How The September 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Relationships All Month

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September 2020 Monthly Horoscope For All Zodiac Sign Relationships

The September horoscope brings with it an entirely different tone of energy that will dramatically affect our lives — specifically, our relationships.

The year has been tumultuous at best with surprises around every corner, but now is the time that things are balancing out. Now is when we’re able to see the importance of creating a life aligned to who we truly are and, in the process, enables us to create a life we love.

What does your monthly love horoscope for September 2020 mean for your relationships?

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Well, we have four months left in a year that none of us could have ever predicted. One that seems has been destined to have a particular purpose all along.

As we enter the final quarter of 2020, we’re all learning the truth of this particular quote: “Some years ask questions and some years answer them.” For us, 2020 has answered many questions we didn’t ask.

And now, this month many of those pieces will begin to come together.

Full Moon in Pisces: September 2nd

Full Moons are a time for fruition and completion, so for this lunar event, reflect back to the Pisces New Moon that occurred on February 23rd.

Moons move within six-month cycles of the same sign, so whatever is begun around a New Moon, we see the growth of at the Full Moon. For Pisces, this has been a new way of living and loving.

Pisces is a water sign that tends to be dreamy and very loving. This sign seems to walk on the wild side, or at least the path less traveled; because of this, there is a deep sense of freedom associated with Pisces. At times, it’s freedom from social constrictions, but at others, it’s ability to be oneself, to live and speak our truth with abandon.

Thanks to other planets involved with this lunar event — Mars, Venus and Saturn — we can expect a breakthrough.

For weeks we’ve been feeling constricted in moving forward with romantic plans, or feeling like we’re able to act upon our desires. But all of that changes as we welcome in this Full Moon in Pisces, because it’s finally time to set ourselves and our desires free.

Mercury Enters Libra: September 5th

Mercury is the planet that rules our communication and thought processes, which means that depending upon which sign he’s transiting through, those areas of our own lives are affected.

Libra is an air sign associated with one-on-one partnerships, committed relationships and balance. While we’re not quite in Libra season yet, we will start to see more of this air sign energy coming in, making the biggest difference in the energy we experience this month.

Even though Libra isn’t known for being an overly romantic sign, because she’s one of the two ruling signs of Venus, this sign ends up being responsible for us seeing the truth about the balance (or the lack there of) that exists within our relationships.

This transit will help us not only see that truth, but then be able to express it to others.

Venus Enters Leo: September 6th

Following our hearts gets a little easier this month as Venus, the planet of love, moves into the fire sign of Leo.

Leo is the sign that rules the Sun, so we tend to follow our own personal compass under the influence of this sign: our hearts. Venus in Leo is more bold, ready to take risks, to stand out, be noticed, and to make big declarations of love.

Occurring this month in the midst of so much planetary energy means that, after so much thinking over the course of 2020, we’re finally ready to take some big steps forward.

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Mars Retrograde in Aries: September 9th

This particular astrological event hasn’t occurred since 1988 and won’t occur again until 2067, so it’s one to take note of!

If there is any one event that will change the end of 2020, it’s this one. Mars is the planet of action, ambition and drive, while Aries in his home sign means he’s exalted here and is at his strongest.

This is pure Mars-Aries energy here that has us contemplating who we really are, what kind of life we want to live, and feeling brave enough to actually accomplish it.

This retrograde will last until November 14th, at which that time we’ll be gearing up for another Eclipse Season. So, these next few months are essential for us because it’s about time we claim the life we deserve.

Jupiter Turns Direct in Capricorn: September 13th

With so much happening in the first two weeks of September, it’s going to feel like an active and intense month. Luckily for us, the planet of luck, Jupiter, is now direct again, helping us make sure the foundations we’re building in our lives are ones that will actually last this time.

Jupiter in Capricorn can seem a little lackluster after his stint in Sagittarius, where we were able to have so many different experiences. But that’s because this transit is about us slowing down and making sure the abundant future we’re building for ourselves is built on a concrete foundation.

Since this planet turned retrograde back in May, we’ve learned a lot about what we thought was strong and lasting, and what actually is. Now is the time for movement, for change, and to make sure we act in all the areas we’re meant to.

New Moon in Virgo: September 17th

New Moons are a time for new beginnings, to plant seeds we hope will grow over six months’ time, and help us get closer to manifesting the life we're trying to build.

This New Moon in Virgo will peak on February 27th, 2021, and by that time we will be entirely different people, living entirely different lives. So, plant carefully for this moon. Plant only what you want to grow, which means leaving behind the fear and doubt. Only take what you need for where you want to grow.

Virgo is an earth sign, so this idea of growing is especially important for this sign. But this is also about paying attention to the details and not skipping over the steps required to create that new life, knowing that we will be stronger because we took our time.

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Sun Enters Libra: September 22nd

This is the start of Libra season, which means that theme of balance we’ve been feeling building for some time is finally reaching the boiling point, where it now feels like a necessity.

This is about us taking a hard look at our own lives, the pieces of what is working, those that aren’t, and seeing how they align with our truth and the dreams we’re trying to build.

This is no easy matter, but it's one that will end up paying off, because this is the season to start putting a lot of those plans we made during Virgo season to use. There is never a perfect time, but the only way we miss out is by not trying at all.

Mercury Enters Scorpio: September 27th

Here we have our planet that governs communication once again changing signs, which means now it’s time to go deep and speak our truth.

While we had our time of having conversations about balance, now it's to talk about how we really feel, what we really want, and what is that personal truth that rules our lives. During the next few weeks, expect our minds and words to become even deeper, more intense, and perhaps even a bit darker.

Scorpio a water sign known for being the alchemist, one that never shies away from saying what he truly feels, even if it might hurt a few feelings in the process.

Saturn Turns Direct In Capricorn: September 29th

This planet has been in retrograde since May 11th, and during that time we’ve been able to review our boundaries, karmic lessons, and even sense of divine timing.

Saturn officially began a new cycle when he entered Aquarius last Spring, but then shifted back into Capricorn on July 1st, as he was meant to help us review many of our previous decisions.

Now that he’s direct and in Capricorn until December, when he officially begins his new cycle in Aquarius, it's the time for course redirection. It's time for us to choose better now that we know better, and to make sure we’re doing it for all the right reasons.

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