What Jupiter Turning Direct & Leaving Retrograde Means For Your Love Life This Year

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What Jupiter Turning Direct In Capricorn On September 12th Means For The Rest Of The Year

After being retrograde since May 14th, on September 12th, we finally see Jupiter direct. This will allow everyone, regardless of zodiac sign, to once again start moving towards those distant horizons we’ve been dreaming of.

Jupiter in astrology is the planet of abundance, luck and future plans. It's the ruling planet of Sagittarius, the zodiac sign that comes before Capricorn in the astrological cycle.

When this planet slows down as part of his retrograde cycle, we can feel constriction in those areas. But once direct, it’s all systems go.

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Jupiter has been transiting through the earth sign of Capricorn since late 2019, and we have a few more months to go before we begin an entirely new cycle in Aquarius. It's one that will feel very different from our past.

Meaning of the Planet Jupiter Turning Direct in Capricorn

Jupiter retrograde is a regular transit that occurs for approximately four months every year. During this collective slow down is a time to reflect on the plans and the direction for our life that especially relate to abundance, happiness, growth and expansion.

During this retrograde phase, we're asked to focus more closely on the area of our lives we’re hoping to grow or bring change to. This is so we don’t miss anything that could later come back to create struggles for us, but it also serves as a test from the universe.

While the universe always has our best interests at heart, it doesn’t mean we also aren’t tested from time to time, especially if we’re at the cusp of an upgrade or leveling up in our own lives.

For this reason, Jupiter doesn’t just ask us to reflect on how and why we’re making changes in areas like career or love, but also that we’re doing so for the right reasons.

When we stop to consider this idea of what is a right reason versus what is a wrong reason, we’re really being asked to consider if what we’re doing will allow us to live closer to our truth or push us further from it.

If it will bring us closer to it, no matter how challenging it may be, it’s emphatically the right reason. However, if it might bring us fame, money or even be the easy way, but pushes a wedge between us and our truth, it's the wrong reason.

The thing with astrology is that there are no mistakes, which means that even if we make a decisions for the wrong reason, we will always be given a chance to course-correct, to redirect, and to walk the path that aligns most closely with the truth of who we are.

Often times, that’s exactly what these retrogrades are for, because sometimes we all need to slow down to see the truth.

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How Jupiter Direct Affects Home Life and Personal Goals

There has been and will continue to be a lot happening in the astrological skies this year. So, this means that those challenges we’re feeling around this time aren’t just related to Jupiter turning direct, but what else is occurring.

Beginning on September 9th when Mars turned retrograde, we’ve had six planets in retrograde motion: Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter in his final week. This astrological occurrence only happens less than one percent of the time, and this is our second and final time it’s occurring this year.

Because of that, it will be helpful to think back to the last week of June when we last saw this same event happen. What were you considering and working through at that time? What progress have you made in that area since then?

The themes of the few days before Jupiter turns direct will be determination, change, love, truth, abundance, and lessons learned.

It’s no small matter, even if it shows up differently for each of us; however, because of those Cancer Moons, most of us will see these themes play out significantly on the personal and home front.

Because this is the energy heading into Jupiter direct, once it arrives, we may feel very emotionally and mentally heavy. We may feel disorientated, confused and almost disbelieving that we can move ahead. After all, it’s going to feel like a long time coming.

There will be a sense of relief and freedom, but there is still the almost perfect Mars-Saturn square, signifying a frustration present towards how much and how fast we’re able to act on our plans and goals.

If that’s something we’re feeling, it’s best to look for the areas where we can find movement. Perhaps it means we have to plan internally a bit more, maybe begin to have important conversations, and look for the openings to take those steps of growth.

This year is about major changes in our lives; however, it’s not fully going to come together until the end of the year. So, until then, move forward when you can and rest in between, because this is a marathon, not a race.

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How Jupiter Direct Benefits Relationships and Life Path

With so many planets being retrograde, it’s incredibly helpful to have Jupiter, the largest planet in the zodiac, turning direct, because it means we will feel the difference.

Plans that have been on hold or delayed over the summer will start to manifest for rapidly. Confusion centering around how to take the next steps or what direction to move in will start to become clear as we’re able to see the truth of where the past few months has taken us, and where we want to keep going.

Jupiter in Capricorn is all about abundance and the futures we dream of.

While in a sign like Sagittarius, we can become distracted by all that’s shiny and glittery, in Capricorn, we’ve been called to look at the foundations and support structures we have in our lives, and whether or not these help foster those dreams that we have.

For most of us, we needed to revise our lives. We needed this year and this particular retrograde so we could learn what matters most, what we truly need in our lives to be ourselves, and likely even to remember who we trulyare.

This is all part of that Jupiter in Capricorn energy, because we needed to slow down to see the reasons for the choices we’ve made, and to learn the choices for those we plan to make.

While there’s been a lot of other astrology thrown into the mix, we're closer now than we were in May. Now, our main job is not to become disheartened because things are moving as quickly as we’d like, and instead trust that any delay that happens is only part of the plan.

Because we’ve done the hard work, now is the time we get to enjoy the rewards.

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