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How To Use Healing Crystals & Summon The Archangels You Need Most

picHow To Use Different Types Of Healing Crystals & Their Meanings To Connect With 8 Archangels

Healing crystals are incredibly powerful tools, once you know how to use them.

Crystal healing has been used for hundreds of years to cleanse illness and heal chakras, but their powerful vibrations can also be used to connect to your archangels, when you're in need of spiritual guidance.

Each type of crystal corresponds with specific color frequencies, tones, and rays of light — increasing or amplifying a particular energy vibration — and each crystal's meaning is different.

For example, rose quartz resonates with pink or rose light, enhancing love, emotional healing, and seeing through eyes of love, while lapis resonates with deep blue light, clearing channels of communication with others or the ethereal Realm of Spirit, and encouraging truth and integrity.

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Once you understand the different crystal meanings and how to use them, you can put their crystal energy to work and use their vibrations to connect with the archangel you need most.

Here are 8 archangels you can summon guidance from using different types of crystals, based on their meanings.

1. Archangel Ariel: “Lion of God”

Types of crystals: rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rose calcite, Angelite, rainbow quartz, black tourmaline, aqua aura, Herkimer diamonds

Use these when: You want to work on the relationship you have with yourself and with others.

2. Archangel Chamuel: “He who seeks God”

Types of crystals: red jasper, rose quartz, aqua aura, rhodochrosite rose calcite

Use these when: You seek to know your inner truth, find inner peace, and curate a love of self.

3. Archangel Haniel: “Glory of the grace of God”

Types of crystals: Fluorite, tanzan aura, Angelite, azurite-malachite, blue lace agate, chrysocolla, Herkimer diamonds, kunzite, nirvana quartz, rainbow quartz, selenite roses

Use these when: You need assistance walking the path before you in total grace and harmony.

4. Archangel Metatron: “He who walks with God”

Types of crystals: fluorite, peacock ore, rainbow quartz, Herkimer diamonds, tabular quartz

Use these when: You want to cleanse and balance all the chakra energy centers in your physical body, your >aura, and ethereal energy bodies.

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5.Archangel Raguel: “Friend of God”

Types of crystals: citrine, tangerine quartz, carnelian, clear quartz

Use these when: You need help seeing beyond, seeing infinite possibilities, and reaching beyond your comfort zone.

6. Archangel Raziel: “Secret of God”

Types of crystals: malachite, clear quartz, Herkimer diamonds, angel aura, azurite-malachite, aqua aura, amethyst, nirvana quartz, peacock ore, rainbows quartz, tabular quartz, rose calcite, smoky quartz, tanzan aura, green tourmaline

Use these when: You need assistance discovering your life’s purpose or gaining a deeper understanding of all that is before you, since this archangel is the Guardian of the gates of Paradise and the gatekeeper of esoteric wisdom, knowledge, and discernment.

7. Archangel Taharial: “Purity of God”

Types of crystals: angel aura, clear quartz, tabular quarts, azurite-malachite, lapis lazuli

Use these when: You need help discerning divine guidance from within, knowing that all is given in the moment of asking, or trusting the guidance you've received.

8. Archangel Zadkiel: “Righteousness of God”

Types of crystals: lapis lazuli, angel aura, Angelite, blue lace agate, nirvana quartz, rose calcite, tanzan aura, Herkimer diamonds, fluorite

Use these when: You need assistance burning away all that no longer serves you, since this is the archangel of divine justice and violet flame protection.

Once you determine which archangel you want to connect with and which crystals you should use, learning how to use your crystals is the next step.

Here's how to use crystals to connect with archangels.

  • First cleanse and recharge your crystals by rinsing them in cool water and placing them in the sun or moonlight for a few hours. You can also make a water and salt solution and place your crystals in the salt water overnight.
  • Then, quiet your thoughts and your emotions by meditating and hold a crystal or set of crystals in your left hand so you can hear, see or sense angels. This will help you trust what you receive.
  • After you have practiced connecting with archangels using crystals to help you focus your thoughts and your energy, you can ask questions by holding the question in your mind or writing it down.
  • Record every thought, impression, sensation, word or symbol you receive. You might choose to keep a journal or your experiences.
  • Don’t second guess yourself or judge what comes to you. With practice, you will trust the guidance you receive.

Archangels are waiting to guide you. All you have to do is ask, and they're by your side without delay.

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Terrie Marie is a spiritual healer and angel intuitive specialist who helps people overcome subconscious bad behaviors and negative self talk. If you would like to see how she can help you, you can reach her through her website.

This article was originally published at Angel Dream Team. Reprinted with permission from the author.