6 Full Moon Spells To Try On Halloween

Calling all witches!

6 Full Moon Spells To Try On Halloween zef art/Shutterstock.com

Each year there are 12-13 full moons, and sometimes one will happen on Halloween. A supermoon takes place when the moon is closest to Earth, and if you get a supermoon on October 31, it's a great time to try a full moon spell.

All full moons have strong energy. It's the moon that affects the gravitational pull of the ocean.

It's a full moon that's blamed when you can't sleep or when things feel a bit crazy.


Why try full moon spells on Halloween?

The moon is feminine and a power source for spell casting, so when there's a full moon on Halloween, it's extra potent.

Spellcasting is done mostly by witches, but anyone can tap into the full moon's energy for manifestation purposes.

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Because the moon represents intuition, healing, emotion, and enlightenment through the darkness, full moons are particularly potent for spell casting.

The full moon is at her maximum light and power.

Witches, but also the occasional practitioner, can use the full moon lunar phase to bring intentions to fruition.

The full moon phase is the climax for setting intentions and manifestation and the perfect place to start.

When a full moon takes place on Halloween it's spiritually significant.

October 31, 2020 is All Saint's Eve, and in Pagan tradition, Halloween marks the end of summer.

October 31 is called Halloween, but it marks a time of harvest. Halloween is about life and bounty.


It welcomes the winter, the time of death of the world before it is renewed in the spring.

Whenever a full moon happens on Halloween it amplifies the spiritual energy.

So, why not take advantage of the full moon's release to start a new beginning on Halloween and make the most of this powerful lunar energy?

To help all of my wonderful witchy sisters out there, I have compiled a list of full moon spells to try on Halloween:

1. Paper blue moon spell

For rare blue full moons, you can do a paper blue moon spell.

Cut out a circle from blue paper and write three wishes upon it.

Hold the circle up to the moon to charge it with her energy and say aloud your wishes, asking the moon to grant them.


Then place the circle under a candle and light it, sealing the wish with wax.

Keep your circle in a safe place or on your person until the wishes come to fruition.

This can take time, they won’t necessarily happen during the night of the full moon.

2. Three candles spell

This spell can be done with three white candles or one blue, one white, and one red candle.

Write your name on the blue candle, your goal on the red candle, and the name of someone who inspires you on the white candle.

Close your eyes and focus on your intention. Let your desire for the goal consume you.

Then (open your eyes) light your name candle and say, “This candle burns with my passion and dedication to [your goal].”


Next, light the goal candle and say, “This candle burns bright with the energy and power to light the way to my goal".

Light the inspiration candle and say, “This candle burns with the flame of inspiration and accomplishment, it shall fire the passion within me to achieve my goal.”

Meditate on your intention, visualize the outcome that you want and how you may get there.

Let the candles burn out completely.

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3. Moon water spell

To make moon water, first, choose a vessel and fill it with water. The vessel holds the spirit of the moon and your intentions much like how the body holds your spirit.


Hold the filled vessel close to you and focus on your intentions: your desires, your goals, things you want to happen, things you want to let go of.

Then set the vessel outside under the light of the moon.

For extra potency, you can surround your vessel with crystals and herbs pertaining to your goals like rose quartz for love or chamomile for peace.

Leave the water out overnight and retrieve it in the morning––don’t forget to thank Madam Moon.

You can now use your moon water in many ways like in a bath for cleansing your spirit.

Dab some on your forehead, which is also your third eye chakra, for clarity and wisdom.

Wash your gemstones in the moon water to amplify and guide their energy, or even drink it to embody its power.


4. Moon bath spell

Moon bathing can mean a couple of things. The most direct is to literally bask in the moonlight.

You can go outside or sit at a window where you can see the moon, and she can see you, to absorb the moon’s energy. Another method is to run a literal bath.

Adorn the water with moon water, herbs, and/or crystals.

Turn off any artificial light, candles, and moonlight only.

As you sit in the bath, meditate on your intentions and goals.

You can also drink herbal tea while in your bath to stay hydrated allowing the moon’s relationship with water to marry your body and spirit externally as well as internally.

There is no time limit for how long this bath, in light or water, should last, but it should be at least 30 minutes.


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5. Moon mirror spell

Fill a bowl with water and set it where the moon can be seen in the reflection of the water.

Sit behind the bowl and close your eyes meditating on your intentions and draw in the moonlight’s power.


Open your eyes and notice your surroundings, then gaze into the bowl.

You may see images, patterns, words, or symbols in the water.

Write down all of your thoughts and emotions, these are messages from the moon spirit.

Stop the ritual when you lose focus and your mind wanders off track.

Look back upon the things you wrote down at any time as reminders of the moon’s guidance.

Even if the messages don’t make sense at first, they may make sense later because the all-knowing moon is telling you of things that are to come.

6. Smoke cleansing spell

Acquire incense or herbs like sage, lavender, juniper, or rosemary. Light your incense or herb and blow it out so that it smokes.


Wave the smoke over yourself and your space while repeating a cleansing mantra.

The mantra is what pertains to you, so you choose your words, but it can be something like “I release all energies and influences that inhibit my growth.”

When you feel done wafting, open a window to rid all of the negative energy and invite in the positive, renewing energy of the moon.

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