What Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius Means For Your Love Life Until 2023

Change always happens from the ground up.

What Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius Means For Your Love Life Until 2023 getty

As our zodiac signs experience Saturn retrograde on May 11th, we start to understand that the biggest changes we can experience in our lives always start with the smallest of steps. And with Saturn in Aquarius during this transit, we can expect a strong impact.

Saturn is a planet known as the father of the zodiac, the ruler of boundaries, and time and karma. More importantly, Saturn also represents the lesson we have to learn to move into and consciously choose our fate.


In astrology, Saturn is known as one of the heavy hitters of the zodiac because his power and effect on our lives is extremely potent and far-reaching.

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But because this planet is known as the father of the zodiac, the lessons we learn at his hand aren’t always easy and often go back to our own parental influence we had as children.

This retrograde will especially affect those who were born with their Saturn in Aquarius or Capricorn; however, it will affect us all — it just depends on what areas we need to grow in, and what areas we’ve been trying to avoid.

This planet normally changes signs every three to four years, and with it the foundations of our lives come under focus, along with the sense of divine timing. At the end of March, this planet shifted into Aquarius for the first time in over 30 years, which means we’re seeing this transit for the first time as adults, or, at the very least, adults who can make the most of this energy shift.

In Capricorn, this planet was very concerned about continuing the structures that already have been in place, whether in our personal lives or even on a global scale.


As hardworking as Capricorn is, it’s also sign that will keep working, even if it’s not working. This means that as we approached the transition of this planet into Aquarius, we were feeling exhausted from trying so hard, from working so hard, and seemingly as if we were spending too much time doing what we were supposed to rather than what we wanted.

Saturn retrograde is the time when we will pull together the lessons that his past transition in Capricorn was meant to teach us.

While begin this retrograde in Aquarius, Saturn will shift back into Capricorn in July 2020 as part of his phase, until he fully leaves this sign in December and officially moves into Aquarius until 2023. The official retrograde period will last from May 11th to September 29th, which means we will have approximately two months of Saturn direct in Capricorn to tie up any loose ends, make final decisions, and be ready to leave behind any existing structures of our lives that we’ve outgrown.

While the July to September portion of the retrograde is important, because back in Capricorn we will become clear about what to cut from our lives and what's meant to remain, the most significant aspect will be the May-July phase in which we’re getting a preview of what Saturn’s reign in Aquarius will be like.

In Aquarius, an air sign that is most well known for being independent, innovative, free-thinking and rebellious, Saturn operates in a divine intuitive way. This isn’t just plodding up the mountain like in Capricorn; instead, he will stop to wonder: Why are we climbing this mountain? Is this even a mountain we want to climb? Are there others I should be focusing on?


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Saturn in Aquarius becomes more about the journey of self than the one of responsibility.

Saturn isn't afraid to ask why and to change plans, minds and even beliefs. It isn’t only exactly what we are all in need of, it’s truly change from the ground up.

With Saturn moving from an earth sign into an air sign, we can expect to feel more excited about possibilities that we’ve never considered; life will seem to open up, but with it we will also see existing structures, relationships and foundations crumble.

During this time, we have to remember that there is no "new" unless the old can fall away, so while it may be difficult, we have to ask ourselves: Is this something or someone I want to bring into my future?


During Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, because of the influence this planet has over karma and divine timing, we could see many of these significant partnerships come together.

These divine partnerships can go by many names, but they all come down to being part of our soul's purpose in this lifetime. So, regardless of the journey it’s taken to get to this point, because of the influence these partnerships have on a global level, we will see more of them come together during the summer months than ever before.

However, there is a caveat. While these partnerships may come together, there will also be a phase back in Capricorn when we have to make sure we’ve learned the lessons necessary to move forward together.

Whether we call it a test or just making sure to wrap up loose ends, or even consciously ending certain phases or cycles of our lives, there will be a period of time towards the end of the retrograde to make sure we do what we’re meant to.

While this transit does heavily favor those divine partnerships, it’s also about how our lives are meant to change and open up.


There's no mistake that this planet who rules the foundations of our lives and boundaries is making these big moves while the pandemic is in place. While difficult for many, this is still part of changing things so drastically that there is no normal to return to.

This is the lesson of Saturn: there is no normal to return to for any of us — whether romantically, career, or even life path. Because what we had wasn’t working.

Now is the time to open up, to take a look around, to be honest with ourselves about where we’re ignoring change, and to make a decision. It's the decision not to keep going because we’re supposed to, but to surrender to what is, trusting that while some things may need to crumble for the new to grow, what is meant to stay always will.


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