)

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