How The Ceres Asteroid In Astrology Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope & Relationships Through 2024

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How The Ceres Asteroid In Astrology Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope & Relationships Through 2024

Deep down, we all have a need to love and be loved.

We're familiar with most planets in astrology, but what is Ceres? Though it's not a planet, Ceres is an asteroid or dwarf planet that resides between the planets of Mars and Jupiter. A lesser known planetary body, this is one that truly resides at the heart of what ends matters most to us.

In mythology, Ceres is the Roman goddess who had to travel to the underworld of Pluto to rescue her daughter Persephone after Pluto had fallen in love with her. During this time, people experienced greater darkness and a loss of their crops. Once Ceres struck a deal with Pluto for Persephone to split her time in both worlds, there was a return of light and fruitfulness.

Because of this, Ceres has come to represent our own nurturing and love for ourselves, as well as those who mean the most to us. There is also a great connection to the seasons of life, emphasizing that there is a reason for everything.

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Like most astrology, the Ceres asteroid changes depending upon what zodiac sign she's transiting through. Whether she’s retrograding or not, she will switch signs every few months, on average.

Usually only retrograding once a year, this asteroid will bounce between the current and previous sign before moving into the new one once her retrograde is complete. The next cycle is set to begin on April 23rd, when she enters the water sign of Pisces.

This is an asteroid that affects how we love and how we need to be moved more than any other. For most of us, it’s our love horoscope and romantic lives that prove to be of most importance, so much of the work or challenges in life is so we can experience that amazing, passionate love affair, and truly find a someone who doesn’t plan on leaving when things get hard.

We are affected by planetary transits in two ways. First, as a planet or asteroid moves through signs we will feel different, and because of that tend to choose different courses of actions. But it also affects us depending upon our birth chart.

A birth chart is what we are all born with; depending on the location, time and date of our birth, we can see what signs each of the planets were in when we came into this world. Once we know this, we can learn how the aspects at birth coincide with what is currently happening in the skies.

This is one way to get a clear picture — not just of if you’re having a return (meaning the planet is in the same sign as when you were born), but also what to expect with the combination of signs coming together.

For instance, with Ceres moving into Pisces, that will affect you depending on when you were born. If Ceres was in Aries, you would get the push and pull of both signs: the deep emotionality of Pisces, which can often be selfless, with the independent and protective nature of Aries.

This is where the true meaning is: when we can see it’s not just about the sign, but the picture it’s painting together.

When does Ceres transit through your zodiac sign? Below, you'll find how (and when) Ceres in each astrological sign will affect you.

Ceres in Pisces: April 2020

We have to be mindful of losing ourselves in the emotions and tragedies of others while Ceres is transiting through this water sign. Ceres in Pisces tends to take on the emotions of those around them, and while they tend to bring calm and acceptance, they also can run the risk of being overly self-sacrificing.

The best part of this transit is the ability to use our imagination when it comes to love, realizing that what we dream is possible as long as we don’t push it away before we have the chance to receive it. While transiting this sign, we will have to be watchful over losing ourselves in the drama of others and having our walls up in an effort to not get hurt.

The more we can love ourselves, the more we will be able to trust that others can too.

Ceres in Aries: February 2021

This is all about the independent energy; no one can tell us something if we’re not ready to hear it. Ceres in Aries feels like no one knows better than us. Ceres in Aries needs a great deal of encouragement and the freedom to rise to the role of protector of their loved ones and families.

For us, we will be more likely to do our own thing around this time, and need to feel we’re able to make decisions and choices we want, especially in relationships.

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Ceres in Taurus: May 2021

Quite the opposite of Aries, Ceres in Taurus needs to be cared for. this means it would also make a great partnership with those who have their Ceres in Aries.

In Taurus, we will be feeling the desire to be pampered and spoiled, with an emphasis on our physical pleasures like a massage or good meal. While we may need that from our patterns around this time, this is also how we’ll show our love for others.

While Ceres is in Aries, we have to be mindful of being avoidant in relationships; in Taurus, we have to be watchful for being too dependent.

Ceres in Gemini: July 2021

For Ceres in Gemini, love is in the words and the conversations we have in our romantic relationships. Because this is a very mentally-active sign, we will need to feel that stimulation to be close and even fall in love.

Ceres in Gemini needs adventure, travel, learning, and any new experiences that would stretch their mind and beliefs about life. While in this sign, we can expect to care more about if we can have an intelligent conversation with another. We’ll also be more inclined to plan travel or take off on spontaneous day trips.

Ceres in Cancer: May 2022

Ceres in Cancer is all about the home life in typical crab fashion. It's all about a very strong mothering or fathering instinct where we will need to care for and nurture others, especially with physical love, the preparing of homecooked meals, and caring for the space.

While this is a wonderful and very home-driven sign, those with this placement in their birth chart, or even while this asteroid transits this sign, have to be mindful of codependent relationships in which we try to mother our partners. Self-love and acceptance is key for this transit, as it will enable us to have the best of both worlds.

Ceres in Leo: July 2022

In Leo, Ceres is feeling very confident but needs a lot of external validation, which is something that may be difficult for those around us. This isn’t just caring or loving someone for who they are, but because of the attention or admiration we receive because we do.

Ceres in Leo might seem more confident than they truly are (caution around narcissist traits), and may ultimately care more about how they are seen than how those they love actually feel. During this transit, we may all be a bit showier than usual, which is how Leo season tends to go.

But we have to be mindful of making sure we’re being authentic in how we care for others.

Ceres in Virgo: September 2022

While in Virgo, Ceres can seem more like hard love than unconditional. This is because of the detailed and vigorous nature of this sign in which they tend to be perfectionists who, deep down, just want everyone to be happy (and efficient).

Ceres in Virgo can be overcritical and prone to overthinking, which can lead to arguments. Ultimately, this is a sign who shows their care for others by trying to be helpful, but if that help hasn’t been requested, it can come off as nagging and nitpicky.

While transiting, we have to be mindful of having those qualities come out towards our partners or possible love interests. It’s great to want to help our loved ones be their best, but it's quite another to make them feel less than.

Ceres in Libra: December 2022

When Ceres is in Libra, it’s about the small things — coffee in bed, handpicked wildflowers from the side of the road, a sticky note on the mirror saying "I love you." Libra doesn’t do things overboard and will show her nurturing and caring side in small, subtle ways. If it's with a partner who prefers big extravagances (like Ceres in Leo), it could spell problems.

They appreciate balance, so they will need to receive this type of affection similarly to how they care for others. While Ceres is transiting in this sign, we can expect to care more about the little things than the grand gestures, and will ultimately appreciate effort most.

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Ceres in Scorpio: September 2023

This is naturally a more intense placement because that is the nature of Scorpio. Ceres in Scorpio is all about physical intimacy and the bonds that we have for the one that we love.

This is a placement where we will want to show love and emotional connection through physical acts more than any other, which also means that when in transit, we can expect this to jump to the top of our priority list too.

Ceres in Scorpio is one that thrives off of contact and doesn't do well in isolation. Because of the intensity present, it can also lead to jealousy, which is something to be mindful of during transits.

Ceres in Sagittarius: November 2023

Ceres in Sagittarius is the epitome of still waters run deep, often keeping their feelings a secret until the object of their affection opens up to them first. This is also a placement that will match what they are receiving.

It’s not that they're monitoring how much love, affection and inspiration they're getting from others, but they tend to only give what they're receiving. They prefer to show their love through meaning, help, optimism, and the freedom to explore life, which means, when transiting, this is where our feelings and actions will gravitate to.

Ceres in Capricorn: February 2024

While in the earth sign of Capricorn, Ceres needs to feel that there’s a goal and purpose. In some ways, this is about what they're receiving externally, like when in Leo, but it’s also purpose driven; they feel good when they feel successful in life.

Their ability to love and be loved is very much dependent on how they feel about themselves and the life they're living. Only when they feel they’ve reached their own achievements will they be able to open themselves up to love and give that to others.

Many of these achievements will be material or financial, as this sign needs to feel they can provide for those they care about. While transiting, we can be drawn into making sure those needs of our own are taken care of, and are focused on how we feel about ourselves as a result of that.

Ceres in Aquarius: December 2024

It takes a special person to understand someone with their Ceres in Aquarius, because they may seem like they push off being loved. Often times, this is a sign that is afraid of being abandoned, so they often tend to do that first by pushing away those they care about.

More often than not, this is a sign that relies heavily on their group of friends, even referring to them as family. Ceres in Aquarius needs their friends in order to feel like they can open up and be themselves. They are also attracted to the strange and unique.

Under this transit, we’re more likely to be attracted to those differences we often try to hide so we can blend in.

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