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12 Zodiac Couples That Are Destined To Happen (And Then Fail) Based On Astrology

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12 Zodiac Couples That Are Destined To Happen

By Mykh Goldstein

The matters of the heart are risky, to say the least. Marriage is a giant leap of faith, where you are ready to put your future happiness and peace of mind at stake for a person whom you love. But is this relationship deemed to fail? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a fair idea about your compatibility with a person?

Well, there are certain things which can give you a rough framework to work on. Astrology has been shown to influence many aspects of our lives. It is not because you can predict the future through the stars, but your zodiac sign has a certain influence in your life. They have a say in shaping your personality and thus can be used to judge your zodiac compatibility with other individuals.

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Here’s a look at some zodiac couples that are bound to happen, and fail.

1. Aries and Cancer

These two signs are bound to get caught up in a heated affair which is full of passion. They will be so full of the high of first glance love that it will take over their rational judgment and might make them want to tie the knot. However, with time these two will realize that after the infatuation has fizzled out, they really don’t have anything to hold them together.

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2. Taurus and Sagittarius

These two will also feel attracted to each other in the beginning because of how different they are. But their differences which were so charming to them, in the beginning, will soon start to get on their nerves. Sagittarius are unpredictable and adventurous, Taurus is grounded and stable. Together they’ll pull on the seams of their relationship till something breaks. Taurus will try to control Sagittarius, who cannot be contained or restricted and thus they will fall apart.

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3. Gemini and Pisces

Pisces is too intense when it comes to emotions; whereas Gemini is more of a happy-go-lucky creed. Although they might be interested in a Pisces because of their inherent creativity, they won’t be able to hold on to them for long. The free-spirited nature of a Gemini is not easy for a Pisces to handle who gets jealous easily.

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4. Cancer and Capricorn

Another pairing brought together by the heat of the moment kind of passion and a promise of great compatibility. But with time they will realize that they don’t have much in common other than the in the bedroom. When they are not always riding a high of a surge of hormones, they will find that their lifestyles are incompatible with each other.

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5. Leo and Virgo

It is very easy for a Leo to charm others because their persona exudes confidence and grace. Virgos are hard workers and diligent. They are also not the ones to be bossed around by others, something which Leo quite enjoys doing. Friction in the relationship will start when the Virgo refuses to budge when they are right and instead point to the flaws of the Leo. For a Leo, it is unacceptable that someone else should find them lacking.

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6. Virgo and Aries

For Virgo, the streak of rebellion and adventure in Aries is very tempting. They find themselves falling for Aries too hard and too soon. But soon, they find that the spontaneity of Aries is not settling well with their own methodical approach to life. They are more about research and preparation whereas Aries take life as it comes to them. Long-term compatibility is very rare in this combination.

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7. Libra and Capricorn

The attraction between a Libra and Capricorn is mutual. Librans are attracted to the success driven Capricorns for their drive whereas the latter feels an intense physical attraction to them. But they are incompatible with long-term plans because Libras are inherently lazy. They will definitely not be able to change their ways for the more organized Capricorns and it will only lead to altercations between the couple. Till it gets too much for them to handle and parting ways will seem like the best option.

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8. Scorpio and Sagittarius

These two signs come together by throwing caution to the wind and more or less turning a deaf ear to their friends and well-wishers. It is clear to everyone, apart from them that this dynamic is bound to burn out. Scorpios are possessive. They like the comfort of home. They are more about a family oriented life and thus expect the same from their partners. But that is just not going to go down well with the wanderlust bitten Sagittarius who will feel restricted and cramped.

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9. Sagittarius and Cancer

This pairing is the source of lots of gossip and drama for their friends if nothing else. Both have the same rebellious streak and the same need to be the one in control. They will have some really intense and passionate moments for sure. But the constant deception and cheating will take its toll on the relationship and they will find themselves on entirely different paths.

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10. Capricorn and Pisces

These are the power couple who everybody looks up to. They will be the most loved and respected couple in their social group, till they are no longer a couple. At first, the pragmatic Capricorn seems to be balanced well with the whimsical and creative Pisces. But with time, these characteristics which seemed to have brought them together as the perfect balancing act starts driving them away from each other.

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11. Aquarius and Leo

Another combination that makes for a power couple. Both have that charisma that grabs attention. But the main difference is that a Leo craves this attention, whereas the Aquarius is more interested in subtlety. This relationship will soon have problems because of their different outlook towards life.

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12. Pisces and Aries

Pisces is sensitive and caring about people and their feelings but Aries is blunt and straightforward. This will cause many problems within their relationship when one partner can’t agree to the way the other operates. And their marriage is bound to fail.

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