Best Crystals For Taurus Zodiac Signs

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Best Healing Crystals For Taurus

Crystals are healing stones that provide luck, energy, healing for a person including individuals born with a Taurus zodiac sign. People use gems to attract luck and love, money and power or confidence.

What crystal is best for a Taurus zodiac sign?

Taurus zodiac signs fall between April 20th until May 20th, which is just before the Summer Solstice but after springtime starts.

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Taurus zodiac signs are full of vigor. They are family-oriented. Taureans are busy bees to love to have their to-do list at maximum capacity.

Although some of these qualities are what make the Taurus so charming and loving, beware that too many assignments and growing family issues will cause your head to explode.

When I say, "growing family issues," I don't just mean that your siblings are fighting over the remote control.

When you become very close to a group of people (family, friends, coworkers) there will be a lot of information being shared that is either really good or really bad.

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Of course, it's natural for a family to go through their ups and downs, but once you become heavily invested in the mix, you may begin to feel overwhelmed and emotional.

When a Taurus has a lot on their plate, they do not see it as an inconvenience. In fact, this is what keeps a Taurus moving forward!

However, with an expanding list of tasks day in and day out, this can cause an influx of anxiety, stress, and a lot of F-bombs being thrown from time to time.

Many of us, including most Taurus zodiac signs, have tried to find a way to ease our minds and relax the tensions that come from an overload of work, stress, and negative energies/emotions.

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One of the most natural ways to relieve these stressors is none other than healing crystals.

If the name weren't obvious enough, healing crystals are stones that are found all around the world and have been known to bring healing energies into many lives.

A lot of people wear crystal necklaces, place their stones in certain rooms of their home, and even take baths with the crystal right near their bathtub.

These healing crystals will not only promote peace and prosperity, but they will allow you to distress during these troubling times.

Here are the best crystals for energy, healing, luck and prosperity for all Taurus zodiac signs:

1. Best crystals for Taurus: Emerald

Emerald is the birthstone of Taurus. This crystal is the stone for Venus, which is Taurus' ruling planet.

Emerald promotes patience and commitment which can be used if you are feeling unsure about your love life or any friendships.

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2. Best crystals for Taurus: Green Jade

This crystal brings in an abundance of prosperity and can even guide you to the Benjamins!

The Green Jade has been called one of the luckiest crystals and will help the Taurus when they're in need of wrath and balance.

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3. Best crystals for Taurus: Malachite

Malachite crystals are one of the best for a Taurus! This is one of the only stones that will awake all of your chakras.

This crystal helps to alleviate stress and balances out your emotions. It will also bring in protective energies for your family, possessions, and spirit.

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4. Best crystals for Taurus: Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is associated with the upper chakras (your throat). This will help the Taurus speak up for themselves when they feel like their boundaries are being crossed.

You will feel your intuitive spirit giving you signals when encountering certain people and situations.

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5. Best crystals for Taurus: Iolite

This crystal brings in a lot of healing energies to yourself and will help manifest positive vibes into any disruption you may be experiencing.

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Iolite will push your forward into a new season of your life, Taurus.

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6. Best crystals for Taurus: Boji Stone

These crystals come in pairs, with one looking jagged (masculine) and the other smooth (feminine).

Boji Stones are connected to the Earth with very high frequencies.

That is why they are perfect for the Taurus; you will have a grounded feeling and help you balance your yin-yang energies.

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7. Best crystals for Taurus: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz crystals open your heart to an abundance of love for your family, friends, and most importantly,you.

The Taurus will feel an emotional connection with everyone, including the ones whose integrity they question often.

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8. Best crystals for Taurus: Peridot

The last healing crystal on our list is the Peridot.

Peridot is a gemstone that will get rid of any self-doubt a Taurus may experience.

Any fear or bad energies that you may experience will be banned from your life once you have this healing stone in your life.

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