How Mars Moving Into Aquarius Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until May 2020, According To Astrology

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How Mars Moving Into Aquarius Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Help You Follow Your Deepest Desires Until May 2020, According To Astrology
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Freedom takes on a new level of purpose with us as Mars moves into Aquarius on March 30th, helping us find the fire to do whatever it takes to live the life we want. While each planet is ruled by a particular zodiac sign — in this case, Aries — depending upon the sign it’s transiting through, it changes the direction and energy of the planet.

In astrology, Aquarius is an air sign, which means that Mars will be more thoughtful and cerebral than he traditionally is, aiding in us figuring our way out of difficult situations.

We will have this exciting and intense energy in effect from March 30th until May 12th, at which point Mars will move into Pisces.

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We are all at the precipice of change, of walking further than we have before, and of turning a corner we’ll never return from. It’s okay to be afraid and to be fearful in the time of immense chaos or uncertainty, or to wonder if we’ve lost our minds or simply finally found them.

The thing is that the fear of change many of us have been feeling is normal because it’s that fear that tells us that what we’re about to do matters. The fear isn’t trying to block us from making a mistake, but instead, show us the danger in remaining in our comfort zone.

This is the moment that we’re finding our voice and reason when it comes to claiming our truth and moving forward in our desires.

Mars is the planet that rules ambition, motivation, drive and passion. At times, this fiery planet can even rules anger; however, in this case, it’s the intensity and commitment to make our dreams come true that will come in hand.

The first three months of 2020 have been unlike what many of us had anticipated and even more challenging than we expected, but that’s only because we’re becoming accustomed to what it means to leave behind the lessons of 2019 and move into the blessings of 2020.

We’ve been through stellium, rare transits, supermoons and a Mercury retrograde, but it has made it possible that we’re here at this place of being confident and ready to take that step forward, to move past our fear, and embrace the belief that what we’re drawn towards is meant for us.

Aquarius is known for being unpredictable and rebellious, and doesn’t give the thoughts or opinions of others much clout. Independence rules this sign, and because of that we will feel that same push to find and define ours.

Sometimes we’re reluctant to embrace our independence because it means we no longer need anyone, or even that we’re going to hurt others in the process. But as long as we’re wondering if others will approve of our choices, we’ll never actually know if we’re making the ones that are authentic for us.

There is a difference between us being sympathetic and empathetic towards others that we care about, and attaching our sense of validation to their feeling of happiness or satisfaction. We can’t really live a life that we love if we never let ourselves discover what that is.

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Mars in Aquarius energy is the root of all we need to learn in order to make this year be what it is meant to be. With so many life-changing astrology aspects coming into play — including four lunar eclipses, Venus retrograde, and Saturn moving into Aquarius — we need to be able to be unpopular. We need to learn that it’s better to be happy than liked, and that if we don’t ever put our foot down for what we want and deserve, no one else will.

Mars in Aquarius is clear-headed and focused, not only determined and passionate. We’re also able to practice a great balance of both logic and heart when making decisions.

We’re still coming off a Mercury retrograde in which we felt unable to make decisions or move ahead for several weeks. Since February, so many of us were anxious to do just that. In this case, however, not only are we able to make plans, but we’re also being clear-headed when it comes to what we’re working towards, thanks to the cerebral energy of Aquarius.

While Mars tends to rush in more than other planets, this also might be about really and truly dedicating ourselves to those plans we want to make happen, and throwing ourselves into working on things from the ground up.

The one area that Mars tends to be challenged in is patience. This is a fire-orientated planet that wants what it wants, and wants it now. But in Aquarius, it’s able to be tempered a bit.

So, if we are feeling more plan-orientated rather than action-oriented, it means we’re still making the most of Mars in Aquarius for the year to come.

The one thing we have to remember is that it’s much harder to live a life we love than it is to live a life that others love. We have to be brave enough to not only be unlike others or take a risk, but we have to also feel confident enough in our choices that we’re not going to be dissuaded by the beliefs or limitations of others.

The truth is that none of us should take advice from anyone who isn’t living a life we would live ourselves. This means that if others are trying to talk you out of your dreams while they never pursued their own, their beliefs are tainted. If someone is trying to tell you love is practical and logical, and their relationship lacks the spiritual magical component you desire, they can’t understand.

Ultimately, the universe is asking us if we’re brave enough to not just be ourselves, but to live a life that is authentic.

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