Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism Of An Otter

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Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism Of An Otter

We know otters as cute and cuddly. And we love watching them lay belly up in the water relaxing.

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But they are more than just a cute face and big, adorable eyes.

But, what is the spiritual meaning and symbolism of an otter?

Otters represent one’s inner child. They symbolize the ability to play and find renewed joy in our lives that can balance more serious matters.

Otters play into their roles as spirit animals and what they do for people in their lives.

Here's the spiritual meaning and symbolism of an otter:

Otters represent play.

They celebrate our joy in the simple things. Otters represent a passion for what your heart desires and the freedom to do what your gut tells you.

Otters always know when to play and enjoy life; they tap into a person’s inner child and have a life motto “Play as if no one is looking”. They are always up for an adventure and let curiosity drive them.

Otters symbolize change.

Otters mean a transition is coming that will have a positive impact on your life. They symbolize embracing new things while forgetting the past. And they make sure to find ways to smile and get different perspectives.

Otters are icons of the community.

Otters emphasize the need to be more open and receptive to others.

Otters represent individuality.

They invite you to train yourself to be more aware of other’s feelings and help find your voice.

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Otters are a spirit animal.

Otters are sensible guides who use spiritual awareness and devotion to build progress.

They embody water and earth energies to parallel with Sea Otters and River Otters. The connection with moving water gives otter the meaning of awareness of the subconscious, emotions, and psychism.

Otters are spiritual guides who show up when:

You need to be sensible without suspicion.

You need guidance in unmasking your talents.

You need to be joyous.

You need to have laughter.

You need to take some things lightly.

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What does it mean when the Otter is your spirit animal?

If the otter is your spirit animal, that means you are sociable and find joy in making others' lives better. You are positive and see the good in all things.

Traditional female attributes come to the surface as you feel more inclined to care for family and find purpose helping others. You’re a hard worker, but it tends to lead you to get caught up in the work

Life for you is always clean and orderly. And the otter guides all to strive and follow.

Make sure to find pleasure in your feminine attributes. Being a natural nurturer should be celebrated, and don’t hold back in embracing your love for all beauty.

Also, be proud of all relationships you have, whether it’s familial, friends or children. They are proof of your undying love and care, don’t push them away!

You should call upon an otter to appear when:

You need togetherness.

You need to be curious.

You need to be playful.

You need to be very creative.

You need to understand water magic.

You want to stop thinking about the past.

You are struggling with all the challenges that come your way.

You want to be filled with joy and laughter again.

What does it mean when an otter appears in your dream?

Otters showing up in dreams can symbolize the future happiness that will come across your path and point to your emotional strength.

White otter spiritual dream meaning and symbolism

Dreaming of white otters means you are looking forward to blissful moments and prosperity in your life.

Baby otter spiritual dream meaning and symbolism

Baby otters appearing in your dreams stand for fusion, fondness and restfulness.

Deceased otter spiritual dream meaning and symbolism

If a dead otter appears, this can mean a break in relationships. Sea Otters signify exhilaration and cordiality in life.

Otter attack spiritual meaning and symbolism

If you see yourself being attacked by an otter, this is pointing out a sin you may have committed in the past.

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