How Taurus Season Will Affect Your Relationships & Love Horoscope Starting April 19th, According To Astrology

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How Taurus Season Will Affect Your Relationships & Love Horoscope Starting April 19th, 2020, According To Astrology

Where you are doesn't define where you will go.

Once the Sun shifts into Taurus season on April 19th, our focus will be geared towards the awareness of what brings us the greatest joy, and also who means the most to us, as well as the desire to protect all of it.

In astrology, Taurus is an earth sign that centers around pleasures and groundedness. So while it’s not unheard of to feel these inclinations more deeply around this time, it will also be felt more deeply because of social distancing and self-quarantining.

On average, we experience each zodiac sign season for approximately one month. This particular phase will last until May 20th, when the Sun moves into Gemini.

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Taurus is known for its representation of the bull, which is also one of the ruling signs of Venus, the planet of love (the other being Libra). And while Sun is in this sign, the Taurus love horoscope will affect every zodiac sign in a unique way, including their romantic lives.

But what's so interesting about this month is that we experience a moon in both. We celebrated the Full Moon in Libra at the beginning of the month, and now will welcome in the New Moon in Taurus in just a few days, truly marking April all about love — specifically partnerships.

This romantic partnership energy is actually one that is hugely important right now, because in many ways we’re being asked to focus on the viability and authentic feeling of whatever connection we’re in. We’ve seen quite a few jokes about relationships ending during this quarantine time, and while perhaps funny, there’s also something to them as well.

When we’re in unthinkable times with humanity being tested by itself, we tend to be drawn towards what really matters, and also no longer care about what doesn’t. This is responsible for making us think about things differently, but we’ve also been in this situation since March; none of these thoughts are necessarily new to us, it’s just that we will gain clarity about what they mean throughout Taurus season.

We begin this time period with an astrological transit called a quintile, which is when two planets are within 72 degrees of one another.

For this particular one, we will be working with the energies of both Chiron and Pluto — our darkness and the healing that is possible if we bring to light what we’re scared of, which seems to be precisely what all of us are working through right now. It's not just on a personal level in becoming aware of where we’re holding ourselves back, but also in finding the silver lining through everything we’ve been going through as of late.

This time in Taurus season, it’s going to allow us to find that basis for healing and working through where we go from here. It's integral to our process of making the most of everything.

Shortly after, we will welcome in the Taurus New Moon, which is definitely about beginnings, but more so about the patient variety, which, whether we do or don’t naturally have, we must harness its energy. Whether we wanted to rush into something new or not, we’ve all had to be more patient, more thoughtful in our responses, and more careful in our choices.

But we’re going to be able to firmly plant the seeds for the changes we want to see, grow over the next six months, meaning that if we can rush off towards our new beginning, we are truly going about this new era with greater stability.

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This groundedness will come in handy because while all months can have their fair share of interesting astrology, but the next few weeks of Taurus season will truly be game-changing for us all.

This period of activity begins on April 25th, just following the New Moon, when we will see Ceres — the asteroid that governs the love we possess within us as well as maternal affairs — move into Pisces, and Pluto begin his retrograde, which will undoubtedly prove to bring anything lingering within the shadows to light. Following that, Mercury enters Taurus, and Pallas, the asteroid that rules wisdom, moves into Aquarius.

All of this amounts to a lot of new energy to contend with and process in a short period of time. We will likely feel like change in our lives is imminent, as if we can feel the brink getting closer, and like we can no longer control it but just surrender to it.

For many of us, we were given the quiet reflection time of the past few weeks so we could unconsciously prepare for what's in store during the next ten days or so. With so many things happening at once, there is no denying that not only has everything happened as it was meant to, but this is the beginning of an entirely new era for us and the planet.

Beginning on May 5th, we experience the North Node retrograde moving into Gemini, representing choice; the Full Moon in Scorpio, unveiling the truth and depth of our feelings; Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, showing us exactly what was holding us back and how to break free; Mercury moving into Gemini, giving us the ability to express all of our ideas and feelings; Mars transiting into Pisces; and Venus and Jupiter both beginning their retrogrades. This happens all within about ten days.

To say that is a lot is an understatement, but while so much is happening during this short period of time, because it’s happening during Taurus season, it means we’re all finding greater stability through these new changes.

We start Taurus season feeling almost like we can’t see a way out, and end it with immense changes, both likely in circumstance and feeling.

But we have prepared for this for so long, so all we have to do is trust ourselves. Focus on what matters most, breathe, and remember that everything happens just as it is meant to, so you're finding yourself here because you’re ready for it.

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