What Does The Color Blue Mean?

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What Does The Color Blue Mean?

Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky. To see a blue jay means good luck is coming your way.

What does the color blue mean?

In nature, when you see blue, your mind psychologically associates it with vastness, freedom, and tranquility.

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The sky and the ocean representing existence’s infinite possibilities illustrate why the color blue symbolizes feelings essential to human existence.

Blue represents a person's spiritual journey and the different ways God can manifest in your life.

Blue eyes can mean you carry certain genetic personality traits.

Here's what the color blue means in color psychology, literature, and spirituality:

Universally, the color blue means:










—the depths of the consciousness

—the power of intellect


In color psychology, the color blue means:

Blue has a special clarity to it.




In literature, the color blue means:

Blue is the calm stability our consciousness reaches when it is freaking out.

Blue is popularly referenced in foreshadowing, symbolism, and the psychological state of characters in movies, books, and art, and poetry.

In art, blue is the ideal landscape color.

Cerulean, an opaque shade heavily favored by Impressionist painters is the ideal color for landscape artists. Monet used cerulean to represent the dream-like state of reality.

His works, which frequently feature the color blue, are used as a mode of deep reflection on the lines between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Artists also use blue to convey overwhelming sadness. Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period is especially famous; he illustrates how too much blue can overwhelm and dampen spirituality.

Heavy blue tones resemble somberness, depression, and sadness. Picasso used his monochromatic paintings to reflect his experience of relative poverty and instability.

The color blue and it's meaning in media:

Blue shows up everywhere in our lives. When contrasted with warmer colors, its coolness brings out the vibrancy of red and yellow.

It can also act as a medium of reflection: how often have you wished you could find a picturesque pond of blue water to stare at yourself in?

There is a reason why products and services relating to cleanliness and freshness (water purification filters, cleaning liquids, air conditioners, mineral water) are blue.

In film, blue balances out the shot. In movies, the color blue is often used to temper out the warmer orange tones commonly seen in a film. While red, with its intense, vibrant hue, represents passion, blue brings the viewer back to calm.

In the Best-Picture winning film Moonlight, blue represents a space of freedom and imagination. The blue of the ocean in the movie illustrates a moment in which Chiron is able to be himself, without the watchful eye of outside pressures.

Spiritually, the color blue means:

Blue, despite being a very universal color, can take on different connotations across cultures and religions.

The color blue and it's meaning in the healing arts:

Blue crystals, because of their connection to balance and harmony, are essential for healing rituals.

Blue healing stones are especially popular in cleansing and healing rituals because of how they evoke a sweet, gentle serenity.

For example, blue minerals help their wearers stay focused; the crystals promote balance, inner harmony, and honesty.

The pigment for blue comes from a rare mineral called lapis lazuli; blue, in addition to being a very universal color, is the color of many crystals and minerals essential to spiritual healing.

Blue crystals are especially useful in forwarding effective communication — by encouraging trust and understanding, the crystals help unblock repression or negativity in our relationships.

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Blue comes in many different shades, and these shades all mean slightly different things in the realm of spiritual guidance.

The meaning of blue in religion:

Blue originally represented the truth. Blue is the first color ever made artificially by human beings. Blue has a direct connection to the heavenly realm.

Blue in the Bible represents Heaven. as it is the color given to remind people of the sky, the heavenly realm. In the holy book, sightings of God are often followed with pavements made of Sapphires.

Shades of blue and the meaning of each:

Light blue

Happy and bright, light blue is the more cheerful, carefree hue of the color family. Light blue is the color of summer; it represents:

— health

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Dark Blue




Often associated with masculinity, the color is especially favored by corporate.

Egyptian blue

Egyptian blue is the first man-made color, according to archeological sources.

In Ancient Egypt, blue represented the truth. Due to its connection to the Nile and the sky, it represented the world, life, creation, abundance, and fertility.

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Blue and it's uses in mental health

A therapist may ask a client to describe the meaning of blue to recenter as a mindfulness technique.

The color blue due to its associated meanings can be used to induce calm and relaxation. There is a reason why you listen to wave sounds when you go to sleep — apply that to your everyday life.

When you are feeling particularly stressed, take a blue crystal or stone and take twenty minutes to just stare at it and reflect.

Use blue to recenter yourself: Blue as a stone is a balancing color. It calms passions like obsession, rage, and adoration. When you see blue in your dreams, it means that your brain is giving the moment you need to take a breath. Whether it be swimming underwater, or flying calmly high in the sky, blue is associated with potential, infinity, and is the one place where you can exist without limits.

Blue light can help lower blood pressure: Lapis Lazuli can potentially lower your blood pressure. Its serene shade helps momentarily ward off some of the darker feelings that cloud your day. It awakens self-awareness and is the antidote to repression; there is nothing like a good long look at this stone that really helps remind you of your self-worth.

Blue reveals the truth and unblocks repression: While some are afraid of what might be revealed when confronted with the color blue, it is important to be unafraid. The truth can be tough, but it is important to use the color for mental blocks and see what sits beneath.

Take advantage of this! When you see blue appear more in your consciousness, use it to find inspiration and artistic freedom.

This important act is the first step to healing, and you will find an incredible chance of growth and glory.

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