13 Reasons Otters Make The Best Boyfriends, Bar None


Forget owls and dogs. We've found a new winner for the title of Best Boyfriend: otters! These cuddly little sea-dwellers are too cute and ready for your love. From the tips of their noses to those funky tails, these guys are the clear winners in the race to be the best boyfriend.



They love to snuggle

They are super crafty (though they can have an attitude about it sometimes)

They are total hams

They will carry your kids around like this:

They are not afraid to take on the mighty walrus, and that is always hot

Two words: these moves

They look adorable even when they're stealing from you

They look like this when you tickle them:

They are totally willing to do the driving on long car trips, so you can nap

They are very excitable, which is always good for a laugh

They are helpful around the house

They are fine, and they know it

They are always game to hold hands