How To Open Your Third Eye To Navigate Life With Clarity & Confidence

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Do you want to know how to open your third eye, so you can tap into your wisdom and navigate life with clarity and confidence?

Perhaps the idea of opening your third eye sounds mysterious, far-fetched, and even too "woo-woo" for you. After all, it is the realm of clairvoyance, psychic sight, and intuition.

But the truth is, saying “yes” to the wisdom of your third eye is one of the most sound and sensible choices you can make for yourself. With an awakened and balanced third eye, you’ll connect directly with your inner truth and guide your life to greater good.


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You need to know how to open your third eye to illuminate all that is within you and around you.

A blocked third eye can bring a lot of issues in your life you may not even realize.


Your third eye sits between your eyebrows in the center of your head. It’s also called the sixth chakra, the energy center that governs clarity, concentration, intuition, and imagination.

The third eye is associated with light and illumination. Its purpose is to bring the light of awareness — literally — to all that is within and around you.

Have you ever had a flash of insight — a moment where you had an immediate understanding of how to solve a problem and how all the pieces could fit together?

Ever been introduced to someone who “looked good on paper,” but your inner knowing told you to be careful, and then later discovered your inner knowing was right?


Do you sometimes think of someone and then later that day they call you on the phone?

These are all examples of the third eye at work. They demonstrate that there's much more to life going on than meets the naked eye. There's information that can be perceived through the awareness of the third eye.

Here are 8 paths to opening your third eye for true discernment and understanding.

1. Use self-reflection to perceive your belief structures and blind spots.

Opening your third eye is about cleansing your lens of perception and choosing to see yourself (and others) more clearly. That includes shedding light on your belief systems — especially those that block your creativity and forward movement in life.

For example, if you (unconsciously) believe that you are a victim, when you open your third eye, you will see that holding this belief has been the filter through which you have created experiences of victimhood in your life.


Becoming aware of limiting patterns is one of the gifts of an open third eye. With awareness, you can release the limiting belief and choose to step forward in freedom.

2. Be aware of the “bigger picture” and how you fit in the greater scheme of things.

As you grow in self-awareness, you become aware of patterns and how things fit together. The “bigger picture” comes into view.

With this "big picture" perspective, you can explore deep soul questions about why you’re here, what you want to experience, and how you want to contribute.

You begin to understand the truth of who you are, what your soul purpose is, and how you are a unique and essential expression of source.


3. Rely on your intuition to give you clarity and confidence.

With awareness of self and the bigger picture, you become available to receiving information from your higher self. This information can come in many forms, including hunches, visions, symbols, voices, and knowingness.

As you learn to trust your intuition and insights, you build confidence and self-reliance in navigating life’s twists and turns.

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4. Pay attention to negativity and uncertainty, as it could mean your third eye is blocked.

The ultimate gift of an open and balanced third eye is the ability to shape your life and experience through the conscious channeling of your imagination.

At this level, you understand that “seeing” is not a passive activity. Seeing is both active and creative.

The images you choose to create in your inner vision become a part of your creative expression in the world. You begin to use your imagination to create images of beauty, empowerment, and love, that then become patterns manifested in your reality.

With an awakened and balanced third eye, you’re able to see the expanded perspective of life’s events. You gain awareness of the choices that align with your unique truth. You’re able to trust your instincts, and you can move forward in life with confidence.


On the other hand, a blocked third eye can lead to confusion, uncertainty, and pessimism. You may struggle with over-analysis, limiting beliefs, and the inability to exercise creative imagination.

If this is your experience, don’t be discouraged. Many of us have had experiences that have caused us to shut down our third eye.

For example, if you were born into an environment where what you perceived to be true was invalidated (maybe the adults didn’t want to acknowledge something that was happening), then you might have closed your third eye.

The good news is that anyone can open their third eye, no matter how closed it may have been in the past.


5. Practice curiosity and open-mindedness.

Learning how to open your third eye is an enriching and empowering journey.

You don’t have to be born a psychic to have an awakened third eye. All you need to begin is a willingness to expand your awareness and come home to your true self.

A closed third eye will express itself through narrow-mindedness and rigidity. When you question your beliefs and challenge your assumptions about yourself and the world, you invite your third eye to open. Your vision of what’s real and what’s possible will expand.

6. Meditate.

Meditation is a practice of inner stillness that invites you to quiet your body and mind. You become the observer of thoughts as they stream through your inner landscape.


The more aware you become of your thoughts, the more space you open within your third eye. This space is where awareness of the “bigger picture” emerges and where you begin to perceive patterns and connections among people, events, and all of life.

7. Receive energy healing.

Working with a clairvoyant energy healer can support you in opening your third eye. Because clairvoyant healers perceive energy, they can look at your energetic system and identify any blocks you may have in your third eye.

They can shed light on the originating cause of the issue and clear it so that you can access your truth.


8. Keep a dream journal.

Dreams bring forward images and information from the unconscious, revealing hidden feelings and motivations, as well as new perspectives on old struggles.

When you explore your dreams, you’re signaling to your subconscious that you’re available to receive its messages and grow in self-awareness. Over time, you’ll notice themes and perhaps specific questions you’re working out in your dreams and waking life.

When you choose to open your third eye, you embark on a rewarding journey of self-awareness, growth, and creative empowerment. Every step along that path brings greater clarity, confidence, and self-reliance.

You claim an understanding of the “bigger picture” and how you are an integral part of it. And you enjoy a strong connection to your wise self and can steer your life to the greater good.


Who wouldn’t want to open their third eye?

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Elizabeth Hunter Diamond is a clairvoyant healer and teacher. If you’d like to receive support in opening your third eye so you can navigate life with clarity and confidence, book a session today for a clairvoyant reading & energy healing session.