6 Best Healing Crystals For Gemini

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gemini healing crystals

Crystals are used for healing the mind, body, and soul. If you're a Gemini zodiac sign, you'll want a healing gem that brings out your positive energy.

According to the ancient practice of crystal healing, there are various crystals, each with its own purpose and healing abilities.

Depending on which area of your life you're looking to improve, you can choose a different crystal for its specific healing properties.

Similarly, each zodiac sign is known to give off its own energy, and there are crystals and stones that can emphasize or heal those energies.

For example, the best crystals for Gemini balance and heal both of their personalities while also opening their minds, allowing them to analyze situations deeper than they already do.

Fun, gentle, and quick-witted, Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury, meaning they are talented with small talk and communication. They are curious and enjoy discussing new topics.

Geminis are also air signs, which means sometimes they may need grounding energy.

Here are the best healing crystals for Gemini zodiac signs.

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1. Ametrine

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Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine.

This combination symbolizes the physical and spiritual realms and is known to enhance creativity. It helps those who use it come up with logical solutions to work-related and personal problems while also bringing harmony.

It removes negative energy and is good for opening the third-eye chakra. Its dual usage makes it similar to Geminis and their twin personalities.

The crystal is used the most for stress relief and people place it where it is needed the most.

2. Howlite

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Howlite is used to link the person using it to higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

It opens one's mind, allowing one to receive wisdom. It is good for reducing anxiety and eliminates pain and stress.

Because their minds are often active, Howlite is good for calming Gemini’s speedy mind.

People keep Howlite in their pockets to absorb negative energy.

When meditating with Howlite, the user can connect with higher chakras.

Physically, it can help the user release tension in their muscles, absorb calcium into the teeth and bones, and balance emotions.

3. Tiger’s Eye

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Tiger’s Eye encourages the user to take action. It unclouds judgment and releases anxiety.

This is a good crystal for Geminis because it aids Gemini in their preference to view every situation from a logical standpoint.

It is known to enhance confidence and is used to ward off ill-wishes and curses.

It is a natural healing crystal for the brain, so people who are suffering from mental health issues or personality disorders may find it useful.

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4. Moonstone

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Moonstone is Gemini’s power crystal.

It opens up the heart chakra and allows the user to be more in tune with their emotions.

Because they tend to be detached, this is a good crystal for Geminis and can help them in their love lives.

It is a symbol of fertility and sensuality and increases intuition.

It reminds the user to go with the flow of life and not rush anything.

It is suggested that anyone who wants to use a Moonstone crystal goes into a decluttered, quiet space and meditates on their intentions.

This can mean monthly goals, relationship goals, finances, and much more.

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5. Blue Lace Agate

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The Blue Lace Agate crystal is another stone associated with soothing an overactive mind.

It is good to use for relaxing and maintaining a calm demeanor.

Water is known as the best way to incorporate Blue Lace Agate into your daily routine.

If you take a glass of water, place the Blue Lace Agate into the water and place the glass outside in the sunlight for one hour.

When an hour is over, take the crystal out and drink the water throughout the day. You can also drink the water before bed to spark sweet dreams.

6. Emerald

Photo: Ryan Salsbury / Wikimedia Commons

Emeralds are known as the “stone of successful love.” It represents unity and unconditional, unwavering love.

To attract romantic love, it is suggested that the user wears an emerald near their heart, out of sight.

To bring an old love back into your life, it is suggested that you put the emerald to your lips and say all of the words that you wish to say to that person and seal it with an envelope.

You can either keep the envelope with the crystals in it or you can send it to the person you wish to get back.

This is a good stone to help Geminis in their love lives because it stimulates understanding and attracts romance.

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