Which Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Most Compatible

Love is in the air!

Which Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Most Compatible Getty Images

Which Chinese zodiac signs are most compatible for lasting love, according to astrology?

Chinese zodiac sign compatibility plays a big role in how successful a relationship will be.

When you've just met the person who you think might be the one check out your Chinese animal signs to see if you're most compatible.

Certain Chinese zodiac signs are most compatible.

According to the calendar, animal signs that are four years apart are believed to have the best compatibility, but incompatible if they are six years apart.


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Traditionally, before marriage, Chinese couples would check zodiac compatibility to determine whether to take the relationship to the next step.

The Chinese Zodiac, a cycle of twelve lunar years represented by twelve zodiac animals, plays a big role in determining your personality, your future, and more importantly, your interpersonal relationships.


Because the zodiac plays such a big role in what kind of person you will be, it is well known that certain personality types mix well with others, while some really, really don’t get along.

Good compatibility then not only secures a good relationship, but it can also promise good wealth, good fertility, compatible careers, and harmonious families.

Compatibility is also based on zodiac personality types: the zodiac most favors personality types that know how to balance each other out.

Don’t fret however, if you search up your new beau’s sign and find you two are incompatible.

Zodiac compatibility isn’t everything; a successful relationship mostly relies on communication, understanding, and compromise (where needed). Effort towards good teamwork can make any two people compatible.


But, if your new person happens to also be zodiac compatible, that is just another reason to take the relationship further. You shouldn’t be afraid to commit, the lunar calendar itself is telling you to go for it!

Which Chinese zodiac signs are most compatible with each other?

Here's a rundown on zodiac compatibility, by Chinese signs and why:

Chinese zodiac sign compatibility: Rat and the Dragon (Best match)

If you are a rat and your partner is a dragon or vice versa, then the two of you hit the jackpot.

The Rat and the Dragon work because people born under the rat sign can be a little timid, and tend to blend in the background.

People under the dragon sign, however, are courageous, loud, and charismatic.


They know how to bring the rat out of their shell, while also admiring their rat partner for their high intelligence and quick thinking.

While it might seem like the dragon dominates the relationship, the rat and dragon find equal footing in their intellect.

The rat’s quick but curious nature, mixed with the dragon’s boisterous yet freewheeling spirit, makes every day feel like an adventure.

Chinese zodiac sign compatibility: Rooster and the Snake: (the most functional couple)

While not necessarily the most romantic of couples, the rooster and the snake are extremely functional.

Because of their meticulous yet ambitious nature, they understand each other very deeply, in a way they normally would not find with other people.


Because of this, they know exactly when to compromise, when to yield, but also what exactly to say to motivate each other forward.

But while the rooster is self-conscious, preening, the snake knows exactly how to be mean, cutting to those who try to take advantage of the rooster’s people-pleasing nature.

What they lack in passion, they make up for in effort. If you and your partner fall under this pairing, you guys will have the emotional tools to last for a very long time.

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Chinese zodiac sign compatibility: Tiger and the Horse: opposites attract

While the couples so far prioritize a careful balance between opposites and similarities, the tiger and the horse are surefire proof that opposites do attract.


Where the horse is cowardly, the tiger is brave. Where the horse thinks too much, the tiger is impulsive.

The only thing they have in common is that they are both fun and value independence.

The horse will never try too hard to control the tiger, and the tiger will never impose their overbearing nature on the horse.

They are two extremes on opposite ends of the personality spectrum, yet they will use their differences to balance each other out, not overwhelm each other.


Chinese zodiac sign compatibility: Rabbit and the Sheep: Like personalities are the way to go

On the other hand, the rabbit and the sheep show that dating someone exactly like you isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Sometimes you need someone to understand why you react to things a certain way, or, as for the goat and the rabbit, why you need someone to fade into the background with you.

When you are at a crowded party, your partner (if you fall under these two signs) will be your social battery recharger.

You guys have each other’s backs.

The rabbit and the goat have very similar values; couples under these two signs have no qualms about being homebodies, as they are fully comfortable with one another.


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