How Does Gemini Flirt?

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How Does Gemini Flirt?

Born between May 22-June 21, Gemini zodiac signs are the flirts of astrology. When you meet someone who is charming and easy to talk to, you're probably chatting with a Gemini.

How does Gemini flirt?

Geminis can be quite the charmers. They love to make others feel special, especially when their feelings are involved.

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Geminis might flirt with you even if you're just friends. What makes Gemini so flirty?

Some people are put-off by Geminis thinking that they’re two-faced because of their symbol of the twins, but they are just adaptable and have many sides to their personalities.

Geminis are born during the month that approaches the summer solstice.

They receive a lot of sun energy creating strong personalities.

Which planet makes them flirtier than others?

Their ruling planet, Mercury, makes them strong communicators which calibrates their intense energy to fit the situation they’re in and the people they’re with.

Their combination of qualities makes Geminis expert flirts; Geminis want to make new connections and they’re very good at doing so.

If someone comes on strong or puts on the charm, you might wonder "Are those twins in that natal chart", or are they just happy to see me?

Read on to see how Geminis are so good at flirting according to astrology:

1. Geminis will sweet talk you.

Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, the god of communication, so they are masters of communication.

They instinctively know how to schmooze and flatter.

Geminis don’t use those tired, cheesy pick-up lines; their lines are well crafted and charming.

They can carry a conversation with ease without dominating it.

Gemini’s easy communication makes you want to talk to them, and then you can see first-hand just how flirty they can be.

2. Gemini will let you close.

Geminis are social chameleons.

Their air element and mutable modality makes Geminis very adaptable.

Air is free-flowing and energetic, and mutable signs occur during the transition of seasons creating comfort in endings and beginnings.

This adaptability strength makes Geminis hone in on each person they talk to.

When flirting, Geminis will mirror the mannerisms of who they talk to making that other person more at ease around them.

You’ll feel very comfortable chatting with a Gemini giving them ample opportunity to swoop in with some heart-stealing.

3. They show interest.

Geminis want to get to know you.

Geminis are naturally very curious. This contributes to their high intelligence and high emotional intelligence.

Gemini genuinely wants to get to know you if you give them the time of day.

Their investment in your story brings the two of you closer together because Gemini knows the right questions to ask to really understand who you are.

With this higher level of intimacy between you, your guard will come down allowing Gemini to get closer to you—I mean emotionally, but physically could apply too.

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4. They want to hang out.

Geminis are very social.

Gemini’s symbol is the Dioscuri twins who were so inseparable and caring for one another that they were immortalized together.

Their symbolic roots give Geminis an inclination towards being social, wanting love, wanting emotional intimacy.

Furthermore, air elementals are also very social because of their adventurousness and adaptability.

Therefore, Geminis are always on the hunt for new special connections that they can make with new people.

Don’t mistake this for disloyalty, but Geminis are quite flirty.

Their love for flirting means that they can frequently practice their moves and master the art of flirting.

5. Geminis tell jokes.

Geminis are witty.

Geminis are highly intelligent. Intelligence in the context of flirting becomes wit.

Any flirt will tell you about the importance of laughter, and wit is the perfect catalyst. Gemini’s humor is smart, tongue-in-cheek, and playful.

Their great communication skills contribute to Gemini’s intelligence and delivery of their clever lines.

Their wit keeps the tone light while also showing off their brilliant mind.

6. They are helpful.

Geminis are detail-oriented.

Contrary to Gemini’s big picture focused opposite sign, Sagittarius, Gemini is meticulous about detail.

This strength is how Gemini is able to adapt to people so well.

They can notice little mannerisms, undertones, and reactions that the people they’re talking to have and can adjust themselves accordingly.

Attention to detail also makes for some sincerely adorable romantic gestures.

Maybe you mentioned a fond memory in passing, or maybe they noticed you perk up when presented with a love or interest of yours.

Gemini will notice these little things and come up with a thoughtful gift or date for you.

This focus on the little things is what makes Gemini so dang charming.

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