How The End Of Mercury's Post-Retrograde Phase Will Affect Your Love Horoscope Until April 10th, According To Astrology

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How The End Of Mercury's Post-Retrograde Phase Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Let You Breathe Easy Until April 10th, According To Astrology
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It may have felt that it would never end, but as the sun rose on March 29th, with it we were able to leave Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow zone behind, knowing what it means to breathe a sigh of relief. For many, this past retrograde was one of the most difficult.

A retrograding planet is one that has slowed and appears to move backwards in the sky as Earth rotates. And in astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules communication and thought processes.

Depending upon which zodiac sign this planet is in, we can feel those areas of our lives affected, and in a retrograde can also feel very heavy, stagnant and thinking over what has already happened. Mercury can be tough, even if everything that is experienced is necessary. 

In the case of Mercury retrograde, this can occur three to five times a year. And while usually dreaded, it always does what it's meant to: encourage us to stop and think before going any further.

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As uncomfortable as Mercury retrograde is, it does all happen for a reason; we just have to be open enough to see what that is without ego getting in the way.

We began the pre-shadow phase at the beginning of February as we saw this planet move into the watery sign of Pisces. Pisces is one of the signs that Mercury feels the most out of place in, because while he likes to be fast-paced and logical, Pisces always asks him to slow down and feel, which means this is what is asked of us and is why it can be a very difficult transition.

In the first few weeks of February it wasn’t dreadful, but it was a lot of going over previous events from the Mercury retrograde time period of 2019, which was in October/November. It might be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary, because sometimes in the moment we aren’t always at our best or able to think clearly. So, we have time to grow, to process, and then, thanks to Mercury, reevaluate.

Once Mercury turned retrograde, we began to see exactly what its purpose was, even if we were resisting it slightly. Because Pisces is all about dreams and fantasy, in many ways we saw the reality over the illusions we had been living under the guise of.

For some, it was that we had romanticized situations far more than was warranted; for others, we had written off those whose roots are still entwined with our own. From the middle of February to the beginning of March, it was heavy, with a lot of realizations and a lot of chances to pull aside that veil and not just acknowledge our truth, but speak and live it as well.

We were asked in many ways to completely reflect on the lives we had built to determine if they were going in the direction of our souls, or if our egos were still attempting to force something that was never meant to be.

As we neared March 4th, we saw this still retrograding planet shift into Aquarius, which brought dramatically different energy. Rather than feeling like we were drowning in our feelings and desires, we were able to finally feel like our head was above water.

Perhaps the situation hasn’t yet changed, but in Aquarius, a more compatible air sign, we have room to breathe, think more, and make plans we needed to, knowing we were still biding our time but were also moving more closely to that point of action.

From the 4th until the 10th, we got to review similar themes, which likely centered around illusions, truth, desire, love and independence until Mercury turned direct. But that didn’t mean the fireworks were over just yet because we’ll often ask, “Is Mercury doing something still because I feel off?” during these times.

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From the 10th to the 16th, Mercury got to then explore the energy of being direct and still being in Aquarius, which means we likely felt a push to move forward at this time, but we couldn’t see the way through the fog. There still seemed to be delays, setbacks, and areas of our life that needed to be reconfigured before we were ready, even if we were chomping at the bit.

But there was one more hiccup we had to contend with before moving forward, and that was Mercury moving back into Pisces direct and no longer retrograding, but still in his post-shadow. This means he’s not quite back up to his normal pace.

During this shadow phase, miscommunications can still occur, and we can still be wondering if there is something we’re missing on a bigger level. There is a time for everything, and in life patience always pays off, which means that as we’re seeing Mercury leave his shadow zone in Pisces, we’re not able to clearly see our way out. The only problem is that we can’t use our heads, but instead, our hearts.

Maybe this is challenging for some, but whether it’s in regard to a life path decision or a romantic relationship, we can’t actually make the choice if we’re only ever thinking about what’s logical. Because the most incredible, amazing pieces of life never are.

So instead, from now until April 10th, we’re asked to be in our feelings, be in the truth we have learned over the past two months, and remember that really is all we need.

We are at our strongest when our hearts are aligned with our truth, neither of which can be manipulated or altered by ego or logic. They just simply are.

And, in this case, it’s also what we truly need, because one of the biggest astrological events of the year, Venus retrograde, is just under six weeks away and we need to be standing in our truth as much as we can before that begins.

For now, just try to trust. Trust your heart and your truth, knowing we don’t have to battle ourselves to live the life that is meant for us, but simply surrender to it.

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