What Are The Four Main Elements In Astrology & How Does Each Energy Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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4 Astrology Energy Types And How Each Effects Your Zodiac Sign Horoscope

Each planet and zodiac sign is connected to an element of energy. Correlated to your Sun sign is one of the four elements: fire, air, water, and earth.

Our zodiac signs are all connected through our personality traits, our reactions, and our outlooks on life. If you're an Aries, your ruling planet is Mars. Mars is associated with fire and cardinal energy. If you're a Pisces, your ruling planet is Neptune.

In astrology, Neptune manifests itself in water energy, hence why it's a spiritual transit or one where things seem a bit out of the ordinary. Ever try to look into a glass of water and see an object on the other side? The image isn't accurately depicted. You have to interpret what you see.

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Water is a symbol of spirit, just like fire is a symbol of rage. This is why Mars is called the plant of war, and Neptune the house of hidden enemies and the subconscious mind where dreams take root.

Your astrological sign is not the only thing assigned to you upon birth.

Some people, like Bill Gates, are born with more planets in water, air or fire. In his case, he has no earth element energy in his chart.

His wife, Melinda has 35 percent Earth in hers, which makes up for what he's lacking.

As a couple, they balance one another out making their love the perfect two parts to a whole.

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These elements are instrumental in determining your initial response to certain stimuli. The elements connect signs through recurring themes of traits and ideals.

Fire signs are more likely to respond to scenarios in a physical way. They are strong and passionate about what they believe in.

Air signs are typically analytical and intellectual in response. They tend to overthink scenarios to best prepare themselves for all possible outcomes. Water signs tend to be very emotional in their outlook.

They react quickly and do so with an intense wave (pun intended) of reaction. And earth signs lean toward being the most practical and pragmatic. They often have an all-knowing approach to multi-sided confrontations.

The 12 astrological signs are divided evenly amongst the four elements. This means that each zodiac sign has a pair that they closely relate to in terms of underlying motivation in problem-solving.

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This explains what you may find yourself related to, attracted to, or opposite from people of other signs. For example, an earth sign like Virgo may find that they get along really well with another earth sign, like Taurus.

You both tend to think things out fully before making your next step. You prefer efficiency to pleasure. In the same way, Virgo may find themselves incompatible with a fire sign, like Leo, because their response to stimuli is completely inverse.

The element assigned to your horoscope sign is a compliment to the dominating qualities of your Sun sign. It is just another connection that unites us, cosmically.

After determining your zodiac sign and which element it is, you may be shocked at how relatable their influences are on your personality and demeanor.


Zodiac Signs: Aries (Cardinal), Leo (Fixed) & Sagittarius (Mutable)

Fire can be fixed, cardinal, and mutable. You are likely to be passionate and outspoken in all categories of your life. You like to respond quickly and powerfully to get the upper hand in situations. You like to act first and think later, meaning: you deem action and reaction more important than motivation and justification.

You are known for being impulsive and reactionary, but that isn’t always a bad thing. You are first to defend friends and family, at whatever cost. Tread carefully. Your responses can be seen as careless and inconsiderate at times.

Rely on your courage and try to combat your impulses with a bit of worldliness to be sure that your fresh-out-of-the-gate reaction is the best for the scenario.

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Zodiac Signs: Gemini (Mutable), Libra (Cardinal) & Aquarius (Fixed)

You take everything to an intellectual and introspective place. You prefer to take in all of the information possible before thinking about the next step to take in life. You are also known for trying to find a deeper meaning to everything.

That can get to be frustrating for you and cause you to give up too quickly. You are attracted to smart people who are great communicators. You find them interesting and challenging. You are known for being fair and just amongst all of your friends and family.

Sometimes your black-and-white approach to life can hinder you from seeing the bigger picture. Trust that your logic will help you succeed, and allow yourself to have fun and be free at the moment.

Know that sometimes the solution you work up in your head may not play out exactly how you imagined it. Embrace the spontaneity of life and enjoy it!

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Zodiac Signs: Cancer (Cardinal), Scorpio (Fixed) & Pisces (Mutable)

You are a heartfelt and expressive reaction. Before anything else, you listen to your heart and do what it tells you. Your feelings are the most important voice of reason to you.

This makes you an incredibly self-aware person, but it can also hinder your growth and stunt you reaching your fullest potential! Be aware of when your thoughts turn destructive and self-doubt creeps in.

Remind yourself every day about how beautiful and badass you are! Your intense emotional connection makes you an inspiration to anyone that crosses your path. People become bewitched by your openness and honesty.

Your sensitivity makes you relatable and able to empathize with those in need. Remember to keep others’ emotional turmoil separate from yours. You can easily feel panicked and overwhelmed by trying to solve the world’s problems. Start with the baby steps of the things within your control.

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Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Fixed), Virgo (Mutable) & Capricorn (Cardinal)

You are the most practical and efficient problem-solver. You are no stranger to logic, reason, and personal gain. You are incredibly connected to the things you know and love. You know how to achieve the things you want in the most streamlined way possible.

This can lead you to feel more materialistic than others. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you are aware and in control of your worldly desires. Regularly remind yourself of the difference between a want and a need.

You are an excellent judge of character, which makes you seem like the gatekeeper to your friend group. People come to you when they want advice on how to handle their interpersonal relationships.

Try to stay connected with intangible things like friendships and family. This will help you to stay grounded within things other than world possessions.

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