6 Zodiac Signs Who Have Serious Wanderlust This Summer

The travel bug has hit these signs hard.

6 Zodiac Signs With Wanderlust This Summer, According To Astrology Dean Drobot / shutterstock

If someone had told us in January that Summer 2020 would be spent at home sewing cloth face masks and working from our laptops, we would have never believed them.

Summer is the time to soak up some adventure and see the world. It’s the time to fill up the pages on our passports, hit the beach, and check out some of the world’s most famous sites.

Unfortunately, for now, the universe has other plans, and that has left some of us feeling a little overwhelmed by the travel bug. 


Some zodiac signs don’t mind basking in some alone time at home (looking at you, Cancer and Taurus), but others want nothing more than to indulge their sense of adventure and make this summer one to remember.

Wanderlust effects all of us at some point or another, but these 6 signs are feeling it more than ever this year. If you’re one of these signs, you know that these travel restrictions are playing tricks on your mind and leaving you with a serious case of cabin fever. 

Who are the zodiac signs with wanderlust that's so strong, they might end up going crazy this summer?

1. Aries (March 21 - April 19)


You know spontaneity better than most signs who love to head off on spur-of-the-moment road trips, Aries.

As a fire sign, you can be pretty reckless, so you’ve probably found your fingers twitching over airline deals and hotel bookings at least once over the last couple of months. You don’t have the longest attention span, so staying at home leaves you feeling bored and lethargic.

Your summers are usually spent filling up the pages on your passport and sleeping on airport floors, so you're longing to get back out on the road again.

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2. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)


Given your natural curiosity, it’s no wonder you’re suffering from an incurable case of wanderlust this summer.

You’ve seen all your town has to offer and are ready to move on to big and better things. You’re a social butterfly and want nothing more than to be making new friends on the road and traveling the world with your besties.

You start a party wherever you go, but hangouts in your backyard just aren’t cutting it anymore. You’re adaptable though, so you should make use of what you’ve got and get some vacation-themed parties going at home.

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3. Libra (September 23 - October 22)

You love the outdoors and feel most balanced when you’re immersed in nature, Libra.


This means all this time indoors over the past couple of months has left you feeling a little out of whack. You’re longing for a vacation in a tropical forest or along some of the world’s most famous hiking trails.

You hate being alone, so you can’t wait to get out with a companion to make some memories together. Your love of harmony also makes you the perfect travel buddy.

Maybe stick with the day-trips for now though — there are lots of parks and trails to explore close to home.

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4. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

When it comes to exploration and travel, Sagittarius’ enthusiasm is unmatched.


You’re fiercely independent and have hated been told to stay put, even though you know it's for the best. You’re itching to get back out on the road and don’t care if you have to go it alone.

Travel is your favorite way to relieve tension, and you much prefer spending your hard-earned cash on experiences rather than material things.

You haven’t quite known what to do with yourself since lockdown began. But you’re a true fire sign and know how to keep that optimistic flame burning at all times. 

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5. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

You love to plan and organize, Capricorn, so you’ve probably been surprised by your sudden impulsive need to travel.


Unlike the rest of the signs on this list, you’re not one to take off into the night with no plans or schedule. But you have felt a little lost without at least having that option.

That’s because travel is your favorite indulgence. You work hard, and nothing makes that worth it more than a trip with your closest pals.

You’re the person with the meticulous itinerary and you always make sure to hit all the sights. You love a city packed with museums and galleries, but these plans might be on hold for a little while longer. Why not try some virtual tours to ease that travel bug a little?


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6. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You’re eccentric and impulsive, and do not deal well with limitations, Aquarius.

That’s why all these travel restrictions have felt like a personal attack for you. You had a vision of a summer filled with spontaneous road trips and late-night beach parties, not video calls and working from home.

You’re always full of energy, so not being able to take to the skies and travel makes you feel like the walls are caving in around you. Like a true air sign, you just want to go where the wind takes you.

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