What Mars Uranus Square Means For Your Love Horoscope & The Divine Masculine Until July 2021, According To Astrology

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What Mars Uranus Square Means For Your Love Horoscope & The Divine Masculine Until July 2021, According To Astrology
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When we feel off, it’s our intuition trying to tell us something, which is exactly what is likely to occur when we experience the Mars-Uranus square on April 7th. In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, creating a point of stress or movement in which a particular situation is brought to a head so that action has to occur.

For this specific transit, we will see Mars in Aquarius square off with Uranus in Taurus, resulting in a clash between our authentic self and the need for change to build greater stability.

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Mars square Uranus is one that traditionally occurs once a year; the last time we experienced this was July 2019, and we won’t see it occur again until July 2021. This doesn’t mean we should feel pressure to act now, but instead just be aware that the ongoing cycle or theme specifically involving a dominant masculine figure may be up for review in the coming days.

For transits such as these in which we don’t see them occur very often, we need to reflect and bring awareness to what previously occurred in our lives around certain dates, especially related to the themes of the planets involved. There has been a push and a change as we’ve seen Uranus move into Taurus last year towards greater stability, but in this case, it doesn’t mean conformity, which is something we’ve all been contending with and learning.

In reflecting back to last July, think of what occurred or what you were feeling in terms of change, grounding, home, ambition, passion and desire. Even if it wasn’t related to a dominate or a masculine figure of importance, first just reflect on what your beliefs and feelings were.

Astrology very much works like a story. We get to explore chapters of our life, page by page, year by year. So while we can always say the past is behind us, it’s also something that remains so we can build upon it. In this case, it’s important to note our feelings and thoughts about these themes because it shows where our attention will be directed for this square.

While we all have divine masculine energy within us, the reason that transits involving Mars tend to affect men more deeply is that this planet of fire rules the masculine. So even if a man has a higher level of feminine energy present thanks to his birth chart in astrology, because of the nature of Mars he will still be affected more deeply than a woman, which means that we can use this to practice greater awareness for the men in our lives.

Besides ruling the divine masculine, Mars tends to bring out the passion and excitability within us. This is a planet that tends to heighten the feelings of ambition, motivation and drive.

Mars is focused and tends to not just go after what he wants, but does so until he achieves his goal. In Aquarius, we can see Mars even more focused on doing what it is that calls to him, because this air sign doesn’t pay any mind to the thoughts and beliefs of others.

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Mars in Aquarius isn’t going to sacrifice his own desires simply because others don’t agree with him, which means we can see the men in our lives (or even us, depending upon our level of masculine energy) becoming more single-minded, leading to potential disagreements with our own thoughts and feelings.

While this is one impact to be wary of, we also have to understand that everyone is on their own path in this life, even those we love. Just because we’re in a connection with someone doesn’t mean we’re always going to understand their choices or motivations. But even if we don’t, we can still respect them. We can still choose to support another in their journey for change, growth and greater stability, as will be the case with this transit.

As many of us can see already, this year is vastly different from any other because we’re being truly challenged as to what it means to walk a different path. To take all that we’ve learned and turn it into changed behavior, which is the biggest evidence of learning what we were meant to.

But what’s been slowly coming into focus is that there is a bigger picture here, larger than just a simple case of evolving further into our authenticity so that we might build a more stable and grounded future. It’s about recognizing and understanding where these hits of information come from.

What starts as action materializes from an idea, which begins with a feeling. An inkling that something is about to occur; that something feels different than before.

This is our soul telling us that something is off. It's a feeling that Mars isn’t especially comfortable with, but thanks to the Aquarian energy, it will be present all the same.

While Aquarius is an air-based sign and quite logical, there is also an aspect of following an inner calling or truth that doesn’t need to be explained to others. It just is.

So, perhaps that is what we will see the men struggle with the most in our lives — not whether they will act on their desires and feelings even if they differ from those expectations around them, but also that they will trust themselves enough to listen.

If something feels off to them, they’ll listen without needing logic, without needing reason. And while, as women, this is something we’re more attuned to, it still will affect us as we move through this transit. The energy is trusting us to close our eyes and listen — not to the thoughts of the mind but the feelings of the heart.

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