Why Are Aries So Attracted To Pisces?

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Why Are Aries So Attracted To Pisces?

Aries are born between March 21 and April 20; people under Aries are fiery, intense, impulsive, and competitive.

As a fire sign, they are compatible with zodiacs of the same element, but every once in a while, Aries falls for a Pisces.

Why are Aries so attracted to Pisces?

Pisces is the sweetest zodiac sign in astrology.

Born between Feb. 19 and March 20, they are compassionate, gentle, wise, yet overly trusting.

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Common perception would say that a Mars-ruled Aries' strong and stubborn personality will easily overwhelm the Venus-ruled watery and sensitive Pisces sign.

An Aries needs someone who they can push back against, who can take the passion and the heat and not scare away.

One might think that a Pisces is too weak to handle the Aries.

An Aries likes a sign that can challenge them, can argue and tease. An Aries likes a person who they don’t have to mince words around — their directness often tests boundaries, and they are very demanding with what they want.

A Pisces, on the other hand, hates being criticized, hates know-it-alls, and cruelty of any kind. While the Aries sign is definitely not a purposefully mean or spiteful sign, they can be harsh without meaning to and can be bull-headed stubborn.

Many Aries' traits conflict heavily with the Pisces' more sensitive needs: they are romantics, blindly loyal, and unquestionably caring.

Yet, despite these conflicts, Aries cannot seem to keep away from the Pisces sign. For example, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors loves his Pisces wife and cooking television personality Ayesha Curry with his entire heart. They have been married since 2011, and have three kids together.

These two signs could not be more different. Yet, why is their chemistry so easy? Their passion is almost unmatched;

Here are some reasons why Aries are so attracted to Pisces, per astrology:

An Aries loves to be the hero.

An Aries cannot resist vulnerability. They love feeling strong; they want to feel like their partner’s knight in shining armor. Courageous to a fault, they will rush in at any moment’s notice to demonstrate their bravery.

Aside from their more impulsive and reckless instincts, the Aries does love protecting the ones they care about. They are physical and vigorous; they want to feel like their partner’s security blanket because of their own vulnerability: insecurity.

At the end of the day, they just want to feel like they are enough: they want to be their partner's provider.

In this case, the Pisces is like a catnip to the Aries hero complex. The Pisces is always on the side of a little too much. A little too innocent, a little too naive, a little idealistic, and a little too trusting, the Pisces feels all the time.

While that makes them amazing artists, amazing empaths, this means that they get hurt very easily. This isn’t to say that they don’t know how to handle themselves; the exact opposite really. But that means that they, more than other star signs, find themselves the victim.

An Aries loves solving problems for the Pisces. They shower them in affection, attention, and care. The Pisces promises them almost never-ending emotional validation, while in exchange the Aries protects the Pisces from their more sensitive pitfalls.

A Pisces loves leaning on an Aries for help, and an Aries cannot resist a damsel in distress.

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Aries are old fashioned. Pisces are super romantic.

A match made in heaven. Pisces love being swept off their feet. They very much buy into the idea that romance is between two soulmates, that romance is passionate and all-consuming, and that love is supposed to overwhelm you. Their idealistic nature makes them compassionate, loving, and entirely devoted to their partner.

Luckily for the Pisces, an Aries is deeply traditional. Because of their hero complex, Aries loves to wine and dine their partner. They are very chivalrous; the key to an Aries’ heart is to let them spoil you.

A perfect first date for an Aries means letting the Aries hold the door for you, letting the Aries pay. Let the Aries surprise you and plan the evening. They like to be in charge: their grand gestures make them feel needed — their actions are their love language, and they love a partner that can understand this.

A Pisces will gladly let the Aries take charge. They are dreamy, a little airheaded, and love a grounded and passionate person to take over the night. They are very easily wooed and won over by flowers, by big romantic gestures.

Because of their more romantic daydreams, a Pisces will always make the Aries feel validated — they are incredibly receptive to the Aries emotional language, which the Aries loves in a partner.

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Aries can’t resist a giver.

Pisces are incredibly generous. Their deep emotionality makes even the weirdest thought feel valid. They are very empathetic; they will always take the time to talk someone down from a rough day and are always willing to lend a listening ear.

They are so empathetic, oftentimes when you tell them something terrible that happened to you, they will start crying! A quality that might seem annoying on other people, the Pisces knows exactly what to say and do to make every single one of your problems feel valid and worth caring about.

This is essential for the Aries because to be quite frank, they lack emotional intelligence. But they love people who do. The Aries feels so much sometimes, they have a really hard time distinguishing between the passion of the moment, and what they are actually feeling.

This can be particularly disastrous during arguments, as the Aries will just say the first hurtful thing that pops into their head, whether or not they mean it.

The Pisces’ sensitive and watery nature is incredibly grounding to the fiery and passionate Aries. The Pisces is able to quickly distinguish between the Aries’ anger and the Aries’ heart; their caring personality makes the Aries feel less erratic and hot-headed.

While an Aries’ overwhelming personality might make it seem that they need someone equally hot-headed and stubborn, in reality, they just need someone to take care of, and for someone to take care of them back. That is why the Pisces loving, generous, and gentle nature is incredibly attractive to them.

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