How To Move On & Better Yourself Using The Chaotic Energy Of Mercury Retrograde 2020

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How To Move On & Better Yourself Using The Chaotic Energy Of Mercury Retrograde 2020
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Mercury retrograde is happening right now, and you may very well feel its energy.

And although there is often concern when Mercury is retrograde, the good news is that you can use this astrological alignment as a good time to face your feelings and overcome heartbreak and trauma that's holding you back.

What is Mercury retrograde?

In short, this is a period, according to astrology, where the planet appears to travel backward, which can set you up for a number of calamitous occurrences, which your daily horoscope will likely tell you!

Right now, Mercury is retrograde until March 10, 2020.

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Even though this is a trying time in the zodiac constellations, that doesn't mean it has to be all bad. And used properly, you have a real chance to look inward and heal yourself during this retrograde period.

The most relevant and beneficial aspect for those seeking personal growth is how Mercury, along with other planets, are working together to bring the hidden wounds into awareness. In a nutshell, it is a time for healing, y'all!

The universe has your back right now! So use it to your advantage.

The retrograde is a phase where a planet appears to backtrack. Metaphorically and energetically, Mercury retrograde is a review phase. The planet rules communication. Are you noticing the pressure to speak up or hide?

Depending on where you fall in the spectrum, you can use the current energy mindfully and constructively.

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Here are 3 ways to use the oftentimes chaotic energy of Mercury retrograde to heal from trauma, heartbreak, and move on from the past:

1. Pay attention to the bad patterns you've been repeating.

Face the fact that victim consciousness gets you nowhere. Bad things happen. People lie. We misunderstand each other. Almost everyone has been through mistreatments. Some people have to go through horrendous abuse and had no control over their situations.

As an adult, it is up to you to change the narratives, so you don't repeat the cycle. If you're noticing that a particular storyline of victimhood seems to appear repeatedly in your life, it's a good indication that you may be a part of the problem.

During this Mercury retrograde, be gentle with yourself, yet firmly ask the question: "In what way am I contributing to the problem?"

You may often avoid uncomfortable emotions. You may deny and suppress them as if those emotions will destroy you.

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The result is a blind spot where denial of the truth proliferates and deprives you of the potential healing. If you don't know how to do that or tolerate the intensity, then it's time to get help.

Talk to people you trust. Better yet, seek professional help from a counselor.

2. Look inward and address your own needs rather than expecting it of others.

What you hold tightly in your heart manifests outwardly. When you're afraid of being hurt, you end up with people who hurt you the most. How does this work?

You're trying to heal the core of yourself by selecting the people who would do the opposite. Psychologists call this repetition "compulsion." You often get trapped in the mode of blaming, accusing, and persecuting.

You see all the things you don't want in others and put a blinder on your contribution.

By projecting what you hate, you'll manifest it in others. That's how the universe works. Instead, you turn inward and focus on yourself. You guide yourself in better feeling thoughts and activities.

In other words, focus on self rather than what others have done to you. Incrementally, you'll experience better feelings, and eventually, you forgive your past. That's what's called moving on.

3. Don't take on other people's drama and problems.

A "rescuer" is the trickiest of all three. Empathic and kind types often use this tactic. I admit I am one of them. And I have to be diligent about it.

Simply put, mind your own business.

Take care of yourself. Stop giving people too much slack. Don't justify bad behaviors. Hold people accountable. Leave situations that hurt you.

Most of all, don't get tempted to go back to old patterns of behavior that leave you stuck and victimized. Falling into playing innocent or blaming people won't solve your problem. By focusing on yourself, and upholding your values and priorities, you will uncover your preciousness behind the veil.

This Mercury retrograde is calling to you to uncover, unveil, and break-open the most important aspect of you.

Here are some suggested activities:

  • Journal. The planet Mercury will reward the written and recorded honesty after all.
  • Create. Make art, make food, and make friends. Life is supposed to be fun. And creativity is what moves the block
  • Communicate. If you are feeling the intensity to the point of breaking down, then ask for help. Your most trusted friends can ground you. Therapists, counselors, and coaches alike are all here to help!

Mercury stationed retrograde on February 16, 2020. But the effect will last for a few months. It's not too late to start your inner healing work. Remember, you are precious and worthy. And it is time for you to cherish that side of you.

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