What The Venus In Leo Transit Means For Your Love Life & Relationships This Month

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What The Venus In Leo Means For Your Love Life & Relationships This Mo

Love gets a little bigger with the Venus transit in Leo. On September 6th, the planet of love moves into this fire sign, bringing a warm-hearted romance. 

In astrology, Venus is the planet that rules love, beauty, and even financial and real estate matters. Depending upon which zodiac sign this planet is moving through, we see those areas of our own lives affected.

Venus loves love. Period. She wants to feel good, to be adored, and to be able to love whomever and however she desires.

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With Venus in Leo, that means we’re feeling more passionate and determined to follow our hearts. It’s also about big declarations and making big moves towards the direction our hearts.

Meaning of the Venus Transit in Leo

Venus is mostly known for ruling love, which is why this planet often tends to affect our romantic relationships more strongly than others. But the other areas of our lives she influences matters, too, especially this year and especially with this transit.

Based on the quad of Cancer Moons that we're experiencing this year, there is a strong focus on home and family, likely with changes for us in those areas if we haven’t seen them already.

This means that Venus in Leo will largely affect not only our hearts, but the real estate or physical address that we call home.

Not often thought of as overly romantic, our physical home is the space that helps support who we are and encourages us to grow into who we want to be. But it’s also that sanctuary we create with those we love, whether our partner, friends, children or other family members.

Our home truly is our refuge from the world, and this transit will draw our attention towards this area and have us take on the lion symbolized with Leo, roaring forward to claim the space and life that aligns with who we are.

Part of Venus in Leo’s magic is that this fire sign is the one that rules the heart.

Under this energy, we follow our hearts — not just more often, but with more passion and determination. Occurring at a time, when we have other interesting astrology aspects — including Mars turning retrograde, and both Saturn and Jupiter turning direct — it means we have to expect big changes.

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Challenges of the Venus in Leo Transit

Venus is the planet of love, so we don’t often think of challenges that are associated with these transits of hers, because there can be so many benefits; however, with this particular transit, there is a special area we have to be aware of.

Leo is a fire sign known for being bigger than life. This is the planet of love stepping into the role of the king or queen of the zodiac jungle, meaning we’re also doing the same thing in our lives.

Leo likes to be noticed, likes to take a stand, and be his independent, radiant self. Leo follows his heart and doesn’t let anything stand in the way. But with this boldness also comes the other side, which is potential drama and frustration.

Because Leo likes to be the center of attention, if it feels like we’re not having our needs met or being noticed as much by our partner, we can unconsciously act out.

Sometimes, these moments of attracting negative attention from our partners serve a purpose because we’re able to learn something about ourselves and also bring an important issue to light. But we have to tread carefully.

In loving relationships, they work best when we actually work together. So, sometimes it’s our partner's process that we’re working through together, and sometimes it’s ours, but we have to check our ego at times that may have us feeling insecure or jilted.

In order to avoid unnecessary arguments or those pitfalls of not feeling like we’re the center of attention, it’s best to try to slow down and allow ourselves to practice the pause in our relationships during the next month.

This method of practicing the pause is when we don’t react right away, or sometimes at all, and instead we pause, we reflect on what we’re feeling, trying to find the root of what we’re feeling.

By allowing ourselves to feel the root of our feelings, we’re also better able to take responsibility for the cause, which may be something that is ours to carry and not our partner's at all.

This will allow us to only bring up what is truly necessary to avoid that quick to anger energy that Leo can be known for.

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Benefits of the Venus in Leo Transit

For so many of us, we’ve been taking stock of our emotional house all year. It’s been a process of figuring out what we want, what we feel, and likely who we are.

This is because 2020 is a year of review where we're allowed the time to contemplate the big issues we're sometimes too busy to give attention to. But with review also comes a course of action.

This is something that has been slowly building since the Double Cancer New Moons of the summer. And now, with the Venus in Leo energy, there will definitely be a push to start acting on what we’ve been planning.

This doesn’t mean we’re going to be able to make every big life decision in the next few weeks, but it does mean that we get to take steps. We can allow ourselves to grasp onto the moments where we get to declare that our hearts are worth following, and that maybe we don’t have everything figured out.

But we can have pieces, and when enough of them come together, we’ll be able to see the bigger picture.

Venus in Leo will have us feeling courage to speak on what we're feeling and what we want.

If that isn’t a big enough factor in creating change, we will also have that energy surrounding our physical home that, in many ways, will act like a compass drawing us towards physical moves, large or small, or even just the desire to make where we live feel more like the space that aligns with who we are.

These next four weeks are truly a time to step into our power and love not just outside the lines, but live there as well.

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