What Uranus Retrograde In Taurus Means For Your Relationships & Life Path Until January 2021

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What Uranus Retrograde In Taurus Means For Your Relationships & Life Path Until January 2021

Life begins to take an unexpected turn on August 15th as Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected change, turns retrograde in the earth zodiac sign of Taurus. Uranus retrograde usually happens once a year for approximately five months.

During this time, the purpose is to help each zodiac sign make the changes we are feeling inclined to take, but may be dragging our feet doing so. Because Uranus retrograde is a bit of liquid courage to take that leap of faith, to say yes to life, and to let go of our fear of "what if," instead embracing the idea of "why not."

In astrology, Uranus is sometimes known as The Great Awakener. This planet will push us from our comfort zones, either by a gentle nudge or a straight-up shove. Either way, we act.

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The magic of this planet is that he often creates change in our lives in the areas we least suspect it, which is where he gets his other nickname from: The Planet of Shock and Awe. We need to buckle up and prepare for anything, knowing this is the only way to get through everything.

What happens during Uranus retrograde in Taurus?

During a retrograde period, the planet appears to slow down and backtrack in the sky over the degrees that have already been traveled. This means that, usually, as much as this planet tends to bring the unexpected, it’s only that way because we’ve been trying to ignore our own intuition over what is changing in our lives.

A retrograde period for Uranus occurs over a five-month span, so we will be in this time of immense change from now until January 14th.

While the bulk of the changes will occur during the second half of the year, it’s important to remember that many of us are transitioning out of where we have been, into the selves and lives that are part of our bigger purpose.

Especially important is that Uranus will be traveling between ten- and six-degrees Taurus, first turning retrograde at ten, and then direct again at six. In astrology, there are Sabian Symbols for each degree of the zodiac, which helps give greater meaning to the event at hand. The Sabian Symbol for ten degrees Taurus is a man seated on a throne, crowned, with signs of wealth around him which represents the degree of self-service.

This will ask us what we are willing to sacrifice in order to build our wealth, both material as well as emotional and spiritual.

Likely, this journey over these few degrees of Taurus will have us shedding layers and seizing new opportunities for growth that will require us to give up certain comforts we have now. This is the ultimate act of trust from the universe, asking us if we can believe that what we will receive will be greater than what we release.

As Uranus turns direct in January at six degrees Taurus, the Sabian Symbol is a well-favored cow, grazing in a field under the shade of trees, signifying great wealth due to effort, work, releasing unhealthy attachments, and finding contentment with what we truly need.

Adding to the energy, we have Venus moving into Cancer about a week before, drawing our attention once again to our home and family environment. This suggests that, more than likely, that is the area where we will see the most drastic and sudden changes occur over the next few months.

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What struggles will we face with Uranus retrograde?

Uranus tends to bring the unexpected to our lives, regardless of retrograde or not; however, during this period, he tends to be reflective of previous choices or decisions.

This is also a time to go back over territory we’ve already traveled to reflect on if we would make different decisions. Not always do we get to go back and decide to go left where we went right, but during a Uranus retrograde, we do just that.

Taurus is an earth zodiac sign, which means that any changes that occur will be for greater stability and grounding within our own life.

But this is also about getting unstuck from those places where we have the greatest resistance to change — those areas of our lives where we dig deep, claws out, and hold onto something because we’re scared of what will happen if we lose it.

Change isn’t always optional, which is what many of us will find out in the coming months. We can try to plan things the best we can, and we can try to do things in order and take our time, attempting to do things according to what we feel is right, yet that doesn’t mean it will work out that way.

Part of preparing for this retrograde is realizing that there will be uncomfortable moments, and the more we resist or try to control the changes around us, the greater we will struggle within those circumstances or events.

This is also an important time in October, as Uranus forms an opposition with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio on the 19th. However, the big event will occur around the Full Moon in Taurus on October 31st, which marks the mid-point of Uranus retrograde, and the two will form a conjunction, creating the opportunity for important realizations and guidance for the remainder of the year.

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What success will we find during Uranus retrograde?

The success is sweeter when we’ve had to work for what we receive. We hold a different appreciation for it, a different value, and, in the case of Uranus retrograde, specifically this one, what changes occur.

Based on the Sabian Symbols for the degrees of Uranus, during this planetary phase we will be asked to go through struggles, which will be magnified the more we try to hang on.

We will have to release, let go, and make space for what we want. But once we do, once we can trust that what we receive will be so much more abundant, we will receive the reward for the work of growth.

While seemingly far off, December is just a few months away, and with it a crucial turning point on the 21st, when Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius will form a conjunction that will then create a square with Uranus in Taurus. This transit will initiate a time of intense and powerful transformation, both for ourselves and the collective.

Uranus in retrograde can affect any area of our lives, but often takes aim at the area we’ve recently been focusing on as of late; for many, it's our close relationships, home environment, and the relationship we have with ourself.

In order to better focus on what we need to, what is important, and what will pay off for us, we need to let go of those situations and people that only serve as distractions.

But this is actually a benefit for us because it means that when we begin a brand-new year, we will be able to live a brand-new life free from being our own worst enemy or stuck in comfort zones that have turned confining.

Because 2020 is playing for keeps, which means remaining where we are is just no longer an option.

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