How Mercury Retrograde Moving Into Aquarius Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Relationships This Month, According To Astrology

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How Mercury Retrograde Moving Into Aquarius Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Relationships This Month, According To Astrology
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Change isn’t always welcome, but it is necessary. This is exactly what our zodiac signs must keep in mind with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius occurring on March 4th, helping us put our needs and wants first, and challenging those around us.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules communication and our thought process, so when he is in retrograde motion, we tend to feel those areas deeply affected, as well as those that the astrological sign represent. Mercury tends to go retrograde on average three times a year, although it’s sometimes more.

This is Mercury's first retrograde of 2020, and the only one this year in Pisces and Aquarius. It’s important to open up to the lessons that are being offered around this time.

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Mercury retrograde itself usually lasts about three weeks, but we also have two periods before and after the official retrograde time where people become increasingly aware of the connections within their own lives. During these retrograde periods, because the planet slows and appears to move backwards, the planet then changes signs, which is the case this time. It’s not better or worse if this occurs, it just ends up affecting us differently.

Back when Mercury first entered his shadow phase, he also entered Pisces within days. This wasn’t his favorite placement because he was going to have to feel what he ignored and talk about what he hoped to bury, both firm in his own subconscious and from others.

But Mercury in Pisces makes us feel, makes us open up and realize that while it’s not the only thing, love is the most important thing. Whether it’s love for ourselves or that of a partner that is in true alignment with us, it matters, even if we’ve told ourselves it doesn’t.

So, we spent the past month or so working through all our feelings because we were in them, whether we wanted to be or not. We were in deep with no escape. But it’s all turned out as it was meant to, hasn’t it?

At this point, we can actually look back with regard and see why everything had to happen as it did, being grateful for all we’ve learned along the way. Because that’s the thing about the truth: it’s never as bad as we think it will be.

It seems that to feel our truth is something we all dread. We don’t want to feel the reality of that breakup. We don’t want to feel the love we still have for an ex. We don’t want to acknowledge our fear about the future, the "what ifs," or even regrets. But the longer we put off feeling our truth, the worse we build it up to be, when it really is the simplest thing to do; it's much easier than lying to ourselves or making sure we don’t let our mask slip.

During our time in Pisces, we became comfortable with that. We welcomed in the truth and were okay saying the hard things to ourselves. But we may not have seen a lot of forward action, and that’s alright, because sometimes we just need time to figure out what direction we’re meant to go in. This is where Aquarius comes in.

Aquarius is an air sign that can be independent, and needs solitude and quiet. This can irritate a lot of people because Aquarius does what it wants — and that's exactly what we need right now.

Mercury in Pisces woke us up to so much truth, it’s unlikely that parts of our lives still resonate with us. And this is where the difficult bit comes in because while it may feel difficult to embrace our own truth, it feels next to impossible to begin to live it.

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But it’s only impossible to live our truth if we’re more concerned with the happiness of others than we are ourselves. If we’re more worried about letting others down than letting our soul down, and if we’re only ever worry about people being hurt or upset with us, what we’re really doing is people-pleasing, not living and not loving.

Aquarius is a rebel, but it’s not about following whims or flying off the handle at the unsuspecting; it's about truly feeling passionate and drawn to follow a path which we’re now aware of after Pisces woke us up to it. Our energies will feel remarkably different during this transit, and while we’re more action- and goal-orientated, it doesn’t mean we’re feeling ready to jump yet.

The thing we must sort out is that we are worthy of being happy. We’re worthy of deciding what kind of life we want to live and then taking the steps to create it. We’re worthy of changing our minds, of following our hearts and deciding that maybe this isn’t for us at all. We’re deserving of the life we dream, but we can’t start to live that life until we acknowledge what that is (thank you, Pisces!).

This is where we are now. We are coming into our truth, recognizing it and realizing that just because we pack up and move on, it doesn’t mean we’re not meant to return and unpack our bags. But in the early stages of this transit, it’s about time alone.

Distancing ourselves from anyone, even those we have come to realize we deeply love, is all so we can figure out how we got here and who we are. It's so we can understand that it’s going to take time to get to the space of taking that step forward, and that’s okay because we never have to worry about missing out on something that’s meant for us.

From March 4th to March 10th, we could be seeking out silence and quiet, possibly making plans for how to go from where we are to where we know we want to be, and taking small steps there.

From March 10th to March 16th or so, we will be more definitive with our plans and likely talking about them, distancing ourselves from what we’ve outgrown, and getting into the space to claim our worthiness to be happy. Once we get to the middle of March and Mercury moves back into Pisces, we will finally get that chance to spill our hearts.

While we have to go back in order to move forward, we also have to be ready to take that first step. To decide that we deserve to live the life we want, regardless of what others may think.

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