What Mercury Moving Into Aries On April 11th Means For Your Love Horoscope In The Next Few Weeks, According To Astrology

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What Mercury Moving Into Aries On April 11th Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships The Next Few Weeks, According To Astrology

Passion will be high in our love horoscopes and romantic lives as we feel ready to get to the point of everything when Mercury moves into Aries on April 11th. In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication and our internal thought processes, so as he transits different zodiac signs, we can feel these areas of our lives and psyche affected.

In Aries, we’re going to be more passionate, direct and to the point, which will be wonderful for getting the message across to those we’ve been deliberating with. But it could also lead to hurt feelings if we don’t temper our truth with empathy.

Mercury will be moving through Aries from April 11th until April 27th, so it’s important to make the most of this time, especially given that it’s unlikely we’ve felt this clear communication-wise all year.

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There is always a meaning to everything, and while we were feeling stuck in our expression of feeling or ability to have important conversations during the first few months of the year, we also have to see the reason behind it.

Often times, we are more adept at thinking with the logical mind than we are with the intuitiveness of the heart. But these are two completely different energies. One will have us debating with ourselves, while the other will have us doubting if we’re making the right choice.

At times, this battle over our head versus heart is one we can attribute to many of our biggest life decisions. But to actually make those choices that are part of our soul path, we need to be able to utilize both. We need to understand the importance of acknowledging our heart just as we do our thoughts, and during the past few months while we had Mercury moving through Pisces, we had just that.

Mercury may not enjoy being in Pisces as he’s unable to move quickly ahead and remain in his logical mind, but it is wonderful to get to the heart of the matter, so to speak. The first bout of time this planet moved through this water sign was back in February when we experienced retrograde, but then we got a second chance as the universe tends to give, and we were able to take all that we learned during retrograde and assimilate that into future plans.

But even though we were able to get a better idea of what we want, it’s unlikely we felt a big push to go after and speak our truth, especially to clear up any confusion in the relationship sector of our lives.

Yet all of that is about to change as we feel the gravity and importance of Mercury moving into Aries.

Aries is a fire sign that tends to be impulsive and acts with confidence and decidedness. Represented by the Ram, this is a sign that doesn’t often sit and ponder what his next choice should be or what direction to head in; instead, preferring to act first and think later.

While this isn’t always preferable to the procrastination we’ve been in, the truth is we’ve done the thinking (and then some). We’ve likely thought about every possible option at this point but haven’t made the choice to act on anything, which is why this transit is so necessary and welcomed.

For many of us, given the environment of Mercury’s retrograde and then the slow down we’ve all experienced as we dealt with coronavirus, it’s felt like the world was against us in many ways. Just when it seemed like we were ready and the fog was clearing we again, we encountered another roadblock; just as that seemed to dissipate, we then experienced another.

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But we experience what we’re meant to, when we’re meant to, and whether we realized it or not, we all needed this slow-down and time out because it’s enabled us to become really clear on what we want.

This Aries energy is exactly what we need because we are so clear on our desires that we can make moves within our life with confidence. We are ready to get to the point of what we’ve been feeling and contemplating, and now, all we need to do is realize that we can either spend our lives waiting for the perfect time, or decide that this moment will never be more perfect than it already is.

So, we’re able to take all the quiet, the pauses, and the considerations, and create from it not just a map of exactly what we want and feel, but also know we’re ready to act on it.

During these next few weeks, we should let ourselves follow that call to share, to speak, to explain our thoughts and feelings. We should allow ourselves to act upon our feelings, to follow through on plans, even if it feels like the rest of the world isn’t operating as normal yet, and even if it still feels uncertain.

Because all of this is part of what it’s going to take for us to get what we want. Ruin is the path to creation, and maybe what we’re learning is that perfect timing is just an illusion of readiness.

We get to decide what ready means. We get to choose what to do, how to act, and what we want our lives to look like. And the fact remains, when it looks like everything is falling apart, it's the time to start planting those seeds for what we hope to grow in the future.

With Mercury moving into Aries, don’t be afraid to push forward, to choose, and to say what you feel. Just try to do it with as much empathy as you can.

Not everyone will agree with you, and you can’t make everyone happy, so it’s not about needing the external validation of others being happy with our life choices; instead, it's feeling confident that all you are responsible for is speaking your truth, not how it’s received by others.

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