How The Double Venus Trines Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Bring New Beginnings Until October 2020, According To Astrology

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How The Double Venus Trines Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Bring New Beginnings Until October 2020, According To Astrology
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Without realizing it, we often create the barriers to receiving. Yet as we experience double Venus trines — meaning Venus trine Jupiter and Venus trine Pluto — on March 28th, we’re going to be challenged to accept with open arms the manifestation of every desire we’ve ever had.

In astrology, Venus is the planet that governs love, relationships and all beautiful things in this life, which means this is the area we’re going to see strongly affected this week and from now until October 2020, the next time we’ll see either of these trines again.

This is an important time — not just for our love horoscopes, but for decisions. Mercury is now direct and our zodiac signs are able to make moves that previously felt stalled for a greater purpose.

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Both of these trines usually occur twice a year — once in the spring and once in the fall — and the Venus-Jupiter trine is one of the most favorable aspects all year because it literally translates to luck in love.

But we all know that we need more than just luck to make a relationship work. We need truth, we need to have learned the lessons we were meant to, and also be ready to have that changed behavior behind that.

Venus has been in Taurus, her home sign, for the month of March, making it easy to love and even easier to just the best parts of it. While this is Venus’s home sign, there isn’t a lot of drive or ambition associated with a relaxed and in-love goddess; instead, it’s more just staying where we are, seeing things through rose-colored glasses, and likely even seeing them better than they truly are.

As lovely as this is though, we all need to bring the truth into our lives in order to find that lasting love, not just the one that feels good some of the time.

Normally, when we see double transits occurring on one day, there is still a separateness to them that has to be addressed. But Venus is literally forming two trines, which are classified by two planets that are 120 degrees from one another, creating a shared energy and goal.

Because of this shared energy and goal, these three planets are quite literally working together, as Jupiter and Pluto are forming a conjunction with one another.

A conjunction is when two planets are within just a few degrees of one another in the same sign, and quite literally operate as one singular energy; however, Jupiter and Pluto will be within one degree of each other on March 28th, forming an exact conjunction as they each also form a trine to Venus.

Together, we have to look at the basic meaning of each planet before going deeper into what that means for us and our love lives in the coming seven months. Venus is all about love, while Pluto brings secrets to light, and Jupiter represents abundance and luck. It’s not hard to see that Jupiter is the silver lining in a dark cloud that we mayexperience in order to move to that place of manifesting our deepest desires and wants.

Venus just recently moved from Aries to Taurus about a week ago, which means we’re still defiantly on the cusp of both signs. But even having a bit of that fire energy of the ram will result in something very different.

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While Venus in Taurus sees things better than they are and just wants everyone to be happy, Venus in Aries doesn’t mind fighting for what the heart wants. It becomes determined, more dedicated and willing to walk over hot coals if it means being able to embrace the one we love. Venus in Aries knows that love isn’t just sunshine and rainbows, but in the effort we put in for what we want.

In this way, Venus is aspecting Pluto and Jupiter very determined; she’s not lying about waiting for someone to bring her grapes, but she’s applying her war paint ready to go to battle for her heart. She's ready to do whatever it takes, knowing this time everything is on the line ,and it’s one she’s ready to cross.

Together, she is walking into whatever lies ahead with luck and truth on her side, which is something we all have to remember in the days leading up to this transit, as well as the months from now until October. Just because this aspect will no longer be exact in the coming weeks doesn’t mean we won’t be asked to continue the themes and work that surfaced around this time.

Pluto isn’t always a welcome planetary influence in our lives, but it is one that is necessary. We have to learn that we don’t need extravagance or the details — only the truth of who we are, what we’ve done, and where we want to go.

Our truth is our most powerful weapon against the inadvertent creation of a life that only ends up suffocating our spirit. Our truth is what saves us from going down the road of denial and pain. Our truth is all that we have.

But sometimes we have to be reminded of it; sometimes we have to be given no other choice than to see it and speak it. This is one of those times.

But this will also teach us that once we can speak the truth of our hearts, the universe follows suit. We can’t receive the abundant, beautiful life and love we’ve always desired and set the intention for as long as we’re not living our truth.

So, this is the first step to having everything we’ve always wanted in a relationship and in life. The only question we really have to ask ourselves is: are we ready?

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