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Aries Venus Love & Relationship Compatibility & How The First House Effects Each Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility Effects Of Natal Venus In Aries & The First House

Venus is the God of love, beauty, and fertility, and when you are born her placement reveals how you love, your hidden talents, and future partnerships.

Venus changes signs (roughly) every 30 days. Depending on if she's retrograde or not, she will be one to two signs from the Sun at all times.

But what does it mean to have your natal Venus in Aries?

Venus rules all matters of the heart and how you love. She's also a hint at how your body is built. Your natal Venus compels you to follow your heart in a delicate and beautiful way.

If you have a strong Venus placement, (Pisces or Cancer) or a debilitating one (Capricorn, Scorpio) natal Venus will disrupt your life and thrust you out of your comfort zone all to fulfill your life's purpose.

Your zodiac sign's astrology is here to learn how to love and celebrate beauty. Venus is in charge of the way we relate to other people and things romantically.

For men, where natal Venus falls on their chart, it will aide how they relate to and understand romantic partners. For women, they will get in touch with their femininity and womanhood, and it can also reveal who will be a good business colleague.

How does the first house and love effect your zodiac sign, per astrology?

When Venus is in the first house, the house of Aries, there is going to be a push or drive, almost a force pushing us to be better.

A time for us to focus on the things we love about ourselves and how to present them lovingly to others.

For some zodiac signs, it will be less about romance and more about their great passions in life, while for other signs it will relate more to family and friends.

Romance is always at the core of everything we do, whether we admit it to ourselves or not. So, with Venus in charge, this is the time to let the love flow!

Here's your love and relationship compatibility with each zodiac sign when you have an Aries Venus or First House natal placement.

Aries + Aries

When Venus is in the first house for an Aries, things are going to get hot and heavy.

Aries will be romantically impulsive and find new ways to spice up their affairs.

This will lead to a lot of exciting vignettes of love and friendship, but ultimately it is not promising for any long term love affairs or lasting friendships.

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Aries + Taurus

Taurus, ever the symbol of stability and strength, will experience a push toward the romantic side of their personality.

They want comfort and control of their love lives, so they will likely spend a lot of time making their home into a love nest.

They will not dive right into a commitment during this time, but if they do commit, it will be passionate and lasting.

Aries + Gemini

With Venus in the first house, most signs are out there working on their love lives, but Geminis are going to be more focused on friendships.

The sometimes loner, sometimes social butterflies will be flapping their beautiful wings out and about as they will have strong desires to be around their friends.

They will lean into their funny bones a little bit, and possibly become the goofball of their friend group.

Geminis will surround themselves with people during this time.

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Aries + Cancer

Cancers will really dive deep into their intuitive nature during this season.

They will be hyper-focused on the feelings of their friends and family.

This will bring about a new level of closeness with their loved ones.

Cancers will be very emotionally giving during this time.

Aries + Leo

Leo, always needing to be the center of attention, will be feeling an extra pull to attract people, romantically speaking.

They will do this not physically but by letting people see their open and upbeat personality.

They will be full of kindness and merriment throughout this time. They will also feel drawn to bright, happy colors so expect a lot of pastels!

Aries + Virgo

This could be a stressful time for Virgos.

Always striving toward perfection, they will be focused on their looks and the design of their lives.

A time for redecorating and diet and exercise.

Virgos will also find themselves growing romantically, or in friendship, but only with people who have the same goals and values as they do.

Even falling in love, Virgos are careful and particular.

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Aries + Libra

Libras will find their inner artist during this time. As all great art is driven by love and pain. With Venus in the first house, they will be feeling the love.

And they will have to find a way to get it out of them.

Libra’s, always needing people around, will also spend this time organizing gatherings and hosting parties.

They will take the reigns on their social and romantic lives, as opposed to waiting for someone else to suggest and activity.

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Aries + Scorpio

This will be a turning point romantically for Scorpios. If they had been wishy-washy in their love-lives, they will fully decide what to do.

They will also be quite dramatic and fervent. Expect a lot of grand fights and a grand passion. Its gonna be a roller-coaster so strap in!

Aries + Sagittarius

Sagittarius, with Venus in the first house, will really lean into their need for freedom.

Whether single or in a committed relationship, they are going to feel the need to flaunt their independence.

They will also want to be outside and connect with their first love, nature.

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Aries + Capricorn

Capricorns will spend this season with their families.

Perhaps they had been distant, maybe working too much, but they will recognize where they had been negligent and really focus on their loved ones.

They will find creative and artistic ways to draw their loved ones close.

Aries + Aquarius

Aquarius people will use this time to focus on their love of humanity.

They will feel the pull of generosity in their hearts and be very in-tuned to the pain and suffering of others.

They will gather groups of people and try to make good changes happen in a tangible way. You go Aquarius!

Aries + Pisces

This is going to be a very intimate season for Pisces. They will really dive into the heart of their romantic relationships.

They will blossom into new territories of knowing their partners as they know themselves.

They will in both body and mind, merge with their partners. It will be a beautiful, sensual, and romantic time for Pisces.

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